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Customer Reviews for EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System 15 in. 56V Lith-Ion Cordless String Trimmer & Edger Combo (2-Tools) 5.0 Ah Battery and Charger

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Love this thing!
I have trimmed and edged my whole yard twice on the first charge and still have over half the battery left. I also love the gauge to see how the battery is doing, and this thing makes my yard look great!
by Jerry Madden
Some problems
A little on the heavy side for most folks. I like the string loading, but at the end, now you have to pull the old string out with a pair of pliers and then install the new string, not the best. Overall not a bad trimmer. There is no hand hold for 90 degree work, so I added another handle from a Black & Decker string trimmer to use for side walks and other trimming duties. The edger works good, but have to run at full high speed to cut, but very nice unit. Overall all EGO gear are good, I have 12 batteries now with all the tools so far.
by Radio Man
Weed Trimmer
Love the base products but the weed trimmer head wore out in 18 months.
by JRP0
Response from CSAug 11, 2020
Hi JRP0, we are sorry to hear that! We pride ourselves in high quality tools. We'd love to help. Please call us any day of the week: 1-855-346-5656.
Excellent product
Excellent product line. Definitely recommended. Easy to switch and use.
by Satz8
Good performance and battery life
I’ve just used this for a short period of time and so far I am very pleased with the performance. I trimmed and edged the entire property on one battery and still had lots to go. I have the 580 cfm blower as well and couldn’t be happier with that.
by X54TH
Works far better than the gas unit I had previously.
by Thom L
Three Months with an EGO trimmer
I have been using the Ego string trimmer and edger now for over three months. I find that the trimmer has sufficient power to edge and trim my lawn. I noticed after using the string trimmer and putting the battery on the charger it only takes about 5 minutes to charge the battery to full. However, when I use the power edger and string trimmer charging time takes about 40 minutes. When using the power edger I do not notice the weight of the battery but when using the string trimmer I can feel the weight (using 5ah battery). When compared to my gas trimmer the Ego is heavier in my opinion. My son who uses the Ego too stated he does not feel any difference in weight between the old gas and the Ego. Might be an age thing. One part of the Ego I did not care for is the handle that came with the trimmer. To me and my son its not tall enough and does not feel strong. The handle is easily flexed which would lead me to believe it could snap over the course of using the Ego. A workaround I did was to replace the Ego handle with my gas trimmer handle. No issues when swapping the two. Now the handle is taller and feels stronger and I don’t notice the flex in the handle as with the original Ego handle. Overall I would recommend the Ego string trimmer and power edger.
by Kurtwp
Excellent quality, good performance
The Village that I live in has banned gas-powered blowers, which is the reason I just purchased the EGO Power+ 580. While I was at it, I decided to get rid of all my 14-year old 2-stroke engines and buy into the EGO Multi-Head system. Up to this point I had been using a Stihl gas blower, and a Stihl KombiSystem with all the accessories. Great powerful machines, but they really make a racket. I had my doubts that EGO's Multi-Head system could work as well as the gas Stihl, but I was pleased to discover that the EGO String Trimmer and Edger work extremely well with very little effort. More than enough power, and they both perform as well in my yard as the Stihl that they replaced. While EGO's engineers really came up with an excellent design, there are a few things that I would like to see them improve upon: First, while the String Trimmer cuts extremely well, its rather large guard is cumbersome and not as effective as the smaller guard found on my old Stihl. I would like to see a redesign of the current EGO guard. Second, the Edger is a straight-shaft design. I personally prefer a curved shaft design which prevents you from getting so much dirt thrown back on you. I appreciate the performance of the EGO, but I get a lot of dirt thrown on my leg and shoes. This might be from the rather small debris flap on the EGO, but I do not believe so. Third, the Hex and Multi-function wrench that they provide with the kits are of pretty pitiful quality. Better to use your own. In fact, I could not find a screw that the hex end of the Multi-function wrench would fit. I am assuming that it was intended for the transmission's sealing screw. Actually, I would suggest that EGO get rid of the hex screws all together, and adopt a star (torx) system like Stihl uses. So far I am pleased with my purchase. It will be interesting to see how well the EGO tools hold up, especially in our South Florida corrosive environment.
by Biscayne Bay
It's never been easier to have a great looking law
I had been using a corded electric edger, gas trimmer, and gas blower. Due to the effort involved, I can't say I edged or trimmed regularly enough to have the sort of lawn I desired. Driving an battery powered electric vehicle, I knew the convenience, power, and performance that a battery powered solution could provide. I choose EGO products because they were serious tools. My live on a curve so our front yard is very wide...we have 4 across the street neighbors. I've really been blown away with how good these tools are. The batteries are extremely easy to charge and install. The edger and trimmer are easy to exchange. There is enough power to get the job done and it's very controllable. With gas, it was more difficult to get the right amount of power for the job. These tools provide much more control. The batteries are more than enough even for my wide yard. In all, the best lawn tool's I've owned. For some reason, I was a little doubtful at first even though I'd experienced the joy of owning an electric vehicle. Once I snapped out of my doubt, I've never looked back. Do yourself a favor and go electric. You won't regret it unless you enjoy messing around mixing gas and oil and getting engines to start.
by BMills
Best in Electric Lawn Tool
Good power and the 5ah battery last a good amount of time when I'm not using the tool at full power. Can be tiresome to hold onto for long period of time. Wished it came with the strap to help.
by C Vuong
Showing 1-10 of 231 reviews