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Customer Reviews for Greenworks GMAX DigiPro Brushless 40-Volt Attachment Capable Electric Cordless String Trimmer- 4 Ah Battery and Charger Included

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Model #GW21362

  • Brushless Motor for Superior Power, Run Time, and Durability
  • Attachment Capable
  • Recommended Line: 0.080

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Strongly Recommend!
I own 2 Greenworks 60v tools a trimmer and a blower. Both work with gas performance and I would highly recommend a greenworks product. My neighbor loved my tolls so much he too purchased them Oh and by the way, I am a 67 yr old women and do all my own yard work thanks to Greenworks tools making my life easier.
by 1 Older Women
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    Efficient, effective long running tool.
    This is my second purchase of Greenworks tools and I'm very pleased with the quality, design, effectiveness, and durability of the tools purchased. Reasonably priced as well.
    by teachertim
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      I love this Trimmer
      I have had at least 6 different gas, corded, and cordless trimmers and all failed to trim the high weeds I have along my fence line. This triimmer does the job perfectly. In this Texas heat, the battery last longer than I do. The trimmer is simply the best one I have ever had.
      by Sam10
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        Happy Customer!
        This is my 5th Greenworks tool and love it. They are the brand I turn to for all my lawn care tools!
        by Ctown Jason
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          Great trimmer
          Brought a month ago and works ok, seems to have less power even though it’s the same one as I have. Battery better
          by Shaza
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            Balanced and easy to operate.
            I've used this tool for two years now and the two things I like the most is the balance that the tool provides and ease of operation. This is important for me as I do not want to have aching back muscles holding a tool that isn't balance. Secondly the trigger is responsive and provided the power when I need it. I'm phenomenally pleased.
            by Stevenc
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              Very Good Trimmer
              I bought this trimmer several years ago to replace the similar Greenworks trimmer and it works very good except for it's weight. I weighs more than 9 pounds because of the 4ah battery which makes it very heavy when trimming a complete yard. The battery charges up rapidly in about 2 hours after only one green light on the charge display is showing. Afeter it is fully chargesd, I am able to trim my 1/4 acre yard twice before having to charge the battery again which I totally like. Would I buy another Greenworks cordless trimmer, you bet as it is well worth tme money
              by Woodworker
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                Great lawn care.
                The best trimmer I have ever owned. Longevity, power, ease in twine refill, it has it all. I own several tools and plan to porches more.
                by Deadeye
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                  Great equipment
                  Add about four months now no waiting to warm up mix gas put the battery in there and push the button and go plenty of time to do my yard work Will not be going back to gas weedeater don’t matter how cold it is there ha ha it is it’s up for the performance
                  by Big daddy Max
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                    40v trimmers
                    Love it. Lightweight and easy to handle. 3 year warranty a big plus. Battery works in all my 40v tools.
                    • Verified Purchase
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                    80V tool is great
                    My first string trimmer and I love it. I also have a blade attachment for heavier weeds and budding trees. The real deal.
                    by LarryB
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                      Works great!
                      Light, powerful. Battery lasts long. I do have a little trouble releasing the string. Great no gas no cords. I own 4 different greenworks tools and am getting more!!
                      by Gardening Gail
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                        Nice features and easy to handle
                        Have been using the Greenworks String Trimmer for about 10 months on my small yard. It has performed well and have had no issues handling it as a 60+ year old woman! I love not having a cord or having to use gasoline. The one challenge I have experienced is releasing the button restraint to change out the trimmer with the edger attachment but that could be because of my hand strength. Thanks Greenworks for making such good products.
                        by Bebe55
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                          Best Trimmer I’ve Had in Years
                          I have replaced my entire yard work arsenal with Greenworks products. This trimmer is works perfectly and is the best trimmer I’ve had in years. It has two speeds to allow you to save battery life. No complaints.
                          by Gioiello
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                            so smooth and quite
                            This is the first cordless string trimmer that we have own-and what a bleesing quality made sort of light weight to handle for older folks. No hassle with buying gasoline, oil and nomaintence
                            by Steely89
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                              WOW, THIS IS GREAT!!!! NOTHING MORE TO SAY ABOUT THIS.
                              by VT35 chevy
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                                i like that this is attachment capable
                                Have not really put this to the test yet, but I am sure that it will be great like all the other Greenworks tools I have.
                                by peatrovv
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                                  Best String Trimmer I have ever used
                                  Built very strong and works very well. I like using this product better than gas units or corded units.
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                                  The head unscrewed during operation
                                  While using this product, the head and gear assembly came off and now I can't find all the pieces, now it's completely useless. At least I got most of my yard cleaned up before then.
                                  by Dave144
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                                  Robust machine
                                  A heavy but well-balanced trimmer with power to mow the toughest vegetation. Worth every penny I spent on it!
                                  by Dave J
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                                  Dont believe ANY of the bad hype
                                  I just purchased this string trimmer and I could not be happier. Let me run down the complaints you may see and my experience. 1. The bump head does not last and cant be replaced. Answer: WRONG, not only am I delighted how well the bump head works, based on how bad they were years ago, but it is a relatively easy thing to change it. You place a small screw driver in a slot, turn the head clockwise (reverse thread) and the head comes off leaving a threaded shank to put on any after market you may want to use. But wait, there is more: 2. I am replacing my ryobi gas powered unit that did both trimmer and edger. Guess what? The ryobe attachments fit right into this new battery powered unit. I may still use the gas for the really really tough edger jobs to save the life of the battery unit, but this is the point. My old ryobi had an after market non bump head . If I get tired of the bump type, I dont even have to replace the head, I can just use the old attachment with the after market head. How great is that?? 3. In order to get these advantages make sure you get the greenworks one pictured here. There IS a greenworks unit where the motor is in the base not at the top. Those units are not able to take attatchments , change head, or use after market heads. Bottom line: Unless you are a pro working 40 hours a week on lawns all day, I see no reason at all, why a homeowner would not purchase this unit. I would do it all over again. I can not honestly comment on the durability since I just got it but it looks well built and sound
                                  by Tuner
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                                    Can anyone tell me what is the engine power of this trimmer? Thanks
                                    by ANTON
                                      Terrible battery
                                      Got this for fathers day as i already have the mower. Battery lasted one time. Nownit wont even chargw any longer. Swapped the batteries to see if it was the charger, nope. Sorry i ever went with this brand now eapecially since my Home Depot isnt carrying this brand any longer.
                                      by hoss1059
                                      Response from Greenworks ToolsJul 18, 2019
                                      Hello hoss1059 - Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you're having issues with your batteries and or charger. We would need to speak to you further and offer some basic troubleshooting that can help us identify if it is a battery or charger issue. In most cases, if both batteries are no longer charging, it usually means the charger needs to be replaced, not the batteries.

