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Customer Reviews for Delta Essa Touch2O Technology Single-Handle Bar Faucet in Arctic Stainless with MagnaTite Docking

Internet #206323146

Model #9913T-AR-DST

  • Featuring Delta Touch­­2O Technology: touch it on, touch it off
  • Delta MagnaTite Docking holds spray wand firmly in place
  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s 5-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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  • 79% recommend this product
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Disappointed. Wow. So how did I miss the fact that this faucet outlet is only about 8-inches fro...
Disappointed. Wow. So how did I miss the fact that this faucet outlet is only about 8-inches from its swivel point! Yes, you can pull it out to extend the rest of your 22-inch sink BUT it's incredibly inconvenient that most things you put in the sink to rinse have to sit over your drain or the water won't reach. I didn't even realize this measurement was a thing to watch for. The faucet might be fine if your sink is only about 16"wide - - but ours is a normal kitchen sink. We ordered this, thinking it looks great and has great reviews and it was installed - - so we have no choice now but to stay with our decision unless we want to pay for installation again. Not sure why no other reviews mention this.
by Disappointed
Response from DeltaFaucetJul 25, 2020
Hello, Disappointed.

Thanks for your review. Any feedback we receive helps us to create better products and is greatly appreciated.

I am very sorry to hear that you are not entirely happy with your purchase.

Please contact us directly for any questions or concerns. Phone: 1-800-345-3358 | Email: customerservice@deltafaucet.com Best Regards Eric, DeltaFaucet
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Ordered this faucet online through Home Depot's website. My husband didn't want to break the bank...
Ordered this faucet online through Home Depot's website. My husband didn't want to break the bank but my plumber suggested Delta because of it's "lifetime" guarantee. I chose the Essa Single-Handle Bar Faucet because it had classic but simple lines and came at a reasonable price. It took a week to get here and my plumber had no problem installing this faucet. It works great. I appreciate that the faucet doesn't have to be on full force to use the spraying feature like my last faucet. My finishes in the kitchen were nickel but this faucet did not offer a nickel finish. I ordered the Artic Stainless and it blends beautifully with the other existing nickel finishes. Had this faucet installed in February of 2020 before we became locked down with Covid 19. Glad we got it when we did. So far, so good.
by Mad924
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Essa Touch2O Technology Faucet - Great Concept/Horrible Execution!
We bought our faucet less than 6 months ago. It was working great until about 4 months. The faucet out of nowhere stopped turning on. You can touch it all over and it does nothing. It’s been on and off like this for couple months and it just now STOPPED WORKING completely! Here we are in a middle of pandemic and I have no access to my kitchen water because my faucet won’t release the water. Also it has a very annoying timer that automatically shuts off water after two minutes regardless if you are using it or not. There should be a sensor so as long as your hands are moving near it it doesn’t turn off the water on you in a middle of washing dishes. Overall, again great concept but horrible execution.
by Diana
Response from DeltaFaucetApr 14, 2020
Thank you for your review, Diana! We're sorry for any issue with the Touch Feature of your Delta faucet but would be happy to help. With no activation, we first recommend checking the batteries as the faucet will not operate if the power supply has run out with the valve in the closed position. If this does occur, the solenoid can be bypass manually until power is restored. I have reached out to you about this model directly. Please refer to that email for further assistance.

Best regards, Edward DeltaFaucet
High quality product.
High quality product.
by Work2Play
There is one design flaw that caused me to call in a plumber. I am the handy one around the house...
There is one design flaw that caused me to call in a plumber. I am the handy one around the house and have handled other plumbing projects, but not a kitchen faucet. All went well until it was time to move the plastic mounting bracket up. They have you lay a metal plate over the plastic bracket (not secured in place, just loose) and as you push up the bracket or fail to keep it perfectly horizontal, the metal plate slides out. I could not for the life of me twist the bracket up with out that piece sliding out. I gave up an called a plumber from a well know company (ie expensive) in on a saturday afternoon. He commented that he had never seen a design like that and didn't understand the purpose of making an easy step complicated. The plate fell out twice on him too. I had purchased two other sinks so I could see what they each looked like and apparently choose the one sink that I could not complete the install. The two other sinks, both Moen, had a simple one piece metal bracket that went straight up and got tightened with a nut and done. Not even screws! That stupid plastic piece cost me $200 bucks!!!!! Note to self, look at the install pieces before choosing/installing your product. Two positives, you can choose which setting for the water is the one that starts when you turn on the faucet, and you do not have to hold the button down while spraying.
by Grrrrr
Response from DeltaFaucetMar 13, 2020
Thank you for your feedback, Grrrrr! I do apologize for any issue you may have had while installing this product, but will be more than happy to help! I have sent you an email, so we can help further assist you with this matter. Feel free to reply to the email, if you need further assistance.

