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Customer Reviews for HOOVER Professional Series FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

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  • Gently washes and scrubs sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout
  • Easily fill, empty, and rinse with the Dual Tank System
  • Applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas

Customer Reviews

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Love this
All the floors in my house are hard wood and I could never seem to get them clean no matter how much I sweeped and moped. I used this and now they look and feel so much better. Only down fall is that you have to do it pretty slow for you to get a really good clean but it is so worth the time would recommend.
by KelC
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Leaves me questioning what a mop is even for
My husband got me this for my birthday. I was so excited, the only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because I had high hopes that the scrubbing feature would be a little more “wow”. I have to say, after using this in small areas of my house I am thoroughly disgusted with how my floors hold so much dirt. My son loves to be barefoot and his feet get dirty no matter how many times I mop. I just did a small area around my fireplace and it has me wanting to use it on every surface of my house to see what comes up. I love it! Goodbye mop! I will forever use this (as long as it continues to work)
by Hbrown
Over a decade of ownership
I have owned several of the floormate models over the years and they NEVER have disappointed me. In my home have children, pets, and a husband all of which make for dirty floors. I have tile throughout my house and it can get filthy fast! My FloorMate does an excellent job at throughly scrubbing the tile and grout quickly and easily. The dual tanks keep the clean water separate from the filthy water so you are only cleaning with only clean water. Also, floors dry very fast!
by Arizonak9
Love this Machine
I orginally purchased this from home depot after already ordering one from hoover directly. Both units are identical except home depot version has the red color accents and red and white brushes and the regular one has bright neon green accents but the motors and brushes were identical too other than color. I love that it leaves the floors squeaky clean and dires them instantly. Not bad for the price. Yes it does leave water droplets when you turn it off but its not the unit leaking it is water deipping from the brushes but a simple pass with a microfiber mop pad and its gone. I was between this or the Bissell Crosswave and the Hoover Floormate sold me with the brushes while the crosswave has a microfiber brush roll that won’t give you as good a clean. Cleaning the floormate is also very easy. Just pop off the tanks, the nozzle and the brush and rinse and dry them (I wash the brush with soap then dry dry them). For those that think the filter isnt washable well all I do is reach in with my fingers and gently remove it and wash it. So far so good. No issues at all. When i first got it I was using it everyday on the tile and the grout looks new now so I’m now on a weekly schedule. For those complaining about Hoover not honoring warranty I had a cordless vacuum from them and a clip broke and one call and they are sending a whole new unit when all it needed was a clip so excellent customer service from them I had no issues with them. I’m thinking those who had issues were out of warranty already or didn’t clean the unit and abused it. I would reccomend this floor cleaner to anyone, in fact i convinced my friend and a few family members to buy one and they love it too. Although I’m very tempted to buy the bissell crosswave if and when my floormate dies and no longer has warranty. I would love to try the crosswave since it can mop and vacuum at the same time, but until then my hoover cordless vacuum followed my hoover floormate will be my go to cleaner but I absolutely love my floormate.
by Darms1987
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Wonderful machine
I have had several models of Floormate over the years, they work great, I let people borrow mine and they ended up getting their own.we had a clogged A/C drain last week water all over the floor, I used the Floormate to vacuum the water like a a canister vac, worked perfect.
by George 53
Completely Disappointed!
This is my second Hoover Floormate. The first one lasted for years and I told everyone how wonderful it was. It finally needed to be replaced when I could not get a part to fix it. My Hoover Professional has the same issues as the plethora of one star reviews on this site. The machine leaks (perhaps Hoover should include an official Hoover towel to clean up the mess that the machine makes). Now after less than a year and probably only a dozen uses the motor spins at an outrageously high pitch that I know the end is near. I tried to locate a Hoover service center on the Hoover website and found one in San Antonio unfortunately I am in Austin. Really? You cannot put a service center in the capital of Texas? I'm NOT driving to San Antonio for this piece of junk and I know it cannot be fixed because Hoover doesn't provide parts! Nor am I ever buying another Hoover product ever again. $189 down the drain. Do you call this planned obsolescence? I know I do.
by Disgusted
Response from HooverUSAJul 24, 2020

Thank you for your review of the Hoover Professional Series FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner and we apologize that you have been experiencing issues with this unit. If you hear a change in your vacuum’s noise (such as a high pitched sound), stop vacuuming and check for any built up debris that could be causing a clog to form. These clogs could cause a decrease in suction if left there, and eventually could cause the vacuum to overheat and shut off. If you have checked for clogs and are still experiencing the same issues, please contact our Hoover Support Team at 800.944.9200 with reference to this review and model number for further assistance. Thank you!

Matt - Hoover Team Hoover
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Died after 5 uses
We have normally only purchased Hoover sweepers. We purchased this a few months ago and was very happy with the results. After only 5 uses, the motor died and did not turn on. Very disappointed in this product.
by Lynne
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Works well for me. But leaky valve on clean water tank right from brand new.
I have hardwood and ceramic floors. It worked well for both and am happy with the results. 4 star was because the spring valve at bottom of clean water tank leaks right from brand new. So when I fill it I need to get it into the unit ASAP before all the water leaks out. Note. Cleaner Assembly instructions seem to be missing one part that comes detached in the box. The front nozzle (with Hoover logo on it) comes detached in the box yet I saw no mention of it what so ever in the assembly instruction. Not hard to figure out, it just snaps on the front of the unit.
by DBrock
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How it compares to the wetjet
We installed a tile floor in our back room, it gets dirty quite fast ..I was excited to see that Hoover still makes the spin brush for hard floors. I finally ordered one, and it came today :) Easy to put together, looks nice, and nice tanks. I have not cleaned my floors in about a month, (I know, i hate cleaning them with the swiffer wetjet, and they hide dirt pretty well) It took me about an hour or so to get done, I used 3 tanks, and the water was dirty as it should be. I was convinced that the floor was still really dirty, so once i was done i went back over it with my good old swiffer wetjet :/. Well to my surprise, it was a little dirty but not as bad as I thought it was. I did have a spot that I did not do with the hoover that I did with the swiffer, and there are a few dips in the tile that does not suction well.(.my hubby fault. ) all in all I will rate it a 4.5 to a 5 as I have not used it on my hard wood floors. Definitely a good buy, but I'm still keeping my swiffer:)
by Ginalynn44
Useless junk
second one I have owned. Both motors freeze after about a year of use. And I mean freeze as in rusted to the point it will not turn on or sounds like a jet engine at takeoff.
by militarygunguy
Showing 1-10 of 2,014 reviews