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Customer Reviews for HENREDON Henredon 2 in. Medium Standard Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress Topper

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Model #HDDOD002LTW

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  • Designed for cool airflow, comfort
  • More resilient than other toppers
  • Holds its original shape

Customer Reviews

  • 4.9
    out of 43 reviews
  • 100% recommend this product
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Perfect support
I recently bought a mattress that was too firm so I added this and now I sleep perfectly fine. I also sleep cooler too.
by EMTravels
    • Recommended Product
    Light extra layer of comfort
    This was just the extra comfort layer I needed. We bought a firm mattress, but it was just too firm for me. This adds enough give for my hips and shoulders so I can sleep comfortably.
    by elsahP
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      Fast & Quiet Pump
      First, the pump is fast and quiet. Who wants to sit blowing up a mattress for days? No one. So this is a good pump. Seems good quality so far.
      by Mason
        First impression: no smell, easy to unroll and put on the bed. Feels soft and responsive, expanded quickly. It’s comfortable to lay on.
        by Jay
          Extending my mattress life
          Very nice mattress topper. We will make my 10 year old mattress last longer. Wasn't ready to invest in a new bed yet. This will work!
          by Dorian
            I was surprised that a 2" topper really made that much of a difference. I was happily surprised. Especially on your back, this topper made my bed feel different. If you're 100% a side-sleeper, go for a 3" or higher, but if you're a stomach or back sleeper, this is great.
            by Jack
              Quality at a great price!
              I have found a lot of toppers on different sites and this by far was the best value. Most cost more and are not as thick. I like this thick one because it it really comfy.
              by Alex
                wanting better bed
                wish I had bought a better mattress to start but found a way to get the comfort that I wanted without buying another new mattress. Good investment!
                by Terrence
                  My mattress was too firm and needed something t...
                  I thought we needed a hard mattress for support but it was to hard caused some pain in my shoulder over night. I read online that a topper can help so I tried this and I am really comfortable when I sleep on it.
                  by Sharon
                    I was looking for something to soften my mattress
                    I have a 5 year old mattress that has a slight dip in the middle and it has made my back sore. This topper gave my mattress new support and the back pain is much better.
                    by Mike
                      Hard to find the right support….but this real...
                      Over the course of many mattress purchases I had a hard time finding the right support for my lower back. I added this topper to my current mattress and the comfort and support are great!
                      by Karen
                        My fried suggested a mattress topper
                        chatting with my friend about my frustrating lack of sleep and my years long search for the right mattress and she suggested trying a topper. Shopped around and found this as the price was right and I like the foam zones for support. I am very impressed and sleeping better. My search is over.
                        by Marilyn
                          Foam Infused
                          I still am not sure what foam infused means but it works and I love it
                          by Dana C
                            Good For Foam
                            It is a great foam topper but I wish they had an air topper on the market
                            by Mack
                              Perfect Touch
                              This topper is all I needed to soften the firm mattress my partner had. It is great!
                                My son sent me one of these
                                I guess my complaining about my bed got my son to order one of these and I am glad he did. He said that since I am only 103 lbs. that I needed something a little softer to stop my hips from hurting in morning. It worked.
                                by Mary
                                  Amazed how well this topper works
                                  I have always use toppers on my bed and in the past they did not have the cooling gel. I found others I had caused me to wake up sweating. The Gel in these take away the heat. Sleeping a lot better on this.
                                  by Kimberly
                                    This really works!
                                    The shapes in the top of this topper give me support and are comforting in the right areas and it is helping me keep cool at night.
                                    by Tony
                                      Came just in time and feels good
                                      Needed one of these for a spare bedroom since I had company coming and the bed in there is old and worn out. I was in hurry and looked around. This was at the right price and came within just a few days. I am going to order one for my bed now.
                                      by Stacy
                                        I sleep sooo much better
                                        I don't get many hours of sleep and the few that I get need to be good. I am not turning as much when I sleep and if feel better in the morning.
                                        by Steve from PA
                                          I don't feel coils anymore!
                                          My husband is big and he said he can feel the coils in our mattress. I ordered this topper and now he is comfortable.
                                          by Jean
                                            More comfortable
                                            Our bed was dipping and we were stuck in a hole, but this mattress topper really helped with that.
                                            by David
                                              Love them
                                              I have this topper on all the bed at the lake house and all the guests love them.
                                              by Louis B
                                                Nice Topper
                                                I bought two of this and put them on my kids beds and t is like they have new beds. Perfect
                                                by Ryan S
                                                  Amazing how they ship these
                                                  needed a topper to prop up my 7 year old mattress since I was not ready to afford a new one and I found these toppers. It came really quickly in a box that looked to small for what I saw in the picture. Wow! It was rolled up tight and sprang right back to the size in the picture in no time. Works really good for my needs.
                                                  by jack
                                                    Works with my adjustable bed
                                                    two years ago we bought as mattress and an adjustable base. I like them but the mattress is just a bit to firm. I checked to see if this would work with my adjustable bed they said yes. It works just like they said it would and my bed now feels a so much better.
                                                    by Carol M.
                                                      Cool Topper
                                                      This topper has helped keep me cool on these hot summer nights
                                                      by Janice
                                                        Quality Mattress Topper
                                                        Looking around at toppers online and found quite a few however the cooling and support features stood out to me. The price was better than what I had found so I ordered one. I really like it!
                                                        by Keith
                                                          My neighbor suggested it
                                                          My neighbor suggested I try one of these after she had hers for about a month and was singing the praise of how good it was. I got one and I love it! It really made my mattress more comfortable and my me and my husband sleep better.
                                                          by Billie
                                                            Much better
                                                            My wife and I had a mattress that was too firm, but this topper fixed that. Much better.
                                                            by Tim
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