Customer Reviews for HDX 500-Watt Portable Halogen Work Light

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  • 500-Watt work light great for workshops, garages, and more
  • Comfort-grip heavy-duty handle
  • 5ft. outdoor rated grounded power cord

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Just a lazy design
I know cutting corners cuts costs. Plastic knobs don't work next to halogen lights. In fact, plastic components as a whole are a dumb idea when designing almost anything that's puts off heat. The knob does not allow the lock to tighten enough to hold the light in position. It's pointed straight up or down. Anywhere in between only holds until the light gets up to heat and the plastic loosens beyond its ability to hold friction on the screw lock. So far that's taken about 15 minutes EVERY time the light is on. Really, the whole thing needs more heat shielding. It's just a lazy and unsafe design, as a whole. Basically, either modify the light yourself or get a better one.
by Thenichm
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HDX work light
bought this 2 years ago and it heated up so badly that melted bulb and bulb socket on lamp. Garbage now. Won't buy this brand again
by shawn
Push button off/on switch
The push button switch stop working after abut 10 uses. Not an easy switch to replace due to wiring connections. Would never by another HDX product
by DisappointedInMIlton
Good product, but scorching hot
Works well, but gets very hot. I failed to notice that the bulb was halogen, a terrible technology. But for the price, a decent product.
"OK" Light But Needs Design Improvement
This item was easy to assemble and is very functional as a light source. The 500-watt bulb that is provided provides ample light, but does put off a decent amount of heat and can heat up a small room with poor ventilation. My biggest complaint and the sole reason for me to not giving it a better rating is the plastic knob that is supposed to hold the light in a single position. This was the most important feature for me to be able to aim the light in a variety of angles and tighten it to have it stay in a single position. It doesn't hold ANY position due to the design. I have hand-tightened it as tight as possible after putting the light in a position and as soon as I let go, it drifts back down and loses the angle I had set it at. I tried adding additional washers and lock washers to tighten up the brace to the light to get it to hold a position and it doesn't work. Using a tool to tighten it will most likely break the plastic knob so I will not try this. I wound up using 18 gauge floral wire to jury rig the light to get it to hold an angle. In closing, for the price point, it's a decent light and a good value. If you need to be able to have the light hold an angle, I'd look for another solution.
by MartyS
Got so hot that the bulb pin connection looks like it melted off hdx halogen light
Be very careful with the heat that comes off this lamp. Lasted just over a year. I would definitely be going with led from now on.
by Kurt
Had to return the light. Glass was broken. ...
Had to return the light. Glass was broken.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by Jrc
Awesome a great buy for the price...
Awesome a great buy for the price
by HomeDepotCustomer
Very bright. I actually use it for lighting for filming videos. I have 2 of them. Terrific!
Very bright. I actually use it for lighting for filming videos. I have 2 of them. Terrific!
by Sam
Showing 1-10 of 53 reviews