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  • Multi-floor brush roll tackles dirt on carpet and hard floors
  • Rinsable filter for powerful cleaning and no loss of suction
  • Convenient 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool

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Replacement Belt - Dirt Devil Size 15
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought my Endurance Reach a week ago for my kids to use to clean their bedrooms. It was working quite well until my daughter got a sock stuck in the agitator. She let it run until it broke the belt. I could not find the replacement belt size anywhere. The website only directs you to filters & there doesn't appear to be any reviews stating what to use. The model number is new, so it's not listed on any of the replacement guides online, or on the belt packaging. I took the broken belt with me & found that Dirt Devil size 15 was the closest in size. I took apart the mechanism, which came apart with very little trouble (6 screws & a few plastic clips), and the belt was a perfect fit. Vacuum is back to working perfectly. Just thought this might help someone looking to replace their belt in the future.
by ADW in MI
Absolutely the worst vacuum ever. Poorly designed hose that wraps around hooks, which causes anything bigger than dirt particles to become lodged in the hose and cuts off suction. Poorly designed base with no option ti change to the height, that doesn't allow the bristles to reach low pile rugs at all! Suction is minimal at best, and fights with the fan directly behind the sweeper, which just pushing around the dirt on my rug! The attachments are poorly and cheaply made and do not created a seal for suction. The detachable handle is constanly falling off due to cheaply designed plastic tabs that do not stay connected and snap off!! I've owned this vaccum for 4 months and use it for light cleaning and it doesn't even do THAT!!! IT IS JUNK!!! WORST VACUUM EVER!!!!
by Corruptivelilac
Works perfect and is great in small places. Not loud and very easy to empty & clean.
Works perfect and is great in small places. Not loud and very easy to empty & clean.
by DustBuster
great compact vaccum
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] this vaccum works really well for the price point. I have pets in my home and it gets all the fur and dust with no issues. its light weight so its easy to carry up and down stairs. the included attaments are great and its easy to empty it out. great vaccum for the price.
by Jen1981
I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. Picked up invisible dust.
I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. Picked up invisible dust.
by Web
great little vacuum with amazing suction fot pet owners
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] have 3 cats, 1 long haired domestic and 2 short hair domestic. All 3 shed A LOT. My husband and I also have long hear (past our shoulder in length) so you can imagine how gross and disgusting the carpet gets. I was honestly amazed at the suction power this small light weight vacuum offers. I vacuum my carpet weekly with a different vacuum, but this vacuum proved that my carpet was not as clean as I thought it was. The other awesome feature is because it is very light weight and it reaches far (with the extension included), I was able to finally vacuum up the dirty dusty bathroom vents and also the door to the AC unit. I am very pleased with this appliance. Even though the vacuum does not come with HEPA filter, it does have Sealed Allergen System which is FANTASTIC, as I said, I have 3 cats and I suffer from allergies and asthma and I need the vacuum to do more than just pick up dirt but also not spit out the allergens all over again. In summary here are the pros and cons: Pros: - Great suction - Very light weight - Designed to reach high up places which an amazing feature - Compact, easy to store - Picked up human hair and cat fur and bits of litter wonderfully from the carpet. - Very easy to assemble (assembled in one step with no need to tight or put screws...just insert top tub and done) - Very easy to empty the dirty debris and wash the filter - Even though there is no HEPA filter it DOES have a Sealed Allergen system Cons: - No real cons but If I wanted to be picky then: - Small which can be an issue for bigger houses, great for smaller places. - The cord needs to be put up manually vs rewinding on its own.
by Toussa152
So light and easy to use!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love how light this vacuum is to push and pick up. It has easy features too, like emptying the canister and cleaning with the hose. This vacuum is so easy to clean the filters as well just rinse the out, let them dry and your done. This vacuum is light enough and small enough to take in the car to clean other houses or jobs that require a vacuum. The best part is the suction. I have always owned a dirt devil and this one has the most suction out of all of them. Over all the best vacuum I have owned.
by JulieT
Very powerful
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This vacuum cleaner is very powerful. It's light weight and cleaned up so much dirt that I was amazed. I thought having a bigger vacuum meant more cleaning but this little machine is more powerful than my bigger machine. I have 3 cats which means lots of fur everywhere. But since we started using it, the house is a lot cleaner. Happier pet parents =happier kitties.
by GlitterSmitter
Small but mighty
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve only had this a short time but, it lives up to the claim of no loss of suction.!!! I vacuumed a small area of laminate flooring with area rugs covering 2 small areas and was surprised at how much it had gotten up. When I first opened the box, I found it easy to attach the hose and start vacuuming right away. I was impressed it included onboard attachments. I did notice that it was louder on carpeted surfaces and quieter on hard ones It was simply too much to try to use on thicker pile carpeting and I gave up on that. It was great to use on stairs. The things I did not like about this vacuum is : 1). The chord is way to short and I found myself plugging it in to multiple outlets to finish even a small area. The chord would be great at 10-20 feet long. 2). A self adjusting head that would switch from any type of surface Ie: hard surface to carpeting. I did have to pick vacuum up to get it up onto area rugs as the rear wheels would catch constantly. 3) a quieter motor I think this is perfect for smaller areas. It is easy to use. The canister is easy to dump out. It is easy to store due to its compact design I would recommend this to everyone especially those with a small area and those with animals.
by Shimmer19
dirt devilEndura Reach Compact upright vaccum
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] i never had those vaccum like tell now old vaccum wont pick much carpet
by jewell12341
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