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Customer Reviews for GHOST CONTROLS Architectural Series Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit

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  • Battery powered to enable access to your property in any weather
  • Bolt-on installation and included hardware allows for easy setup
  • Ideal for ornamental, tubular-style, or plantation swing gates

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This product is well made and engineered for easy instillation, good looks and efficient operatio...
This product is well made and engineered for easy instillation, good looks and efficient operation. It was unpackaged and installed in less than an hour. The only drawback is that it only contains one remote control and I had to order additional controllers. I totally like and recommend this product!!!!!
by JR
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Great system! Not to bad to install and works great....
Great system! Not to bad to install and works great.
by Zack
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Ghost Gate Opener - Fantastic
Received the gate opener about 4 days after ordering. Installed that same weekend. Took about 4 hours but, I took my time. Read and re-read instructions to make sure everything was correct. Fairly easy install for most do it yourselfers. Works like a champ. Has features built in that I wasn't expecting but, very pleased to see. Very easy to set up. Ordered extra controllers and 1 would not learn. Customer service was great, talked me thru it, figured out it was a bad controller. Sent me out a new one. Got it and everything is great. Great product so far.
by RS44
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    Complete with battery!
    This is a complete package for one gate. Installation instructions are clear and easy to follow. The solar panel is a definite plus. I have another battery powered gate opener without a solar charger, and occasionally have to recharge it, and always at an inconvenient time! Adjustments are simple, and the gate closes tightly every time. As other reviewers have said, the remote has an incredible range, My road is 200 feet+ from the highway, and the remote works every time. I will use this on a custom 16 foot gate that is currently being built, and I completely expect this opener to work great.. The quality of materials and construction appears excellent, and I expect years of service from this
    by Jim
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    Works very well
    I was tired of getting out of the car in the rain to open and close the gate, so this Ghost gate opener kit was the solution. The kit comes with gate opener, battery and solar panel, so there is no need to run a long electric supply to the gate. The gate opener was easy to install, with easy to follow instructions. All needed hardware is included. With a few additionally purchased parts, like a key pad and a second remote, the gate opener can be even more convenient.
    by DEStefan
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    Fantastic addition to my side yard!
    Wow, this unit is dead-simple in its installation and operation, including programming auto-close, trimming how far open the gate swings, adding remotes and keypads, and adding the solar panel to charge the battery, which operates the piston arm. If something is easy to work with, it’s typically engineered that way, meaning there must be a lot of different types of people on the Ghost Controls team. The unit arrived in an impressive box, and everything you need to get going is right in that box. Installation seemed daunting at first because the manual is hefty, the same thickness as a magazine. You’ll only use half the instruction manual (pull-to-open OR push-to-open), and the pictures make everything very clear. Installation could be put on a sticky-note (and I would change the order just a little bit): 1. Mount bracket to fence post 2. Mount the control box within four feet of the bracket you just mounted 3. Mount the battery box 4. Hang the big end of the operator arm in the bracket in step 1 5. Make sure control box is off. Wire the battery box, the solar panel, and the operator arm into the control box 6. Connect the battery 7. Turn on control box and run the operator arm in and out a few times so it will find its natural fully-retracted point (this is a little bit further out than when it ships) 8. Mount the small bracket to your gate That’s it. My step 8 would be step 2 if I were following the installation manual, but I wish I had installed the small bracket for the operator arm last since the fully retracted position is just a bit different than when it shipped, so now my gate doesn’t close completely flat, 90 degrees to the wall. It was 90 degrees before I ran it the first time, and I don’t see how to trim it in any further. The buttons in the control box don’t trim the arm in when retracted, but trim it in when fully extended. This system is tidy. There is no concrete pad on the ground for the motor assembly to be mounted, it’s all contained in the operator arm. The opening and closing speed is excellent, and the ramp up in speed is perfect when opening or closing to keep from putting undue strain on the bracket mounted on the fence post. AZ people, and anyone living with block walls instead of wooden fences, good news! The operator arm bracket can be mounted on the same plane as the gate! It does not have to be around the corner of the post. I am using it as a push to open system for my side yard gate, and I did NOT use the push-to-open accessory arms. I switched back to the standard pull-to-open (shorter) arms. I think every side yard with a gate in the state should be equipped with Ghost Controls’ Gate Opener—it’s fantastic, it’s easier to power it with solar than with an ac transformer, and it opens and closes smoothly and quickly. This will save your hands from being burned reaching over the gate for the latch, and it will save my kids’ hands all summer long because they can just open the gate with the rubber key code pad to put their bikes away. No more bikes laying in the driveway waiting to be stolen or run over! Eventually I’ll add a gate to my other side yard, and I’ll get another system because I think it’s fantastic. Don’t buy the single gate system expecting to expand it to a dual gate system down the road—the control box printed circuit board does not have the second operator arm controls ready to be wired up. If you do have a dual gate and cannot run a wire across to the second operator arm, you could buy two single gate systems and make the code the same for each unit, but cutting concrete and laying in a conduit would be less expensive. That said, it is possible to run two independent units on the same key code. I highly recommend two accessories: The Ghost Controls Accessory Keypad is awesome. It adds two features that are fantastic. First, 1-key opening is just that—press any number button and SEND and the gate will open. I have people return items to my side yard behind the gate for security reasons. All I have to do if I am not around to receive the item, is text them to say “Hit 1 and SEND and the gate will open, and put the item on the ground, then exit within XX minutes before the gate closes. Thanks!” I set my auto-close time to five minutes so they don’t get nervous and drop stuff on the ground for fear of being locked in. Second, it allows my kids to open the gate without having a remote to keep track of in their backpack. They each have their own code, so if my son gives his code out to a friend to drop off his bike, we can change his code and the first one is turned off. Plus the keypad looks cool. You can get a mounting pedestal for it, and it’s very well made and has a nice coat of black paint on it. I am not using the pedestal, but if it were for a driveway gate it’s a must to get the keypad out to easy-reach range of the driver. The Ghost Controls Standard Remote is the way to go for family members who are not into all this stuff like I am. My wife just wants something to work. She doesn’t want to think about the extra buttons on the included deluxe remote, she just wants to hit the big button and be done with it. One improvement for her sake I could think of is to make the learn button a small pinhole in the remote instead of its own button. She can’t wreck the programming on the remote (at least I don’t think so…), but it would eliminate one more button for her to think about, or press when she isn’t looking at the remote. That said, pairing the remote to the system is simple, and since it requires both remotes to be physically touching, I’m not worried that she’ll de-program the remote by accident. I could not be any happier with the system. My only experience with motorized gates has been for neighborhoods, and having this for my house is so cool. This is my first gate opener I have installed, and it was a breeze. If you are just a little bit handy, this project won’t be a problem for you at all. You won’t regret the purchase or the hour or two required to install the opener.
