Customer Reviews for Globe Electric 71 in. Satin White LED Floor Lamp Torchiere Dimmable with Energy Star

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Model #12783

  • Includes soft white LED with 3000K color temperature
  • Dimmable from 3010 Lumens to 30 Lumens in 1% increments
  • ENERGY STAR certified for efficient electricity use

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I have had this lamp 3 months and really enjoy it. It was packaged nicely and was very simple to ...
I have had this lamp 3 months and really enjoy it. It was packaged nicely and was very simple to assemble. The lighting is great! I bought 2, one for living room and one for office. Both rooms are very well lit. The only negative is that with the dimmable switch, one cannot select in which direction to go - up or down in intensity. One has to go all the way up before reversing and going all the way down, and vice versa. But that only takes 5-10 seconds and is a minor inconvenience. Given the price and quality of lighting, this lamp is a really good deal!
by OrangeCounty
Response from Globe ElectricDec 20, 2019
Thank you for choosing Globe Electric, we value your business and truly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with product feedback. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-543-1388 or for any further questions you may have.
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This lamp is easy to use. It's nice and economy.
This lamp is easy to use. It's nice and economy.
by Lamp
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This floor lamp is bright! (well, you can dim if you want, but I like to have my living room brig...
This floor lamp is bright! (well, you can dim if you want, but I like to have my living room bright!). This lamp does not make my room feel hot either which is a plus. I grew up with lamps similar to this one and the ones I had in the past made the room extremely hot and would waste a lot of electricity. This floor lamp, on the other hand is an LED one that saves energy and is bright without breaking a sweat. The only thing I don't like as much about this lamp is that the touch sensor to dim the lights takes a while to get used to. I wish it was a knob that you can control it instead, but I'm happy with my purchase. Fast shipment, easy installation. What more could I ask.
by kaylee
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This light is bright, but it arrived damaged, leaning more precariously than the Leaning Tower of...
This light is bright, but it arrived damaged, leaning more precariously than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I called the manufacturer and they promised to send an email with a shipping label to return it for a non-broken lamp. Still waiting, and waited too long to replace via Home Depot. I recommend DON'T buy a Globe Electric product -- and if you do and it arrives broken, do NOT call them, call Home Depot.
by LeaningLampOfGlobeElectri
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I received this lamp a couple of days ago. Overall I really love it. It is exceptionally well des...
I received this lamp a couple of days ago. Overall I really love it. It is exceptionally well designed and looks great in my room. I had another halogen torchiere for 30 years which I was trying to replace because it would go off when it got hot and then come on whenever it felt like it. This one is even better because the light is cool to the touch whereas the halogen bulb could cause severe burns so you always had to be careful and any bugs that got too close were fried. I'm curious to see if my electric bill will go down with the Energy Star LED. The touch switch takes some getting used to. The only thing I wish were different is the 1/2" of visible light at the top of the rim. I like indirect lighting and the ring of light is direct light. My eyes are really sensitive. It's really not that bad and it does look nice. The good thing is that the light source where the bulb must be is cool so I may put a colored piece of tape around the top to soften that light ring. I wonder how to access the bulb and what to do when it burns out. It looks a bit as if you'd destroy the lamp trying to get at the bulb. There was no manual in the box. I have been looking for many years for a new torchiere - even bought several and returned them - and this is the best lamp I have found ever. Great price too. I bought three! I really appreciate that Home Depot provides a way for people in Hawaii to order items that say cannot be shipped to Hawaii; otherwise, the shipping would cost more than the item. I'm serious... I found a lamp similar to my old torchiere for $109 plus $80 shipping! So I just love that I found these lamps and recommended to the HD manager that they stock them locally. I don't usually get this excited about buying things, but after looking literally for over 20 years, I couldn't believe my luck. Yea! I may even get a 4th if I can figure out where to put it. :)
by fixer79
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Great Accent Light, Adjustable Height, Very Bright, Tool Free Assembly
