Customer Reviews for GE 36 in. Gas Cooktop in Black with 5 Burners including Power Boil Burner

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  • 15,000 BTU Power Boil burner produces fast, intense heat
  • Recessed cooktop contains spills for quick and easy cleaning
  • Contact your local store with Order # to schedule installation

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Great features!
The cooktop looks beautiful in the kitchen. The best part is that it’s very easy to clean. My old one was not. This one has five burners and my last one had four. So this is a big improvement!
by Robinja
Love the glass top - so easy to clean
I wanted a gas stove top as easy to take care of as the electric glass tops my friends have. This one does the job - I love gas cooking but the typical gas stoves as a pain to keep clean. It looks beautiful and I love the ease of cleaning.
by Bren51
This gas cooktop looks absolutely stunning and you can tell it is constructed of very high qualit...
This gas cooktop looks absolutely stunning and you can tell it is constructed of very high quality materials and I would expect nothing less from GE as they make top of the line products. The top of the cooktop is tempered glass and looks great and I like how it is smooth instead of having a dished in area this makes it very easy to wipe off, you can simply lift the grates off and wipe it down super easy. since there is no recessed area to hold the grates in place there are holes in the center of each burner that hold the grates in place and they lock nicely together and make a continuous grate surface making it easy to move your pots and pans between the different burners, they have rubber feet under them so they will not scratch the glass surface of the cooktop and they easily come off so that you can clean the glass surface of the cooktop, they are also dishwasher safe. The burner covers and knobs can be easily removed for cleaning and are also dishwasher safe. The burners are sealed so nothing can get underneath them making for easy cleanup, it has 5 burners including a huge power boil burner to get your water boiling very quickly then a large burner a medium burner and 2 simmer burners for precise low heat so as not to burn delicate foods. Installation is very easy and straight forward and it comes with most the hardware you need to install it except a gas line a couple of fittings and some gas line rated Teflon tape, it does include the gas regulator, some cushioned tape to run around the area between the counter and cooktop so nothing can leak thru, the hardware needed to fasten it to the countertop and the electrical cord for the ignition system is already wired in and ready to go, it even comes with some special cleaner for the cooktop surface. The only complaint I have about this cooktop is that the control knobs are made of plastic, I would think for such a high end cooktop they could have made the control knobs out of metal, besides that the quality is top notch. I really like this stove and I trust the GE brand and believe this stove will last a very long time.
by Chevy513
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This is a beautiful black on black cook top! What makes this cook top really nice is how easy it...
This is a beautiful black on black cook top! What makes this cook top really nice is how easy it is to clean. The smooth glass ceramic top is easily accessed by simply removing the grates and burner caps. Unlike most cooktops with a recessed burner pan, the surface is consistent and cleans up very easily! The cooking grates are made of heavy cast iron and very high quality. I prefer backlit burner valve knobs that also have electronic heat level display, however, the burner value knobs are clearly marked and easy to see. The 5 burners enables the top to cook multiple items at the same time and the power broil burner feature is great for fast heating or larger pots and skillets. This cooktop is a great value and has the looks, power and capability of cooktops costing much more.
by gordsgonefishing
Once you've cooked with gas, you'll never want to go back. That's why our kitchen remodel revolve...
Once you've cooked with gas, you'll never want to go back. That's why our kitchen remodel revolved around keeping the stove in the same place as the old range, if possible, so we wouldn't have to move the gas line. I think three burners is plenty (really, when have you ever used four at once, EVER?), but to get features like simmer and turbo burners, you end up with five. This one has a power-boil, two mediums, and two simmers. I measured out one gallon of winter-cold tap water and brought it to a boil; on my old stove's normal burner it took 24 minutes; on this one it took 18.5 minutes to start simmering hard and 19.5 to go full boil. Microsecond precision measuring? No. But it shows that it does put out more heat (it's bigger, after all, using a larger orifice than the smaller burners). Don't use it with a pan or pot that won't completely cover the flame, otherwise you're just sending heat straight up into the kitchen (and maybe melting your plastic handle). The knobs have a smooth motion, click distinctly off, are arranged in the same pattern as the burners, and have a raised rubber seal to keep out yuck. The cooking surface is glass-flat and smooth, with only the tiniest of trim edges on the front and back, so it won't contain a major boil-over at all, and this is why I took one notch off Features, because I think every stove top should have some kind of spill containment ability (but the wife loves it, so it's ours now). The glass takes some special cleaners, but you're not cooking directly on it, so I don't expect it to get as grilled-on nasty as the halogen I had in the past. That front and back trim and the knobs are the only things with stainless steel (or SS look); the rest is black. The grates on are pretty rough, so sliding from burner to burner is literally a drag if it's something heavy. I suppose it'll smooth out a bit over time, but it seems a bit more course than it needs to be. Small nit-noid: the center grate is a fraction of an inch lower than the left and right; not something you'd notice in use since pots and pans are all curved on their edges, so they'll slide over it just fine, but when I installed it, I noticed it. I thought I'd just set them wrong, but I think the rubber bumpers on our center grate are just a tiny bit smaller, so the grate sits a tad lower. Not a show stopper, and not noticeable unless you look for it, but a small shortcoming on the fit-and-finish, in my opinion. It includes orifices to switch to propane and the change-out is extremely easy; it has a simple rack to hold the unused orifices for another time. I'm on propane, and once the air was out of the line, all the burners burned full and steady, and all at once; in fact, even the simmer burners stayed burning on their lowest simmering setting even with all the other burners on, which shows that it was correctly set at the factory (there are instructions to adjust it later if you need to). Don't forget you need a wall outlet unless you want to light burners with a match . Overall, no significant complaints. Though I don't like the lack of spill containment, that also gives it a sleek flat look that is indeed easier to clean. Being fully mechanical, with no electronics to fail other than the sparker, this stove top should give us a long and fulfilling relationship. Home Depot's delivery service provides regular phone calls with delivery updates and lets you change the date if necessary. Our delivery guys showed up on time and provided courteous service.