    by 59ona64
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    realy good product
    The box contains everything that you need for one person to operate the one gate and it can work where the power is available or not available, or is too expensive to run the power line to the gate it is battery operate and have solar panel to recharge the battery, also the kit include one remote, one control panel, one battery with protective box one solar panel and one gate opener, of course all necessary hardware and wires. (Warning sign to) Installation of the gate opener went without a hitch (I did read the installation instructions twice before proceeding). The manual was good and in approximately 2.5hrs it was all up and running. This gate opener operates like giant screw with a motor with a Hi and Lo limit switches. Adjustment was easy and the gate opens very consistently (within in +/- inch) and the remote have a long range (I can click the opener at the intersection which is some 380 feet from the driveway gate. It has been operating flawlessly for two weeks and given the quality of construction I expect it should run for some time. I did get a silicon sealant to ensure the control panel is well sealed (I have had issues before with bugs getting into other control units like sprinkler control) The range of the remote is quite surprising I can consistently open and close the gate from the further intersection from my house which well over 510' away from the Control box on the gate. And this is not direct line of sight either and there are other houses to. Since this kit is grid free it come with battery and solar panel for charging the battery and I’m living in Minnesota where day time during the winter is really short (in Dec and Jan we have hardly 5h of day light and it gets really cold) with that said I do have small concern for battery not being charged properly and the cold killing the battery well the time will tell.
    by frljo1
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    Lots of Features / Neighbors Envious
    This gate is feature packaged, with many advantages (see pic), and has numerous accessories you can add (see video). I have only had it a few days, but love not having to get out of the car to open or shut the gate, or having to get dressed and leave the house to shut it at night, in the rain or snow. Not having strangers think I am home or not, based on my gate being open or not (it is now always closed via AutoClose mode). Took me all day to install (mostly because it required a bigger post than I had [mine was 4" round ... now 6" square] and I had to reverse the gate [support bar in back blocked the arm]), but will get that time back over the next few months. I am still tinkering with the Solar panel placement, but figure by early Summer the trees will be fullest, and I will know where the sun is strongest. All the nuts and bolts I needed to install, were included. I pretty much have all the accessories, and like them all (see my reviews). The only one I do not have, and think I would use, is the Zombielock; more for support at the end of the gate (e.g. windy days), than for security ... Oh, and an extra battery. The Battery Box comes with one, but has space for two. It would be nice to have a fully charged spare on hand. So far, the only negative is the beeping ... the motor is ghost quiet, the beeping is not. Maybe a beep volume control? ; )
    by TheDogsCar
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    Excellent Product. I had to replace an older gate opener due to it continually failing. This un...
    Excellent Product. I had to replace an older gate opener due to it continually failing. This unit was very easy to hook up and it works great. Much faster than my older unit. Costumer service has been great and very helpful. I highly Recommend.
    by hulk
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      This is my second Ghost Control gate opener. The first has been in service for about 8 months wit...
      This is my second Ghost Control gate opener. The first has been in service for about 8 months with no problems. The solar kit is great because it comes with everything you need. The separate battery and box works good and is easy to mount next to the control board. No need to buy a marine battery and box and bury in the ground. The remotes easily have at least 200 ft range. The wide range of programing available with this system is a big plus. I would recommend Ghost Controls to anyone looking for a quality gate opener and would like to see these products and accessories on the shelf in Home Depot.
      by jdw
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        Wow. I cannot say enough good things about Ghost Control's customer service. I am not mechanicall...
        Wow. I cannot say enough good things about Ghost Control's customer service. I am not mechanically handy. Despite a clear instruction manual well-written by a native English speaker – which included simple, clear diagrams – I had to call customer service three times. Each time, they answered within two rings (no waiting), and knew exactly what to tell me. Their guidance did not prevent me from screwing it up on my own, so I needed to order a small replacement part. And... they sent to it me for free. WOW. In this day and age of international "customer support" and nickel-and-dime fees, these guys are AMAZING.
        by BlancoNate
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