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  • defective blinds
  • April 10, 2012

Not worth the money. Bought in October and 6 months later went upstairs and they are all wavey and warped will be retuning them I can't believe how bad and it has not even been that hot to do that much damage. I will try to send in a photo so you can see how bad..

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Texas, USA
45 to 54, Female
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By: katie
  • The Melted!!!!!!????
  • August 07, 2013

I really do like the look of these blinds. As one would imagine, they are hung in my window and that window gets sunlight shining at it. To my surprise, after having these blinds hung in my window for two weeks, they melted and all bow down... like a rainbow! I can't believe that they are not built to withstand sunlight... they're blinds!!!! Now what do I do? I'm happy to share pictures if anyone would like to see how melted blinds look.

Pros Looks Great Cons Easily Damaged, Not Sturdy, they melt!

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Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, USA
35 to 44, Male
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By: dkroks
  • Looks amazing for the price!
  • November 06, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I installed two 72" and one 36" of these blinds. One of the 72" blinds fit perfectly with no shortening needed. The other two were shortened to half there length. After reading these blogs I was anxious to start. I'm not particularly handy but at times I manage. I had zero issues reducing the length of these blinds. Yes, you need to be patient and not get distracted while cutting the proper lines and loops. There is no need to trim the loops nor the ladders particularly close because you end up trimming away all but four inches that hangs below the bottom base. Make sure you leave one rung attached below your bottom ( last ) blind. After you've cut all the necessary ladders & rungs simply pull the shade up to meet your desired lowered length. Make sure all of your lines are in there proper place and cut the two cords about 4" below the base. Then simply coil the strings in the bottom of the base and push the plug firmly in. I didn't even need a screwdriver. Good sharp scissors, steady hands and in my case glasses and your good! If one end of your base is slightly lower than the other just coil & plug that one to the height of the other end. Again, don't let little ones or the one you love distract you! Also, keep in mind you didn't purchase custom $1000 or more blinds but you certainly won't be dissatisfied.

Pros Vibrant Color, Rich Looking, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight, Functional, Nice Design


Siesta Key, FL, USA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Rick11
  • these blinds MELTED
  • May 08, 2012

I bought these recently for my bedroom, which has south- and west-facing windows. Granted, I live in Texas and it gets hot here, but within two days of installing these blinds the west-facing set had begun to melt. Melt! They're warping all along the bottom 1/3 of the blinds – it looks terrible. I can't believe that a window treatment would be unable to withstand 80-something-degree heat. Needless to say I'll be returning these and do not advise anyone to buy them.


Austin, TX, USA
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By: cate
  • Really nice, just what I expected
  • March 13, 2013
  • Recommended Product

These are very pretty. I couldn't really believe they were so cheap. They are nice and sturdy too. The instructions were a little, um, VAGUE for someone like me who has never shortened blinds before, but I managed not to botch the job.


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By: tramu
  • We just purchased a home. The previous homeowners had poorly install curtains. We needed privac...
  • March 29, 2017
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

We just purchased a home. The previous homeowners had poorly install curtains. We needed privacy, so the first upgrade we did was install faux wood blinds. What I like: they were a perfect fit for all my windows; they were easy to install and look great. Things I don't like: The instructions on shortening them are pretty unclear; they should include a couple extra valence clips; and the plastic piece on the right side holding all the cords from the blinds comes apart really easily, which could be problematic.

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By: smb
  • Better than expected-just one adjustment to the valance.
  • October 17, 2011

Was very impressed with the dark wooden-like color, wide slats and especially the valance to give this a high perceived value. The only adjustment is width of the valance. The blind itself is 34.5" which accomodates a 35" window perfectly. However the valance measures 35" which didn't fit my window if you are doing an inside mount. I called customer service who recommended instead of getting a smaller blind (which I didn't want the side gaps), to have the valance cut to 34.5". Do this and it will look perfect. Home Depot will do this for free.


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By: jdelgado928
  • If your window faces the sun, these are useless junk (Photos attached to review), I really wish I had read the reviews!
  • March 22, 2015

Once again I made a purchase without reading the reviews online, and once again I realize I was sold a pile of cheap Chinese junk. Just like other reviewers, mine are warping beyond belief. Don't waste your money!!! The overview of this product says and I quote "Best of all, the Premium Faux Wood Blind is moisture and heat resistant, making it ideal for any room in your home". I hate to be repetitive but as I said in the title, If your window faces the sun, these are useless junk. I purchased one of these 52" (plus three of the 36") for a master bedroom and bath remodel project. Unfortunately I did not get them installed before the 90 day return period. Less than two weeks since the install and the top half of one of the 36" is ridiculously warped (SEE: Photos), a second is starting to warp, the 52" installed on a shaded side of the house is ok so far, and the last (for my bath which also faces the sun) I still have not installed and probably will just throw in the garbage. Seriously, these are absolute junk, and because I'm beyond 90 days of purchase I have very little hope of return. Realistically, I can't in good conscience even consider donating this last brand new blind to Habitat for humanity.

Cons Not Sturdy, Flimsy Quality, warp & sag

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Ocala, Fl
45 to 54, Male
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By: Keith
  • Totaly transformed the look of the kitchen.
  • August 28, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The wide slats are exactly what the doctor ordered. They look great open or closed. They also let in lots of light. We also can't tell the difference between wood or faux. The price is right!

Pros Rich Looking, High Quality of Material, Sturdy, Looks Great, Perfect Size, Functional, Well Made, Nice Design
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DeSoto, TX, USA
65 or over, Male
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By: Silverstreak
  • Poor quality
  • January 06, 2014

I cant even understand why HOME DEPOT sells this product STILL. I bought a houseful of these blinds and hung 3 and they all bowed almost instantly and look awful. I decided to call the manufacturer to discuss this....the lady told me to return them to the store that I may have gotten a "defective batch". I most certainly will be returning them for a REFUND, do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!!!!!

Cons Poor looking, Flimsy Quality, Appearance

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35 to 44, Female
8 out of 8 people found this helpful
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