by RedneckRocketScientist
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GE 5 Burner Glass Cooktop. If you in the market for this type of Cooktop this product represents a nice modern look with good performance as claimed by the Manufacturer. The glass top looks nice , it does however get dirty fast by simple steam and spills. If you clean up after use and not let spills set you shout have any major issues. . It’s durable but still would be carful dropping solid things as pots covers , cast iron etc. Ours out of the box the glass top was broken in many places. What I did notice is the glass didn’t shatter but broke in shards just an observation thinking the glass might be a safety type glass. HD was great getting a replacement within a few days. Check the box when it’s delivered! The grates are nice and solid made of a cast like you might expect in a professional style grill. They do however move a little with a large pan in sauté style of cooking. Not too bad but they only sit on a small rubber bushing that makes contact with the flat glass surface. The burners are of different size , cast aluminum burners with a steel cover plate. They are painted or coated with a flat black . They look like they will be hard to keep clean opposed to a smoother porcelain coated covers . If you experience bad spill over ,the quicker you clean up the better. The electronic start works well however you need to ignite in the start position before setting the burner temp. The delay is quick but if your used to just turning the dial and expecting it to ignite it won’t. With the different size burners you have lots of options of flame size along with a dedicated high heat burner for faster high heat temps. The two large grates are one piece each making sliding pots and pans from one burner to other options great if you want to get the pan off heat quickly it’s nice. The lowest side of the burners seem nice for very low simmering . Installation was very simple however you need to be sure you cutout is of proper size and you have the correct gas connection nipple , regulator is supplied . My complete install time was about 30 minutes from removing the old one to installing the new one with assembly. I’ve done it before but very simple task with a screwdriver and two wrenches read and understand the instructions makes the task easy. If this is the level of Cooktop your interested in , it provides excellent performance for the buck and should give you years of performance you would expect from a GE product.
by FrankieG
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This GE 36” 5 burner gas cook top is an excellent choice for replacement or new construction. It ...
This GE 36” 5 burner gas cook top is an excellent choice for replacement or new construction. It comes well packed and weighs about 50lbs. I love the way it cooks and recommend it. If you need more information please read on. There is some discrepancy in the Home Depot listing so I looked up the specific BTU specifications for Model# JGP5536DLBB on the GE web site. We love the 15,000 BTU “power burner” for quick heating, large pots and searing meat. The other burners are rated at 11,000 BTU, 9,100 and the two at 6,000 BTU are great for simmering and small pots. The grates are coated cast iron and the “continuous grate” layout makes it easy to move pots and pans from burner to burner. The ceramic glass surface and dishwasher safe knobs and grates make for quick and easy clean up. It comes complete with a 110 volt electric cord that has a grounded plug, a new regulator and all the hardware needed for a quick install. You will need a full 33 7/8” X 19 1/8” cutout to install this cook top. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty. We have provided some photos and a short video to give prospective buyer a feel for the actual use of this cooktop.
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This Glass cook-top looks amazing, clean and smooth look is appealing every time. It arrived and ...
This Glass cook-top looks amazing, clean and smooth look is appealing every time. It arrived and since home depot has a haul away option they take the old one away or move it to another room. Once installed it looks great, it is a glass top so its shinny and clean. If you spill anything it is easy to clean since the grates can be just lifted right off. Speaking of grates, they are well made and soft to land on glass since it has a soft tip on the bottom. They are also easy to put together since on the bottom of each one it shows what direction to install them. The grates have a nice shape too. The burners just as it shows, they are sealed and quick easy to clean. The right front burner is used for large cookware since its a boil burner.
by AngelM
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The GE 36 in. gas cook top in stainless steel with five burners is so nice I am very happy to hav...
The GE 36 in. gas cook top in stainless steel with five burners is so nice I am very happy to have one. It is so well made and features heavy-duty cast iron grates. I love the glass cook top with sealed burners. It all so has a precise simmer burner for delicate foods. The grates fit together to form a continuous grate allowing for easy movement of pots and pans between burners. It is a beautiful cook top.
Decent gas cooktop. Easy installation. However, not a fan of how the grates sit on the cooktop. E...
Decent gas cooktop. Easy installation. However, not a fan of how the grates sit on the cooktop. Everything has to be lined up and sitting correctly. The top of the burners want to move around and in some cases fall off the burner itself when putting the grates on. It would have been nice to see this model in a store instead of viewing it on Home Depot's website. My local Home Depot had no gas cooktops on display and other models we were interested in were not available. Additionally, the shipping could have been faster.
by RidgeRunner
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