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Customer Reviews for Electrolux IQ-Touch 4.22 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with Steam in White, ENERGY STAR

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  • 4.22 cu. ft. capacity lets you wash more at once
  • Perfect Steam option for whiter whites and improved stain removal
  • 11 cycles w/ Fast Wash & NSF Certified deep clean sanitize cycle

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  • 89% recommend this product
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Noisy and operational problems
I have three EIFLS55IIWO washers at multiple homes. One of a pair had a noisy drain pump. It was determined that replacment of the pumps in the pair was best action. Now the other one makes drain pump noise. Another (the one used most often) has just begun failing to complete a wash. These are complex beasts and surely are not made to last a long time.
by GeorgeK
Response from Online Outreach Specialist Jun 24, 2019
Hi, GeorgeK! We apologize for your encounter with your washers, and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Please know that we strive to produce quality products to meet our consumer’s needs, and take your feedback seriously. So that we are able to properly assist you with your current matters, please reach out to us at 1-877-435-3287 Monday-Friday, 8:30am-8pm EST at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you. Kindly, Ciara
    Best Washer and Dryer set I ever owned
    I never thought I could love an appliance set so much. This Electrolux duo has many different cycles so you have a nice variety of choices to select when you're doing laundry. Very quiet, energy efficient and cleans clothes the way a washer is supposed to. I bragged about these appliances so much that my neighbor and another friend bought the same set.
    by Maria Ann
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      Clothes Washer EIFLS55IIW
      I bought this washer only 4 years 3 months ago. Now it doesn't stay on, electrical problem. Tried changing AC outlet, nope it's the machine. Overheated engine? Maybe.
      by Mallen
      Response from Online Outreach SpecialistAug 3, 2018
      I hate to hear about your washer experience, Mallen. We would like to see how we can help. Please contact us directly at 1-877-435-3287; Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 6pm EST to discuss further. Kindly, Courtney
        Great features
        I love the washer and dryer, plenty of settings for any type of load
        by Delanr2
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          My first front load washer
          I had owned several top load washers and avoided front load washers because I thought the only way to clean clothes was with a lot of water and an agitator. Boy was I wrong. The Electrolux does a fantastic job and saves water. Glad I chose Electrolux.
          by Eddiegolf
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            Love it
            I brought my washer and dyer 3mos. ago and I still love them
            by Yada
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              Best Features
              I bought this washer many months ago and it has been nothing short of amazing. The features do all that it's supposed to, perfectly. I also love the self cleaning feature.
              by Tim1
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                Bought one year ago.. Stopped working 2 months ago..Still waiting for its repair
                by chuck11
                Response from Online Outreach SpecialistApr 28, 2017
                I apologize for any frustration and inconvenience this matter may have brought to you and your family, chuck11. Our records indicate have been assisted by an agent, and your service call was rescheduled per your request. If you have any questions, please reconnect with our Extended Service Agreement Department directly by calling Mon-Fri, 8a-8p or Saturday 9a-6p EST @ 1-866-386-5286. Your Electrolux lady, Ruth
                  Fast cycles!
                  We bought this set after our washer and dryer were ruined when our house flooded. I am very pleased with the size and cycles of the washing machine. I use pods and sometimes they do not completely dissolve and leave residue on an article of clothing (it washes off if you run it through again). Also, the door needs to be left open for 15-20 minutes after completing your last load to keep the washer from smelling soggy and dank. Overall very pleased.
                  by 4Ross
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                    Does well & quiet.
                    Going on 2nd month. Wife has to get use to "less water" than our previous front load washer. Sometimes, she adds water during some cycles. She plans to call your rep to learn more.
                    by jim4karen
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                      Great Washer
                      I bought this washer, along with the matching dryer 3 months ago and it's the best washer I've ever had. The many features are great, even though I haven't used them all yet. It's so quiet, I had to check to make sure it was running. The best thing, my husband loves to use it too!
                      by silliemae
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                        Love all features on both items
                        I bought it about six weeks ago, LOVE THEM both. I'm a widow, live alone, they are really to big for me, but I love them. When I saw them in the store I said, yup want them.
