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Customer Reviews for Everbilt 11.25 in. x 1.05 in. Brushed Nickel Shelf and Rod Bracket

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Model #HD-0495-BN

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  • Durable metal construction in a brushed nickel finish
  • Supports up to 1,000 lbs. and shelves up to 15 in. deep
  • Designed to prevent hangers getting caught with movement

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So varied in size, a nightmare to use
My walls are square but these brackets are not square so there are gaps at either the wall or the shelf when the shelf is level. When the brackets are level, the rod holders are at different heights so the rods do not mount level. My project required 16 brackets and it took 2 days of trial and error to match brackets (and shims galore) to get a barely satisfactory result.
by ckanderson
    Nice shelf bracket
    Absolutely love this shelf bracket! Easy to install & gave my room a custom look. Very sturdy...am going to be buying more!
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      Works well
      The product is very solid and sturdy. I used it for mounting a closet rod. With three of these I put up a four foot rod that can hold just about anything with no chance of failure.
      by ajohns49
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      These are nice and solid. I think that they were worth the little extra to have a very solid shelf. I don't know if there is any way to redesign them to make it possible to put the screws in more easily. I had to use three extensions on my drill to get the drill close enough to the bracket to make it possible to put the screws in at a good angle.
      by dadof8
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      Plastic Bracket Failed
      Low quality plastic breaks and rod and clothes dropped to floor. The metal frame and supports are sturdy however, the rod holder is made of thin, low grade plastic that failed.
      by NeilE
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        This is a ok product
        This product does what is supposed to do. Nothing great about it. The cups that hold the pile are to small.
        by Eric
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          Best brackets!
          Love these brackets! Get the pole that goes with them and you will be set. The heavy duty poles snap right into the bracket arm, instead of just laying inside the big part. This way you can slide your hangers back and forth without the bracket getting in the way.
          by Smiths
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          Looks good. Holds a shelf.
          It looked a lot better than the other brackets on the shelf. I certainly don't need the 1000 lb. rating for my closet, but I spent the few extra dollars for the look. Some other reviews mention quality control. I did notice differences in the angle or height of the brackets based on where the rod would be held so just make sure you compare the two you are going to use by lining them up on the floor or something. In all likelihood if you have a long enough rod the difference won't be noticeable. Just make sure it will sit steadily on the two supports. Many of the brackets in the store were actually missing the 'U' end piece all together. One out of the four I bought had that piece fall off, but if need be I think I could easily glue it on, it just hasn't been a problem since installation.
          by BR
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          very strong to hold lot of load
          Stylish. very strong to hold lot of load I bought these 2 sine 2012 to try how its work ,now I think I like them and I will buy them 2 more. . . . .
          by ROSE
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            Plastic Rod hook breaks and no replacement available have to buy a new bracket
            Attractive bracket and in good color but unfortunately plastic rod hook breaks and you have to buy a new bracket instead of just being able to replace the plastic hook. Can anyone advise if there is a replacement hook available in plastic hook or a metal hook and where I can purchase . I have been on the internet but cannot locate a place to purchase the replacement hook.
            by Brenda
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              Excellent product
              These are Great brackets for any space to add extra hanging storage. Very STRONG & DURABLE
              by Fred
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              not 90 degrees
              shelf brackets are not 90 degrees(they tilt back). not a big deal unless your matching up 2 shelfs in a corner then they wont match up.
              by lilly
                All metal finishes scuffed, white looked better
                All of the metal finished stock (chrome, brushed nickel) were significantly scuffed. Sure it's closet brackets, but why pay for something that looks damaged? The white coated brackets in the store did not have the scuffing. I was already invested in the brush nickel design or would have switched to the white finish.
                by ClosetPRO
                  Durable. Stylish. Clean. very strong to hold lot of load
                  Durable. Stylish. Clean. very strong to hold lot of load
                  by George
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                    Do not buy these
                    Poorly manufactured - same brackets with same model numbers have visibly different manufacturing. Purchased 3 to put in a closet - two were identical, one was off by half inch on back and top, leading to an inch gap from the bar compared to the other two. Would have required thick, angled shims at back and top to bring into alignment with the other two. Save yourself the trouble and buy something better.
                    by Sansui
                      No problems,easy install, supports weight
                      I've had this product over 6 months now,using the full length of the 96in rod(with 3 brackets) I installed it,easy to install. It holds all my clothes(i hang everything-all my coats,suits,everyday clothes). it is very easy to slide past the bracket. I installed a shelf on top as well. about 92" of shelf, that shelf has been full since with boxes of misc weights with no problems. condition of bar and brackets are in as good a shape as it did when i bought it. Still Looks new!
                      by Lion
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                        Very poor quality
                        Finish flaking off several of these which I noticed right before I installed them, I do not see how they can say it will support up to 500 Lbs. when the rod support does not seem 100% sturdy for that weight limit
                        by jeffkart18
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                          Poor quality control
                          The bracket is very sturdy and it looks good. However, quality control is poor. I installed two bars each with three brackets. The first one went up fine. The second bar wouldn't clip into all three brackets at the same time. After double checking to be sure I was level and scratching my head I determined that the clip placement on one bracket was almost a quarter inch off. The brackets are so strong I couldn't bend it true. My wife had to have the bar up right away so I was forced to install the faulty bracket off level. This is noticeable because I used wood strips as ledgers as added support for the shelf. I never would have thought to measure the distance between the top of the bracket and the clip before buying the brackets.
                          by Cyclo
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                            Worked great!
                            This bracket filled the application I needed it for very neatly and at a price that was extremely reasonable.
                            by Bazzbozz
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