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Customer Reviews for Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Air Purifier Humidifier Fan with HEPA filter, PH01

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  • Connected HEPA air purifier, humidifier and fan.
  • Captures gases, odors and allergens like dust and dander
  • Hassle-free deep clean cycle

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The Air filter that can!
I bought three of these amazing air filters. Initially, I was highly skeptical but knew I needed a reliable air purifying machine. Man, did this machine blow me away. Not only did my entire air get squeaky clean, it even tells me when I should open or close my windows. This bad boy protects me from the invisible pollutants and definitely placed a dent on my wallet. I’m a happy breather and hope that you are too!
by NiftyShopper
Keeps my indoor air amazingly clean.
The assembly was really easy and I love how quiet it is. I also use the app all the time, it's super-helpful with a lot of useful information.
by Mira
Great Fan and Purifier, Humidifier Requires Maintenance
Great fan that looks good on the nightstand. Definitely helps keep me cool at night, but the humidifier doesn't seem to work well. On auto the humidifier sets to 40% and runs non-stop but humidity hasn't gone above 35%. We live in a 2 bedroom, 1200 sq feet. Pros: - Easy to set up and Use - Fan and Humidifier run independent of each other, so can have one on high and one on low - Fan direction can change to blow out of the front or back and can oscillate or stay steady - Quiet and looks good - Great stat tracking through the app on the temperature, humidity level and toxins - Easy to schedule Cons: - Humidity level has only changed a few % points since setting up - Humidifier requires refilling water tank every night (although at least gets into a routine) - Only had machine for 1 week and had to descale already. It says hard water requires descaling more often, but we don't have especially hard water.
by DysonFan98
Amazing Product!!!
Dyson never disappoints. The design on the machine just fits and looks great. Easy to set up and get going. We use it mostly in our bedroom and the night mode is very relaxing. The app is also very helpful not just to control but also very good information on the air quality and keeps a history of it. The machine is easy to maintain and hassle free to clean. The best part is we wanted a humidifier and the machine not only humidifies but also purifies the air.
by Seb007
I received my Dyson Pure Humidifier + Cool about a week ago. I have several of their Pure Hot + Cool Purifiers (one in each bedroom) as well as their original humidifier in another. They have all been fantastic and accomplished what I needed. This new machine is on a whole new level. The quality of materials and construction is a step up. The initial setup is as easy as you could want. The Dyson app on my phone walked me through every step and immediately connected and worked. The humidifier is easier to use and maintain compared to the old one. It is a breeze to fill the tank. No more unscrewing or tipping the machine to refill the water. The other benefit is the wide angle dispersion that other original humidifier did not have. Cleaning the tank out is also much easier since I am not working through a small opening. The new blades that rotate without the machine rotating is also quieter than the pure hot + cool machines. It is larger than those other models, but yet still attractive. In terms of air movement, it sure can push a lot of air around the room. Actually more than I thought it would. The application is also very useful. I live in the midwest near a major city. During seasonal changes we get a lot of allergenic material in the air. The readout from the applications lets me know the outside air quality which I use to know if I can open my windows and let the outside air in. When I see a moderate warning of air quality, the windows remain shut and the Dyson goes on. The air feels fresh from this machine. It is amazing. If you suffer from dry heat, this will definitely be the machine for you. Quality: A+ Humidification: A+ Air Flow: A+ Noise: Quiet, but can get loud when needed to move a lot of air Ease of Use: A+ Price: Not cheap, but definitely worth it as it replaced two machines in my mind Recommendation: A+
by Pbalash
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Good as a purifier and fan. Humidifier? Meh.
Returned the first one due to a broken small but important piece, though we tried using it anyway and had the same experience as with the new one: this unit works well as a fan and air purifier, but the humidification, regardless of room size, was negligible. It made a small room (300 sq ft) too cold without really raising the humidity level- as measured with multiple, reliable, battery-operated monitors. In a larger room of apx 800+ sq ft, the only difference was that the room didn't feel so chilled. for something so large and visually imposing (no, it does not blend in at all), it should be really earning its keep. It doesn't. I'll stick with the smaller Dyson units for fan and purification for now. This needs work.
by Lmae
Response from Dyson Apr 27, 2021
Hi there, This is Tia from Dyson. We're sorry to hear of your experience and would like to ensure that your Dyson humidifying fan is performing as intended. Since you mentioned the humidifier doesn't seem to be working in your space, we'd value the opportunity to learn more regarding your experience, as we're dedicated to customer satisfaction. Please consider emailing us directly at askdysonUS@dyson.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Tia Dyson Customer Support
Worth every penny
Absolutely thrilled with this machine on every level. I had a sudden onset of severe nasal congestion for months. I did everything to relieve the pain and suffering: doctor’s visits, antibiotics, a navage sinus cleanser, ultrasonic humidifier, nasal spray, decongestants and allergy meds! Keeping up with the cleaning and refilling with expensive distilled water was annoying and impractical. The humidity left my place feeling dank and almost swampy. I did my research and this machine more than delivered. It has made my entire apartment feel cleaner, more comfortable and been miraculously helpful in alleviating my sinus issues. I’ve only had it on for about 4 days and I’m feeling much better. The humidity has helped my skin as well. I have extremely sensitive skin and it’s seriously helped calm it down. The fan is amazing too. Just every aspect of this device is immaculately well designed and super effective. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I was so hesitant to spend the money, but extremely glad I did. Thank you!
by HiMikeB
Simple assembly and very easy to use. Works well in maintaining humidity levels in my addition w...
Simple assembly and very easy to use. Works well in maintaining humidity levels in my addition with a mini split unit for heat and air.
by Jacksuglybrother
Another bad review...
I got this primarily for humidification because I am having some issues with eczema and hoped it would help. it worked great for awhile, then enter 1st cleaning cycle and everything went to hell. the machine started alerting to fill my tank when the tank was completely full. i decided to run a cleaning cycle without the citric acid and it seemed to fix the problem. then it happened again. i ran the cleaning cycle twice to fix the problem that time, again without the citric acid, and the problem was solved. now it’s telling me again to fill the tank and won’t even let me run a cleaning cycle. this machine is far too expensive to be crapping out like this. they need to stop selling this until the problem is solved. seems like i’m not the only one with this issue.
Response from Dyson Customer SupportApr 24, 2021
Hello Kristin, this is Kelly with Dyson. The Pure Humidify+Cool is ideal for larger spaces, and it purifies, humidifies and cools the air around you. The filtration helps to automatically sense and capture allergens, pollutants and gases. We're sorry to hear that in your use, you've encountered an issue while performing the deep clean cycle on your machine. In speaking with our engineers, we’ve identified that a select number of Pure Humidify+Cool units were experiencing a fault within the water pump column that makes the machine turn off and show an error. We’ve worked closely with our engineers to fix the problem moving forward, but recognize how frustrating it is for you. We would value the opportunity to provide further assistance and make sure that you've got a working Dyson. Please contact us directly at askdysonUS@dyson.com and it will be our pleasure to provide you with support. Best wishes, Kelly Dyson Customer Support
Showing 1-10 of 78 reviews