Need to shed some light on the subject? This torchiere is classy and fits into any decor, modern or vintage. Assembly is quite easy. Each separate riser can be used by itself, they screw together on their own, no tools needed. Height can be adjusted by adding or removing risers. One riser will have the power switch on it, make sure to use that one when assembling a shorter version. Once assembled, simply place this where you want it and touch the power switch. Instant bright light. The great thing about being an LED light is this doesn't get hot. Unlike halogen torchieres, this can be placed near a wall or drapes and you have no worry of fire or burning a hand when moving it. The light head is capped with a diffuser, so it can be dusted easily. The white paint is well done and the entire structure is metal. A very high quality design indeed. The light it gives is a soft white, not the intense bright white seen with some LEDs. This is a softer light and even though it's very bright, it sets a nice mood. Overall this is a very attractive torchiere and it adds to any room it's in. I'd recommend it.
by hpiguy
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Love it
This floor lamp is the best I’ve seen. You can have this lamp put together in 5 minutes. In fact, unpacking it from the box takes way longer than putting it together. To put it together you just screw the pieces together – no wire to pull and get all twisted. You can even leave out the middle section to make it shorter. It can be 55 in. or 71 in tall. They call this way of being able to just screw the pieces together “the state-of-the-art easy connect system” and easy it is! It’s made with a solid iron construction so it should be around and solid for a while – unlike so many others that I’ve purchased over the years where they were leaning or bent in a couple of months. It can be as bright as 3010 lumens or as dim as 30 lumens and can increased or decreased by 1% increments. I must be honest, it is not that easy for me to make it go slowly. That could be because it also has a memory of what setting you used last or I’m just clumsy. When I try, it goes up and down and off way too fast. Must learn “the touch”. At its brightest, it does add a lot of light to the room. It comes with a 5 year warranty and it’s ENERGY STAR certified. It says that the bulb that comes with it should last 45 years – guess that’s another thing I’ll have to add to my will – who gets the floor lamp.
by Mamajane1234
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Let There Be Light
A classic Torchiere design, updated with an LED light source, this lamp will be best used in a room with a high ceiling (or kept at a relatively low level of illumination....more on that in a moment). Manufactured in China, the component pieces are well made, clearly identified and easily assembled (although the inclusion of an anti-seize compound for the threaded joints would have been nice, in case it will be necessary to dis-assemble the lamp at some time in the future..for example to shorten the overall height). The lamp can be adjusted for light levels of 300 to 3000 lumens. At the high end, it is REALLY bright, and, if in a room with a low ceiling, will overpower the room with light. Although the light level can be adjusted (using the integral switch), this capability, while noted on the box in which the lamp is shipped, is not indicated in the instruction sheet. Assembly requires a modicum of care to avoid cross-threading...use finesse (and a small amount of petroleum jelly) to ensure ease of assembly and future dis-assembly, should you want to remove the middle "pole" to shorten the overall height of the fixture (to 55 inches). Shortening the height may be advisable if installed where pets or young children are present, to minimize the possibility of tip-over. When operated at full output, the plug-in driver module gets warm to the touch, but is labeled as UL Listed, so over-temperature should not be a problem. Although a low level of radio frequency "hash" can be detected close to the plug-in driver, it does not appear to radiate though the lamp wiring. While the lamp seems to be assembled well, the design, utilizing a lightweight cord to connect the plug-in driver unit to the lamp seems to have sacrificed robust construction to save a few cents. If the lamp is located where contact with, for example, a vacuum cleaner is possible, the light duty wire will not stand a chance. Instead of locating the connector for the input power on the lamp base, a short length of light duty cable exits the base leaving the connector out in the open (and vulnerable to vacuums and foot traffic). If the lamp will be located in a protected area, this will not be an issue. The only other negative is that this lamp cannot be used on a timer controlled circuit, as when the power is removed and subsequently re-energized, the lamp will not come on until the control switch is actuated (by touch). This would preclude using this where a timer is used to control lighting.
by DonK
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LED floor lamp
It can solve lighting problems for entire rooms! It can be as bright or as dim as is needed. This $120 lamp has solved the lighting problems of my living room. Strong recommendation here!
by Mark Carmichael
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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