Customer Reviews for HARDWOOD REFLECTIONS Unfinished European Walnut 8 ft. L x 25 in. D x 1.5 in. T Butcher Block Countertop

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Model #152598HDBW-98

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  • Dimensions: 8 ft. 2 in. L x 2 ft. 1 in. D x 1.5 in. T
  • Popular European walnut is a great addition to any space
  • Countertop is unfinished to allow for personalization

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Good quality and very easy to finish
I bought this for my sit/stand desktop setup. I bought the 6ft x 25inch piece and had it shipped to the store. It arrived well packed without any issues. The surface was already reasonably well sanded. I just sanded it further with 120 & 220 grit to even out the smooth finish. I coated it with Minwax wipe on poly clear satin finish (applied 6 coats). I liked the natural Walnut color as is, so I didn't use any stain. It was my first wood finishing project. Overall I liked how the finish turned out. No uneven blotches etc. Pretty good product. I might buy another one for my wife.
by Sarath
Terrific butcher block. European Walnut turned out gorgeous in...
Terrific butcher block. European Walnut turned out gorgeous in my standing desk build. This block is every bit as quality as the blocks I looked at for twice the price. Highly recommend. The block comes raw and unfinished. I cut it to a width of 32 inches. I then routered the edges with a 1/4 inch round-over bit. I sanded with 60 and then 220 grit. I vacuumed and cleaned it meticulously and then applied 3 coats of Waterlox original sealer.
by HomeOfficeGuy
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Ordered to separate pieces. Took 2 weeks when arrived one was obviously very light compared to th...
Ordered to separate pieces. Took 2 weeks when arrived one was obviously very light compared to the other. Was told thats 'how it is.' Had to stain them a lot darker than wanted/planned/changing the entire color scheme in the kitchen to help match. Overall quality was great just not impressed with not matching and when brought to home depot attention they didn't seem to care.
by Rob
The wood was beautiful. Solid and very well packaged. It was sanded well and needed very little ...
The wood was beautiful. Solid and very well packaged. It was sanded well and needed very little effort to finish.
by HomeDepotCustomer
These countertops were frustrating. The color is not consistent. One piece was half golden and half medium brown. The next piece was dark brown with even some almost black areas. Also, the wood had a few soft rotten spots we had to gouge out and fill with wood filler. We couldn't figure out a match for the walnut, as dark walnut wood fill was way lighter than the spot. We didn't want to stain it because we want a food safe counter. We had to do a TON of sanding, and I ended up leaving some of the deeper indents and gouges because I just got tired. Be aware that there is a "right side" that's smoother and less pitted and dented. The wood is beautiful in and of itself, but the sort of... colorblocking... kind of ruins it for me. If you are going to use ONE piece of this, instead of joining pieces together, I would recommend it. I used a leftover piece to make a floating shelf, and it looks amazing. But, if you are doing a kitchen with 40 square feet of countertop, I would look elsewhere. Aaaaaall the reviews I read were glowing, so I was surprised at the issues we had. As a tip I wish I would have had at the beginning of our DIY remodel fiasco... I soaked nearly a gallon of mineral oil into 40 square feet of this walnt, then used a beeswax/ carnauba wax/ mineral oil product. Water spots and rings were still showing up. Every drop! Then I found OSMO wood finishes. I used their food safe "Top Oil" and it was love at first coat. Well, it took 3 coats, but still! It's an expensive but amazing all natural product for our all natural counters, and you don't have to sand anything to repair or spot treat. If someone had told me about it 3 months ago, I'd have had a lot less work and frustration!!! Happy woodworking!
by Moira
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Not great
There was potential as this is a beautiful and solid piece of wood. There is however poor quality control on the piece. See photos attached. Overall, very disappointed.
by Customer
Response from Jake-Hardwood ReflectionsOct 26, 2020
In looking at the photos it appears this was damaged in transit. Seems like the shippers are busy this time of year. HFAria
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The color is absolutely beautiful and turned out perfect with my farmhouse sink
The color is absolutely beautiful and turned out perfect with my farmhouse sink
by Cliff
The countertops are beautiful and easy to install. We are...
The countertops are beautiful and easy to install. We are renovating our cabin and we will purchase from Home Depot again!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Love it
I’m very happy with this product, delivery and finishing was easy. I love the blend of colors. The pictures a before and after. I did not stain this. I used a wood conditioner and then a butcher block clear oil and finish. Definitely recommend
by Rana
Response from Jake-Hardwood ReflectionsOct 12, 2020
Wow. Great pics. The walnut is striking once treated! HFAria
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Great Quality Butcher Block
This walnut slab is really a cool blend of dark and light walnut cuts. I added a little mineral oil to finish it after a very light top sanding. The butcherblock arrived well planed and didn't need much, if any work before the mineral oil was applied. Beware, you have to condition/finish the block within 4 hours of opening the plastic. I accidentally bought scented oil, but it didn't seem to have a negative effect on the oiling process. I got irritated I couldn't find a high-quality entertainment center to put under my projector screen. with a big 115" Cinemascope screen nearly every entertainment center looks goofy underneath. I bought some threaded nut inserts, made from brass so that the legs we made out of 2x1 steel could be mounted without having to drill completely through the slab. Brass wasn't the best choice for threaded inserts as it was too soft for the walnut which is a pretty hardwood so a few of the inserts broke while being put into place. I wanted to flush mount the bolts using countersunk machine screws at 3/8 bolt size but the bolts are incredibly expensive and I could not find 1.5" length countersunk bolts. Weighs a lot, like 120lbs. Steel legs don't help but I think its a good thing. You can really tell how solid this butcher block is
by Jordan
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