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Customer Reviews for DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 24 in. Mobile Tool Box

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  • Heavy-duty design is IP65 rated with 250 lbs. load capacity
  • Modular design is backwards compatible with most TOUGHSYSTEM
  • Durable 2-piece metal front latches and auto-connect side latches

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Best Professional Grade Rolling Toolbox
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve been using Dewalt Tough System toolboxes for a few years now; when the version 2.0 rolling toolbox was recently released, I had to get one. A few improvements over the original model, this sturdy, rugged, and reliable toolbox goes with me to all my project jobsites. The first thing I noticed was the ease and compatibility with using Ver 1.0 cases with the new Ver 2.0 system. My existing tool cases clipped right into the new Ver 2.0 with ease and precision. The wheels of the new rolling case are much nicer; smooth rolling and after a few trips across muddy jobsites and gravel; they still look brand new. I trust anything placed inside the Dewalt Rolling Toolbox, knowing it will stay dry and well protected from the elements. The new clip design of Ver 2.0 is much faster than the old yellow flipper design. This one has a spring loaded function that means less effort for a grab-n-go operation. Kudos to Dewalt for the updated features.
by HiTech Upgrades
Very versatile, Lightweight, and Very Strong
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I knew I was going to like this toolbox the moment I opened the package. You can feel the sturdiness of the construction as soon as you pick it up, yet its lightweight enough to easily toss up into the bed of the truck or trailer or carry up a flight of stairs when it's not too overloaded. My truck has a tonneau cover, so the removable handle is great for being able to lower the profile for it to fit in my truck bed. The 8 inch wheels are sturdy without being clunky, and the nice rubber tread doesn't wear on my client's flooring when we're working somewhere with carpet or nice floors and they also make it QUIET when carrying through occupied spaces. It's water tight and has a nice visible seal so you can know your important tools aren't getting wet out there in the rain. I don't worry about this box getting wet like I do some of my others. One of the nicest features that might not immediately jump out to you is the click-lock lid. When you open the lid up to rummage around for that hammer-drill bit, the lid clicks into the open position freeing up both hands to work inside the toolbox. That's a nice feature I don't think any of my other toolboxes have. The latches are superior construction - another thing I've found wanting in other boxes. Many toolboxes will actually lose their latches... they'll fall off if you're not careful. These are nicely held to the frame with heavy-duty materials that let you KNOW the box is locked and you're not going to lose your latch on the job site. The handle release is also well-thought out. On some boxes you hit the handle release button to lower the extension handle and it slams down on to your hand (I did that myself on a coworker's brand new toolbox. Not cool!) This one doesn't do that. The handle release function gentle enough for you to push the handle down, not let it come rocketing down on your fingers if you're not careful! Overall this is a great heavy-duty box. I'm a 230 pound man. The first thing I did was sit down on it. Then I stood on top of it. If it's going to break I'd rather know how. It handles 250 pounds as it ifs 5 pounds. No problems with the rigidity or sturdiness at all. This is a great toolbox! I look forward to expanding the set!
Overbuilt the way I like
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So I got this with no real expectations that it would be able to do what I needed and I was very surprised. It is very well built, heavy duty, and overall well designed. I like the auto locking feature as well as the wide base. The wheels are solid enough with a thick rubberized coating which has held up and been very durable. The locking latches are also heavy gauge steel and lock with a very positive click. I enjoy that for some reason. Overall I’m satisfied with this. I will be adding to the collection .
by NoahV31
I am an apprentice electrician. I bought this because I...
I am an apprentice electrician. I bought this because I recently started building up my power tool collection. I keep my impact, drill motor, reciprocating saw and circular saw in it. It’s pretty solid. I like it. It’s made my last few jobs a lot easier.
by BannerElectric
Tough system 2.0 rolling box
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This box is a much needed upgrade from the original tough system box. The bigger wheels make it easier to take it in uneven terrain. Another great new feature is the new metal wire latch making it easier to close. The box itself does seem to be a little bigger on the inside. I like the fact that it backward compatible with the 1.0.
by Wes132158
Love it's way better than the old version the stack system is way easier to unclip. And restack a...
