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  • Plastic strainer broke almost immediately, basically collapsed in on itself....
  • October 02, 2018

Plastic strainer broke almost immediately, basically collapsed in on itself. Should have came with metal strainer.


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By: Generwac
  • "Easy start, good suction, sturdy and reliable"
  • September 17, 2015
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All the added parts were in the container and were very easy to unpack. The wheel and the handle are very easy to assemble and it is nice to see that they included a special funnel for the oil fill. The suction hose unraveled to a straight line without issues (I have had some in the past from other manufacturers that cracked during unwrapping and trying to straighten it out) The supplied instructions are precise and accurate and I would conclude that they are one of the better ones I have seen from a dozen water pumps I have set up in the past. The pump, once ready to use is very stable as I wheeled it up an incline of 250 feet of a rough dirt track with plenty of large holes in it without any problem. The folding handle worked well. Put the suction hose down the 12 foot well with the pump on the side of the hole and it was all ready to go. Total time was one hour from opening the box to getting ready to use it. I tested the pump first on my pond and all worked very good )see photos) The primer has a big cap which I find is a bonus. I filled the primer once, put 3 gallons of gas in the steel tank, (again, nice to see it’s not plastic) topped up the oil, and it started after three pulls. The throttle is exceptionally effective with a nice easy to get at lever. The water it was pulling up contains a lot of mud and sand but had no problems pumping up and pushing it down a slight incline of 200 feet to fill up my water tank with a thousand gallons in less than ten minutes at half throttle. Although we only use the tank water for showers, washing dishes, etc., the strainer works well enough to provide enough clean and clear water to go through our other filters without clogging them up. I have had this pump working now for six weeks and every single day other than the first day when it took three pulls to start it, it has started on the first pull with the pump working flawlessly. The noise it makes with its 208cc OHV engine, I would rate as the same as a small gas grass mower, perhaps a little less. I had easily connected my own hose to the discharge hose using the supplied hose clamp assembly, although to add to that, the supplied clamp assembly is not a standard size (IE ¼” or 5/16”. But thankfully it least it is a Philips head. With using the pump motor for six weeks for about ten minutes each day I have only topped the tank up once and so the five hour run time on a full tank as stated by the manufacturer seems pretty accurate. The oil was only very slightly down, but not enough to add anymore as yet. I find this pump and the housing very well made and thought out enough to be extremely user friendly

Pros Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions, No Leaks, supplied oil funnel, powerful suction, starts first time, easy to relocate, supplied hoses and oil funnel

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Southbridge MA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Palaranda
  • Emergency Backup System
  • November 10, 2015
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Despite being in a drought situation here for a number of years, I was bound to implement a water pump system for the day we get rain again. As we enter winter, these days have begin. Assembly was quick & easy. The kit even included the oil and special funnel for installation/assembly purposes. The supplied hoses and fittings are ok. Though moderately loud, the pump/motor is no louder im my opinion than a lawn mover or other piece of similar power equipment. During a recent heavy rain, we found some areas of our drainage system blocked up and needed to evacuate the water from these areas to prevent minor flooding. This pump made quick work of the area and allowed me to make a quick-clean of the drainage culvert. One suggestion to owners is to stabilize the fuel ahead of time. This item, for me, isn't an every day type of use so not knowing when the next use will be can lead to old, stale fuel if not properly treated ahead of time.

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Aromas, CA
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By: RednexToyz
  • October 30, 2015

The same day we assembled the pump we used it for 5 minutes and it flooded the carburetor. Over night in the shop all the gas drained out of the tank onto the floor. We called the manufacturer to return the product and they have a no return policy. So with only 5 minutes of run time we have to have send it out to be repaired at one of their designated repair places. During the 5 minutes it ran it sucked the screen over the intake hose inside out and almost right into the hose. I would never recommend this pump or anything else purchased from Home Depot that has to be shipped from the manufacturer. I would only purchase products that I know can be returned to the store.

Pros Easy to Install Cons does not work, no return policy
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Carmel, NY
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By: Chris
  • 5 Star Review
  • August 31, 2017

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By: Thomas
  • I have only used it once so it is hard...
  • April 03, 2018

I have only used it once so it is hard to give an accurate assumption of it. I did use it to empty a hole about 15 feet deep and it had no problem drawing the water from the bottom. It does start easy and has a decent amount of drawing power. It does the job it was designed for.

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By: Ropeitis
  • Used it for one afternoon to wash down mud covered concrete patios. Worked well after it finally ...
  • April 03, 2019
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Used it for one afternoon to wash down mud covered concrete patios. Worked well after it finally started pumping. Very long the point I was concerned it would never pick-up and start moving water. Would be nice if the intake and output were at 90 degrees; highly unlikely that you will be pumping water in the same direction you are picking it up from.


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By: MK
  • The rubber washers for the hoses are most likely to...
  • February 06, 2018

The rubber washers for the hoses are most likely to get lost. Should of had a different connection. Other then that it works good


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By: Donnie
  • Once I got it primed hold on its a horse!!!!...
  • April 09, 2019

Once I got it primed hold on its a horse!!!!


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By: HomeDepotCustomer
  • Garbage
  • April 09, 2017

Purchased one of these pumps two years ago,during which i have used the pump very lightly,fired it up today and it ran for ten minutes and a hole blew through the side,never froze,no rocks,made like a soda not waste your money.


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By: Jimmydean