                        by LADYDI
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                          Bad Washer
                          I've had my washer for less than two years and the bearing in the drum have already went bad. We spent more money on this washer than any other washer before. I'm going back to a top load washer as I've gone through 3 front load washers in 6 years. I plan to go with a name brand I can trust
                          by Upset customer
                            Input from a former Appliance Dept Manager/Trainer
                            We really like the performance of our new Electrolux. It cleans the clothes very well and very efficiently (and so quietly). Btw, this replaces a 7 year old top-load Maytag whose timer croaked. It was not worth the cost to repair it.. A side note: In a previous career I managed the appliance dept for a major retailer so I cant help but research anything appliance - motor types, controls, efficiency, settings & warranty, etc, before buying. My fiance just shakes her head, but she knows she is getting the right one. Things to look for: this washer spins most of the water out of the clothes which cuts the drying time nearly in half, saving a lot of money. The dryer in your home is one of the most expensive appliances to run, which makes maximizing the spinning of water out of your clothes crucial. This washer does a great job of that., and it costs only $14/yr to run. If you use a lint filter on your water discharge hose you will be pleasantly surprised by how much less lint there is in the filter when you use this front-load washer. This does not mean that your clothes arent getting cleaned as well or better than with your top-load washer. This means that your clothes arent getting beat up by an agitator smashing your clothes around like in a top load. You will also notice how much better your clothes retain their shape and fabric. This machine is much gentler on your garments. Other things we really like: the quick wash cycle - just 18 minutes. I use it for a quick wash of my workout clothes which I always had to hand-wash previously. They come out perfectly clean. There is a hand-wash setting on this Electrolux too. And a deep sanitize setting and a whites setting and many more. Whats really nice is regardless of whichever setting you choose this washer automatically selects the proper wash and rinse water temperatures as well as wash and spin speeds. You can also select manually. About the motor: it is a direct-drive motor. This means there are no belts to wear out.. Love that! And, the motor carries a 10 year warranty. Overall, after 3 months of ownership, we are very pleased. I did have one initial concern however. I noticed that the shroud around the door opening was wet at the bottom and there would be a tiny collection of water in the bottom of the shroud (seal). I called Electrolux to ask about this. What i got was impeccable service. They had someone out in 3 days and seemed intent upon making us very satisfied customers. When I called I was just going to ask a question, but they sent a service tech out to make sure everything was ok. They never once questioned a thing or made me feel like like I did something wrong. This type of service is a rarity these days. My hats off to Electrolux' service.
                            by Mr CleanJeans
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                              Love it and hate it too!
                              I have had the washer for just over 2 years and had to have it repaired 2 times the first year with the entire drum assembly as they sited a manuf defect. Now the belt keeps coming off. I love the machine due to it being extremely quiet and cleans fairly well but not dependable. The matching dryer has a few areas where clothes get snared (lint trap and two strips added on the inside back of the dryer drum-dumb design)
                              by Jackie53005
                              Response from Online Outreach SpecialistNov 16, 2016
                              Thank you for sharing your washer experience with us, Jacilu. I am pleased to hear you love how quiet and how well the washer cleans. I regret to hear that your belt is coming off. Was the drive belt replaced with the drum? Sometimes the drive belt comes off. If it does, examine it for excessive fraying or wear. If it’s a belt with several track grooves in it check they are clear and not worn down badly or covered in rubber. The belt might need replacing but occasionally the belt looks fine and you can wind it back on, which gets it up and running again with no further incident. Over time, the drive belt dries out and starts to crack. Eventually a piece of the belt can break off, causing the belt to make a loud noise whenever the motor is running. To determine if the drive belt is broken, inspect the drive belt. If the drive belt is broken or damaged, replace it. The drive belt should be fairly tight, you should be able to pluck the belt and get a nice resounding “ping”. A loose drum pulley is the most common cause for the belt coming off. The pulley should not be able to be moved, apart from obviously round and round as it turns the drum. It should be bolted firmly to the drum spider with no play in it. If the drum pulley bolt has worked loose the pulley can move forward and backwards and will not run true. Sometimes the pulley itself can be worn where it fits over the drum spider so that even with a sufficiently tightened pulley bolt it won't be held in place tightly enough and will wobble. Warning: Do not over tighten the drum pulley bolt because if it shears off you are in trouble, and unless you can remove it with special tapping tools or other methods you might need to buy a complete new drum or even entire tub. I strongly suggest seeking service for this issue. Your friendly Electrolux lady, Ruth
                                Like the set. Pods do not seem to work well they get trapped in the seal of washer. Platform drawers are great for the storage and raising appliances for ease of loading and unloading.
                                by Dudley
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                                  Door issues
                                  I bought this washer in February and I am already having trouble getting the door to push open.