Love it's way better than the old version the stack system is way easier to unclip. And restack also it's a little bigger to
by Buffalobasements
Not backwards compatible with all
Seems like a good quality box. Latches are strong. This box clipped fine into my DWST08290 two drawer box. However the DCB104 charger WILL NOT clip into the top of this small box. Very frustrating when you buy what is advertised as an all compatible system.
by Will
Response from DewaltProductExpertJan 26, 2021
Hi Will. I am very sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your 2.0 22 in. Small Toll Box. Please contact us at wecare@sbdinc.com and reference case # 12905988 so that we can help get your issue resolved.
Thank you.
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Would have been 5 stars but the fact it can only be purchased at my local Home Depot and isn't av...
Would have been 5 stars but the fact it can only be purchased at my local Home Depot and isn't available online was very frustrating. Long story but eventually I was able to obtain 2 of them. I'd buy 2 more right now if Dewalt would make them available online. Very handy on the job site. Individual screw bins make installing screws much easier than working out of a screw box.
by CabinetSolutions
Great for Pickups with Bed (Tonneau) Covers
This fits in the back of my TOYOTA TUNDRA pickup with a tonneau cover. I was looking for a waterproof, roomy toolbox for the bed of my pickup and this box fits great with the toolbox's tall handle removed. Then the box with the wheels included is 20 5/8 in. tall. This allows me to leave the toolbox at the back of the pickup bed with a couple of bungee cords around it. Then I swivel it onto the tailgate to access my tools with the tonneau cover down. (See attached pictures.)
by RDH
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At least it snaps on to ToughSystem 1.0 tool boxes.
I'm a DIYer and have a lot of tools. I appreciate The Home Depot for the special buy sales as it makes buying high end tools more affordable(5 Stars for that!). I also own the Rigid Brand Pro Box Seriessystem and it is very comparable! As far as this product I have to give it a 1 star. I know SB&D communicated differences between the gen1 and 2 product and disclosed that most gen 1 designed products would work there is still an epic failure as a multiport charger and a multiport charger/inverter should have been priority in the design and compatibility of gen 2. I have been a fan of SB&D Brand when it evolved form the B&D Quantium Series tools/innovation as my first Cordless Drill was a 7.2 VersaPak then upgraded to the 14.4V Quantum keyless Chuck which still holds a charge(NiCAD, loved my teen years of tinkering). That is an example of quality. This toolbox however falls short of that standard/caliber of quality. Luckily I purchased this toolbox during THD special buy of the day sale. As some people have posted the lid is where all of the issues and design flaws reside. First, the lid is not compatible to the Dewalt Power Station. Since I have gen 1 organizer, medium, and xl toolbox on wheels I have to sandwich this gen 2 xl toolbox under one of my gen 1s to get my power station to lock on for transport and storage. Secondly, the once the lid is open it locks open on a few tabs. Closing the lid for the first time the tabs buckled and crackling noises were heard in the hinge area and tabs. The more I open this box, the more I am afraid it will break under usage. Lastly, the locking hole was poorly designed compared to gen 1. Gen 1 allows small cable or small chain looping capability to secure/lock the boxes in place. When gen 2 is mixed with a gen 1 the gen 2 lid does not allow cable/chain looping. As far as capacity and size it also gets a 2 star. This toolbox can hold the DCK2100P2(in toolbag),DCS391B, DW2587CC Bit Set, flexvolt miter saw ac adapter, and a few chargers. Tool Trays are not interchangeable. My Dewalt DC628 Finish nailer does not fit with the included half tray. Luckily gen 1 xl toolbox on wheels can store it beside a DCS575 flexvolt circular saw with 3 chargers and the tool tray. I really wanted to give this product more stars. If SB&D really values these reviews then the 2.0 would have been 100% backwards compatible with the same if not greater capacity. I really cannot recommend this product over Gen 1, tstak/versastack(whoever designed that needs a raise or should have been consulted on the gen 1 and gen 2 compatibility), or Rigid Pro Box Series. Good luck on Gen 3.
by De
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Showing 1-10 of 943 reviews