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  • Lots of Assembly Required
  • August 03, 2016

I looked at this lamp in the catalog and on-line many times before purchasing. I really liked the look. I bought it for my bedroom fireplace mantel. I was very disappointed when it arrived in numerous peices. Most of the crystal pieces need to be attached to the lamp and the instructions are truly terrible. I put it together wrong several times before staring at the picture of it on-line to figure out how to assemble it. There are little tie-wrap pieces that hold some of the lamp pieces on and little wires that hold the crystals on the lamp. They look and feel cheap. The lamp was missing a piece and I called Home Decorators. The person answering the phone was kind. He told me he was rather handy and the instructions looked difficult for him too. He sent the missing part to me and I was able to finish putting the lamp together. Because it will be in our bedroom and I do like the overall look, I decided to keep it. Plus I don't know how I'd ever get it repackaged to send back. If you like the look of this lamp and it will be in a very public place in your home....keep looking. Poor value for the cost.

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Minneapolis, MN
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By: Arol