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  • Top quality pressure washer
  • July 01, 2015
  • Recommended Product

When you think of Generac, you think of high quality generators, not pressure washers. I didn't even know they made pressure washers ,until I saw this. Just as their power producing generators, this piece of machinery is top notch. At 3800 PSI it quite powerful for stripping a deck or washing a car. My main use for this is washing my 35 foot travel trailer, and without a doubt, this gets the job done perfectly. The Generac has a belt driven pump, which should provide a much longer life than a direct drive unit. It allows the pump to run at a much lower RPM and in turn, it runs much cooler. While the unit is quite heavy, it rides on large tires which enable it to be pushed around with ease. Another great feature is the throttle control. You can run it slow to save fuel, or put it to max power for some real heavy duty cleaning. It also has 5 different nozzles for whatever job you are doing. Overall, I would recommend this pressure washer to anyone looking to buy a well built, long lasting piece of machinery. Generac has the world of power and water mastered.

Pros Durable, Powerful, Great Engine, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Easy to Store, Long-Lasting

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Bristol, CT
35 to 44, Male
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By: DannyT
  • The power washer is compact and can be moved easily with 2 people in and out of the work vehicle....
  • May 01, 2018
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The power washer is compact and can be moved easily with 2 people in and out of the work vehicle. I have cleaned for several hours on this and it runs well. I do not really like the oil location and would like to see a low rpm when you are not pushing water. I bought this to replace a direct drive power washer for a commercial application and have used it for 1 solid month. Over all the unit performs solid. This power washer for the price does not meet my expectations. 3.2 gallons per minute is not enough for some applications. The spray wand is one jet only with no adjustment and there is no control over rpm on the engine except manual. If I was to buy another power washer, I would spend the 550 dollars extra to get those options with another brand as I did not see these options available in Generac. It is a good unit for a novice and it will suffice the current work load.


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By: Me
  • Incredible Power
  • August 28, 2015
  • Recommended Product

OUT OF THE BOX The pressure washer was easy to set up. All the usual stuff – pour in the included oil, attach the hoses. My only complaint is they need to elaborate in the instructions what the siphon tube is and exactly where it gets attached. The instructions only say “Attach siphon tube” and have a drawing with an arrow pointing to one location on the pressure washer. The problem is the tube has two ends. I came to the conclusion that I THINK it is used for soap. You attach one end to the pressure washer, and the other end goes in the soap solution…I think. USING THE PRESSURE WASHER This thing has POWER. It is way more powerful than anything I am used to. To get used to it, I started with the widest angle nozzle (“Wash”) and didn’t power the engine up all the way. I recommend everybody else do the same. This thing can do serious damage if you’re not careful. Everything about the pressure washer is high quality – the engine started on the first pull, the hose is heavy duty, the sprayer is well made and has a nice handle for better control. There is one feature I’m not happy with – the hook to hang the hose when not in use. It’s just a piece of metal. There’s no easy way to hang it so that it stays in place. It unravels itself and scrapes the ground. There should be something to wrap it around, not just hang it on. BOTTOM LINE If you need a high power pressure washer, this one won’t let you down. It has plenty of power and has a very reliable engine.

Pros Powerful, Great Engine

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New Jersey, USA
25 to 34, Male
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By: timtsb
  • As soon as I started the unit the unloader valve poped off the pump. I returned it for a full re...
  • November 08, 2016

As soon as I started the unit the unloader valve poped off the pump. I returned it for a full refund


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By: Brian
  • power!!!!
  • June 11, 2018
  • Recommended Product

A friend let me borrow his power washer to clean off a tree stump that was rip out of the ground during a storm. This thing has great pressure and it was very easy to start. Long handle was awesome for reaching hard spots. The pressure was constant never lost the strong stream. The hose I think was kinda longer than normal witch is good. Only draw back I found was the wheels were a little small it was kinda a pain to get it up and down stairs but that's a small draw back this thing is fantastic not cheap but if you want something that will last buy it!!!

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By: gettingthingsdone
  • used it once
  • June 08, 2019

used it once to pressure wash my driveway. 2nd time i went to use it it fired up for about 30 seconds and then died. now it wont start up and i did all the troubleshooting it said in the book. packed it up and put it in the garage. now im thinking about returing it cause for $1200 i shouldnt have to get it repaired after the 2nd use


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By: razor
  • October 18, 2016

I recently purchased this pressure washer and have not used it yet. I will update this review after my first use. The washer looks good and should hold true to the Generac quality name. One thing I don't like is the owners manual. it is very vague and offers no information about the pump and unloader valve. I hope Generac can send owners manual information about these 2 items.


55 to 64
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