Best Regards, Benjamin DeltaFaucet
Nice design and perfect size
Bought this about a month ago we love the size compare to regular kitchen sink size. Easy installation and love that the handle for water goes forward so you don't need to worry about it hitting backsplash or wall. Love the touch feature. It does drip sometimes but if you lower the handle water flow(amount of water coming out) it won't drip. Definitely recommend it.
by DeeMcLI
Response from Delta FaucetMar 21, 2019
Hi, DeeMcLI!

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for your Delta 9913T-AR-DST faucet. We are happy to hear how pleased you are with your faucet. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a leak. I've reached out to you via email. Please refer to my email for assistance.

Best Regards,
Rosanna DeltaFaucet_brand
We've been using this for a week and it works perfectly. No dripping and the touch responds insta...
We've been using this for a week and it works perfectly. No dripping and the touch responds instantly. The light showing the temperature is also really nice to have. The faucet is also really sleek and the brushed nickel is so pretty.
by Cookie
Best value for money
While renovating our kitchen I we agreed to upgrade to either a wave or touch operated kitchen faucet. After looking at various products we decided to purchase the 9913T-AR-DST model and we are so happy we did. The installation was very easy, which took about 30 minutes and the functionality is faultless. The LED light is perfect as it not just indicates the temperature of the water it also indicates if the water should be running. The functions allows us to see if we actually turned the water off by the lever and the valve is open. We now have been able to fully utilize our new kitchen for over two weeks and we just totally enjoy the new faucet. Another great idea is the lever moves to the front and with no restriction of movement with the back splash. There is one thing we had to adjust until it was right was the weight to withdraw the sprayer head, but we do have additional plumbing underneath the sink that may cause the hose to get hung up. Overall, for the price, function and quality, we believe this was a great investment. Thank you Delta!
by KJHM8
Response from Customer Solutions Sep 20, 2018
Hi, We appreciate the feedback on the Delta product. We're glad it is working great for you. Thank you for providing feedback!
The touch20 concept is the right idea for the kitchen sink. For rinsing dishes, you can set the t...
The touch20 concept is the right idea for the kitchen sink. For rinsing dishes, you can set the temperature and pressure right where you want it with no fuss and turn it on or off at will. With dirty hands, it is nice to turn on the water with a still clean left pinky or whatever. The implementation, however looks like the first electronics project of a plumbing fixture company. Reliably sensing a touch is a rather difficult problem with analog electronics. When I installed it, the customer support was helpful. They had me take pictures of my installation and identified a plug not pushed in all the way. Another piece of advice really shook my confidence in the company. There is a plastic part that holds six AA batteries. They guy told me that it had to be on the floor of the cabinet! With a dubious design, positioning of power supply wiring could make a difference. They should have never released the product until they resolve an issue like that. Putting that case on the floor, however, just increases the chance that a leaky drain could ruin the batteries and void the warranty. fortunately, it worked fine for a year or so with the case mounted to a wall inside the cabinet. Just now, however, it stopped working altogether. I tried resetting it by removing and reinstalling the batteries. That plastic case is now refusing to stay closed. The springs under the batteries are so strong that the clips holding the top to the case let go and the whole thing flies apart. The designer of this thing needs a few years under his belt and maybe a little mentoring before he is really ready to balance cost considerations of consumer electronics with intermittently oscillating analog components. It's not too difficult to remove the control valve, hook up the hoses and use it like a normal faucet. so, we are not really stuck with an urgent problem. It's still a decent 20th century faucet.
by AncientNerd
Response from DeltaFaucetMar 13, 2020

Thank you for providing feedback on the Delta product. I'm very sorry that you're having issue with the battery box. I've reached out to you via email to assist you with this. Please refer to my email for assistance.

Best regards,
Brandis DeltaFaucet
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Clean lines and simple operation. The spray is very directed and cleans dishes very well. The on...
Clean lines and simple operation. The spray is very directed and cleans dishes very well. The only downside is you have to be cautious with volume as the spray has a tendency to splatter if the water is overly strong. The magnetic docking is a big plus for the pull out head. You get a positive 'lock' every time it returns. The instructions were clear and Installation was relatively easy.
by MMK
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Showing 1-10 of 270 reviews