                                  by Pweck
                                  Response from Social MediaNov 7, 2016
                                  Pweck, I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with the door opening. Water on the bellows may have dried, leaving a residue on door glass. Clean residue from door glass and wipe front of bellows opening with warm water and if issue persists, wipe front of bellows opening with Lemon Pledge® spray or wipes. Your friendly Frigidaire lady, Ruth
                                    Wonderfully easy - and I'm all about ease!
                                    Very happy with our purchase. Even the chime to tell me its done with the cleaning cycle - it's very polite, for lack of a better description.
                                    by Gnu71
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                                      Great looking machine! Not so great performance
                                      We are on our second one of these washers because the first one had to be repaired so many times. The new one, which we have had for less than two months, is doing some of the same things as the old one. Extremely noisy, doesn't add any water for some loads, or doesn't spin at all for others. Do not buy this machine. We can't wait to get rid of ours.
                                      by DavidGeorge
                                      Response from Online Outreach SpecialistSep 16, 2016
                                      Hi DavidGeorge, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We certainly hate to hear that your washer is not working properly for you. I would check the washer to ensure that it is not overloaded or too small of load. You may find adding an item or taking an item away will help. Also, a restricted drain hose won't allow the washer to completely pump out - preventing it from going into spin. If you still have a questions, please contact us directly for further assistance. Thank you, Jennifer
                                        Even better than expected
                                        I am very happy with this washer. It does everything it says it will and does a wonderful job. The first time I washed my towels there was soooo much soap built up in them that it filled the washer with suds. I thought that I would have to rinse them again because there would be no way it would get all the soap out. Believe it or not, it did!! I ran another wash cycle and there was no soap in them at all! Towels and sheets feel fabulous and clothes seem very clean and smell good. Easy to operate. My only negative is the door will not prop open, it swings open fully. My husband devised a hook so I could prop this open to let it dry and not have to have it fully open all the time as I do not have room in my laundry area for this.
                                        by Nancy
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                                        Broken in 2 years
                                        The quality of this machine is seriously questionable. I bought this washing machine in the summer of 2014 from Home Depot. The delivery and installation were fine. However, the spin became unbearably loud and the machine started to leak liquid after about 19 months light use. And now it's completely broken. I also noticed the drum is starting to produce plastic burning smell. A total waste of money. I will never buy from Electrolux again.
                                        by wmh
                                          Absolutely love them!
                                          My husband bought this for our family of 5. I love them! I really appreciate the 18 minute washing cycle and use it quite often for our clothes. Really like the size because I can get a big load done, or just wash my delicates too. I'm a working mom of three so I think the refresh option is a bonus, in case I have to leave a load drying. When we come back home I just refresh the load and it's done!
                                          by Mama
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                                            Terrible reliability
                                            We purchased this machine in May of 2014 and it has broken down on us twice. 4 months ago the machine needed the bearing and drum replaced. Now, just 4 months later it looks like we have the same issue again!
                                            by BDubya
                                              Love how quickly it washed each load.
                                              Bought this washer about a month ago after mine broke beyond repair. So far, I like it a lot. Works quickly and gets even my husbands concrete construction clothes clean. Is quiet enough to leave the laundry room door open.
                                              by Smalls
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                                                so many features
                                                Bought a month ago; wish I had bought it several years ago.
                                                by Coal
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                                                  A pro washer for your home
                                                  Love the large capacity and elegant features. Washing clothes is easy and most washes use less water and time. Dispenser tray could have been better (feels cheap). Only disappointing thing is that during humid days, the washer does have a slight moldy smell despite stainless steel interior.
                                                  by dc_fusion
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                                                    Love the steam feature
                                                    The steam feature really takes out oily smells, leaving an incredibly clean feel and brightness.
                                                    by Rachel Ann
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                                                      Exectrolux Is The Best
                                                      My Electrolux purchased in 2010 was in perfect condition when my home suffered a lightening strike. I waited about one second before purchasing my new Electrolux which is a 2016 model with the same features as my 2010 had.
                                                      by perrymason1955
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                                                        Loving it
                                                        Purchased it at the end of May 2016. Having been loving it. Modern design and super easy to use.
                                                        by ArmyWife529
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                                                          product had issues at the time of the first wash.
                                                          Product had issues the first wash, had to have a repair person comr out to our home 3 times in order for the washer to be fixed, upon waiting several days for the parts to come in.
                                                          by Bsmith0514
                                                          Response from Online Outreach SpecialistJul 25, 2016
                                                          Bsmith0514, I’m sorry you’ve encountered these recent issues with your new washer. After reviewing your account, I see that one of our Advanced Factory Appliance was able to successfully resolve your concerns. Please feel free to reconnect with us directly should you have any other product questions. Courtney
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