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  • Bought this fan 3 years ago. I have had to replace the capacitor that controls the speed of this ...
  • July 07, 2017

Bought this fan 3 years ago. I have had to replace the capacitor that controls the speed of this fan now 3 times. Each year the high speed stops working. I hardly ever change the speed, but the way. Once a year I have to call Hampton Bay customer service (taking about 45 mins) to get a rep on the line and explain the same problem that happens each year. If you like wasting time on the phone to get replacement parts, waiting on the part and installing it yourself each year... this fan is for you! I would not buy this fan again and too stubborn to replace it.


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By: kevndallas
  • The fan is a good one. The pull chain for fan speed, binds with the upper light globe bracket. I...
  • October 11, 2017
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The fan is a good one. The pull chain for fan speed, binds with the upper light globe bracket. I used a short piece tubing to keep it sliding. We like it.


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By: JoeA
  • Great fan
  • May 03, 2017
  • Recommended Product

I ordered 2 of these and love my purchase. Price is great for the quality. Good air circulation in our large family room & master bedroom.


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By: Redd289
  • I really don't like this fan
  • March 05, 2013

We bought this fan to go in our large master bedroom. We needed a large fan with a light. This fan is dim, very dim. Our room is already dark and this fan only takes 2 little bulbs, and I put the brightest ones available in and it's still dim. I guess it's ok if you want mood lighting, but I'd like to see around my room! It moves lots of air and it's pretty quiet, but the pull chain is not. It is difficult to pull and LOUD. It makes a loud grinding noise and you almost feel like you are going to break it every time you want to change the fan settings. It's awful, and this morning, finally 2 years after installing it the chain broke up inside the motor. I'm sure we can fix it, but we'll likely have to take it apart to install a new chain. Not worth it. We got our moneys worth out of this fan but I won't be buying another one. I can't wait to replace it.

Cons Appearance


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By: Rachel
  • beautiful
  • May 02, 2017
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  • DIY


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By: Ramon
  • Terrible, Terrible Terrible
  • July 26, 2012

Purchased this fan to install in a brand new house we just moved into. Also purchased another Hampton Bay fan that was much cheaper, and experienced similar issues, but that fan is fine. This fan: Opened a factory sealed box, and it was missing the downrod. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm supposed to call Hampton Bay before returning the item to the store, but I was not interested in dealing with that nonsense. Returned it to the store, and got another of the same fan. Opened this one up, and the interior Styrofoam was destroyed and falling apart inside. No big deal, I'll still install it. After I started installing, I noticed the fan housing itself was dented on one side. Lame... Do I return it or keep installing? I decided it wasn't a big deal, and continued with the install. Got the fan hung, and to the point where I was about to install the light. Of the 3 screws that are for the top of the light housing, one had a completely stripped head, and another had been overturned into the screw hole, stripping the screw and hole, and making it impossible to remove the screw. A bit of work and I got both screws out... Screwing one back in made it clear it would not keep the housing tight. I started thinking about backing out of this install and taking the fan back, but I decided to proceed anyway. I got the rest of the fan together, and it looked great assembled. OK, now turn on the fan. Hey, look a little bit of a wobble. No problem, most fans have a little wobble, and it's usually easy to get rid of. After going through every step of the balancing process, the fan was so unbalanced, it caused the upper mount to squeak, and the light chain to clank on the inside of its channel, with each rotation of the fan. Very annoying. After spending nearly 30 minutes just attempting to balance the fan, and having no success, the light fixture started to come loose because of the stripped screw holes. At that point, I gave up, pulled the fan down, packed it back up, took it back to Home Depot, and returned it. I swapped out out for a non Hampton Bay fan that is now installed and works perfectly. It's obvious these fans are manufactured in China, because they are piles of junk with poor workmanship. Personally, I'll never purchase another Hampton Bay fan, as long as I live because of this experience.

Pros Looks Great, Nice Design Cons poorly made, low quality of materials, awful packaging, missing parts
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Denver, CO
25 to 34, Male
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By: bitNine
  • Have only had the fan installed one month, it started grinding loudly
  • August 21, 2012

I bought this fan 1 month ago and had it installed by a professional. As of 3 days ago, the fan started grinding very loudly on the high mode. Now I have to uninstall the entire thing and take it back. This is the first Hampton Bay fan I have owned and needless to say I will never purchase another Hampton Bay fan. I am beyond disappointed. Awful product.

Pros Looks Great, Stylish Cons broke within a month, does not move air very well


Roseville, CA, USA
25 to 34, Male
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By: MCF84
  • Moves air but noisy
  • June 24, 2010

I installed this fan in my living room. A week prior I installed a hunter fan in my master bedroom. The first thing I noticed was this fan motor was significantly noisier than the Hunter. It also throws off a harsh light (flourescent) which I had concerns over when looking but allowed the salesman to talk me into it. ( I hate the light but this is more personal preference than anything). Finally it is a much cheaper looking fan than even the Hunter which were around the same pricepoint. However this thing does move some air! I'll probably continue to look for similar sized fans and replace this one when I can or find another light kit for it at the very least.


Absecon, NJ
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By: Roostriz
  • 1 out of four
  • August 19, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

purchased 4 fans one out of 4 did not work. The one that don't work had been repackaged at store.

Pros Nice Design Cons Difficult to Assemble
  • Pro

greensboro, ga
55 to 64, Male
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  • What a GREAT FAN
  • January 21, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

This fan is just GREAT and looks GREAT in our bedroom. It really makes the bedroom look upscale. The price was incredible. Thanks. My wifey is just overjoyed

  • DIY


Las Vegas, NV 89134, USA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Perrorudo