                                      Our batteries have a lifetime of 2000 charge cycles. One charge cycle is when a battery is fully charged and then discharged. For a battery to run at optimal performance, the battery should not be left or stored on the charger, unless the charger is unplugged. They should also be stored in a cool, dry, place.

                                      We would like to go over the charging procedure with you to see if you may find it helpful:

                                      1.To charge the battery align the guide rails on the battery pack with the corresponding slots found on the charger. Slide the battery all the way down into the charger until you hear it click into the charger. If no click is heard, the battery has not been fully secured into the charger.

                                      2. The battery should not be able to slide out of the charger without holding down on the battery latch. If the battery can be easily slid out of the charger, the battery and charger are not fully connected.

                                      When the charger is plugged into the outlet, there should be a power light that appears indicating the charger is receiving power. When the battery is fully inserted into the charger a secondary light will appear indicating the battery is being charged. There are also LED lights located on the battery that indicate the amount of charge the battery has left. To activate this feature, push the button also called the BCI switch on the front of the battery. These LED lights will now illuminate. For example, if all four lights illuminate, this shows the battery is fully charged.
                                      Here's a video guide on how to charge the battery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seOWkl4mIDs&list=PLlLcNiMNCMn_Qgcl7B3d1ly97pzCRZvjj&index=7.
                                      If you have followed the correct charging procedure and are still finding that your batteries are not holding their charge as they should, please contact our customer support center at 1-888-909-6757 a representative can go through some troubleshooting options with you. The batteries for this unit carry a 2-year warranty so if it is deemed that either of those parts are defective, we can start the replacement process with you. All we ask is that when you're calling, please have your serial number and date of purchase at the beginning of the call so we can help you resolve the issue(s) you are experiencing. GreenworksTools
                                        The item was just what I hoped for, light and easy to use.
                                        The item was just what I hoped for, light and easy to use.
                                        by Guy
                                        • Verified Purchase
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                                        I purchased the Greenworks chainsaw a year ago and...
                                        I purchased the Greenworks chainsaw a year ago and loved it so I decided to give the string trimmer a try. I absolutely love it. No mixing gas, no smell and it was quieter. And I was impressed by how long the battery lasted. I will purchase more Greenworks products in the future
                                        by ANG
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                                        Easy to assemble, runs very well, cuts weeds with no problem.
                                        Easy to assemble, runs very well, cuts weeds with no problem.
                                        by Al
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                                        A little heavy for me but I am a 65 year old female. Good battery life, lasted till I was ready ...
                                        A little heavy for me but I am a 65 year old female. Good battery life, lasted till I was ready for a break. Power was good, cut through Johnson grass which is tough cutting. Easy to assemble. Glad there was a strap to help with the weight.
                                        by cornerclamp
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                                        Good and effective trimmer and the larger battery provides plenty...
                                        Good and effective trimmer and the larger battery provides plenty of power to complete a large trimming job--about 30 minutes. I had a problem within a with the unit shutting down and contacted Greenworks and they promptly sent me a replacement.
                                        by HomeDepotCustomer
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                                        Brush cutting
                                        I bought this String Trimmer in combination with a Ryobi Expand-It Brush Cutter Attachment to clear 5 acres of dense and thick brushes. It works like a charm! The combo can cut through brushes easily up to 1 inch thick branches. It can cut thicker also, but become more of a skill and harder on the body. The 4Ah lasts about an hour on average when brush stems are not too thick. Usage time goes down to 30 minutes or so when stems are thick and dense and if the machine has to work harder to get through it all. I've cleared about 1 acre so far and have 4 more to do. There's no obvious wear or tear yet and I feel confident that this combo will be able to clear all 5 acres.
                                        by BrushCutter
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                                          Very light and yet powerful. Works great and my loves...
                                          Very light and yet powerful. Works great and my loves it. It also works with the attachments we have for our old gas powered trimmer. Battery last along time and has plenty of power to chop through about anything.
                                          by James
                                          • Verified Purchase
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