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  • Sturdy pole(s) for lots of laundry.
  • July 03, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Replacing some older, thinner clothesline poles that did not last, a H.D. salesman showed us these on the site. Don't make the same mistake I did - I ordered 1 thinking it was a 'set' of poles. Carted it out to the yard, started digging, and then realized it was only ONE pole. Yes, the description did say that, but I'd missed it. Sigh. Back to order a second pole, and wait a second week. The second pole was bent, and we had to do some 'on-site' repairs, involving banging it with a hammer, WD40, etc., but there was no way I was going to wait another week to re-order (I had laundry to hang!). BOTH poles are now up, look great, and are way heavier and thicker than my old set. If you only need one pole, you're fine - but if you are putting up a clothesline with 2 poles, just make sure you order 2.


New Hampshire
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By: nhleen
  • High Priced, Great Product
  • January 27, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

This is an extremely sturdy, good looking clothes line.....eventually! My elderly aunt's previous clothes line posts rusted away and she wanted a new line installed. We had to special order both items and wait for delivery, took about 2 weeks. The boxes arrived and had obviously been retaped and I eventually found out why: the plastic caps for the top of the poles were missing in both boxes. Meanwhile installed both posts and strung the clothes line, great! Had to call customer service and order replacement caps, no problem but had to wait some more, then head back to install the replacement caps. Make sure you order 2 sets if you are setting up or replacing a free standing clothes line. Pros: Very Sturdy, Good Thick metal, Powder Coat Paint (White), Looks Great, Not difficult to put together or install Cons: Pricey, Only One Pole & T Bar per box (order 2 sets for a free standing clothes line), Special Order only with wait time for delivery, Missing Parts in an obviously retaped box sent, Wait time again for replacement parts.

Pros Durable, Easy to Assemble, Functional, Well Made, Sturdy, Looks Great Cons missing parts, special order only


Las Vegas, NV
55 to 64, Male
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By: Errol
  • Laundry poles
  • July 22, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Purchased two poles and installed them about 1 month ago. My wife is happy. The first set had 1 section of the pole where the paint did not adhere and the steel was rusted. I called the source and they had a new piece out in two days and I did not have to return the defective section. They were great. I did not want the poles up all year so I actually installed a heavy duty 4" PVC into the concrete to allow the steel laundry poles to fit into the PVC pipe and they can be removed during the winter. I drilled a hole thru the pvc and the steel pole for a 4" screw to keep the poles from turning.

Pros Easy to Assemble, Well Made, Excellent Quality, Looks Great


Roscoe, Il
65 or over, Male
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By: Ken
  • Clotheline
  • September 28, 2014
  • Recommended Product

To echo another person who reviewed the product: We, too, went to Home Depot and ordered the product while at the store. It seemed like there would be two poles, BUT it is one pole. You have to order a quantity of 2 if you want a free standing clothesline. From what we can see with the initial delivery, the product looks great. BUT, we have to wait yet another week to know for sure because neither Home Depot nor us could figure out that we really needed a quantity of 2. Disappointed in Home Depot for not bringing this to our attention as we were ordering at the store (and recognizing that we, too, have accountability here!).

Pros Durable, Looks Great


Farmington, CT
55 to 64, Female
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By: Michelle
  • The pipes are very sturdy, but the predrilled holes are out of alignment. Be prepared to do some ...
  • May 10, 2018
  • Recommended Product

The pipes are very sturdy, but the predrilled holes are out of alignment. Be prepared to do some drilling to get the bolts to align. Also, the instructions have no illustration on how to assemble. It's easy enough if you have some technical knowledge, but they could do better. The hardware came loose in my box, no bag (possibly reworked unit). But, seems to be there and accounted-for. Cemented it in yesterday. Get about 4ea. 50 lb bags of concrete and be prepared to dig a 22 in. deep hole 3x the diameter of the pipe. Also get a bag of loose gravel for bottom of the whole before cementing. Good luck. I'd say this is about a 4-5 on a project scale 1-10.

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By: Only1Jim
  • I haven't installed this yet because only one arrived undamaged. The other, and the replacement,...
  • December 06, 2016

I haven't installed this yet because only one arrived undamaged. The other, and the replacement, both came in damaged boxes. The coating was scratched which would allow rusting. The diameter of the plastic cap for the top of the pole is too small making it difficult, if not impossible, to fit it over the top of the pole without breaking. The bolt holes in the upright and the cross bar are poorly aligned making it difficult to

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By: Bob
  • Would not recommend, In fact, I am replacing this after one year!
  • March 22, 2015

Bought this last summer and installed it. It has wiggled the entire time. It was very difficult to string the lines up. Even though it is cemented in the ground, the top pole moves just enought that when we pulled one line tight on one end, and then tried to pull the other end's line tight, the first side line would sag. It was a never ending battle to get tight lines. I am very unhappy with this product and have contacted a welder to make me one instead. Dont waste your money. The other reviews lead you to believe that it is very sturdy when in fact it is very cheaply made. I was so antsy to get one in the ground at our new home, that I put it in, when I should have listened to my gut and returned it!


35 to 44, Female
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By: Unhappycustomer
  • Great Product!
  • July 22, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

What a great product! This product was easy to assemble, is made from high quality materials and looks great in my yard. I like that it has a wider cross piece than most other poles, setting the lines farther apart for quicker drying time. I would certainly recommend this product. Nothing like the smell of laundry dried outdoors!

Pros Easy to Assemble, Excellent Quality, High Quality of Material, Looks Great, Well Made


Windsor, ON, Canada
55 to 64, Female
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By: Canadian
  • Too light weight to be used for washline!
  • June 03, 2015

The joints give too much - it does not stand straight when you stretch the line. It bows! Too many joints in the post. The post should be in 2 pieces & made of heavier galvanized pipe with threaded couplings to join the 2 pieces. Our money was spent for what looked & sounded like good quality & you can't see it in the stores & it looks OK till you put it together & concrete it in the ground. By then it is too late! Very disappointed!

Pros Easy to Assemble, Looks Great, Nice Design Cons No Instructions


Lebanon, PA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Glen
  • Not impressed
  • July 21, 2016

The idea of it is great--albeit (IMHO) expensive. The reality of it is another thing. You have to order two of this item to get an actual clothesline you can hang clothes on and, like other reviewers have written, damaged product is NOT uncommon. I took all of my pieces out and looked at them and thought it looked okay, cemented in the two base pieces and then, as I began to assemble the other pieces, 48 hours later, realized that one of the pieces actually was bent and in unbending it, it would break. Additionally though, pieces that were supposed to be in the box (little white caps--not even sure what they were for) were not, and another piece (cap for the top of the whole unit) wasn't in one of the boxes and the one in the other box broke going into place (not a complicated or difficult task, it just doesn't fit where it clearly belongs). But, let me get to, what I think is the most obnoxious part of this...they don't stock this in stores so while you can return it to the store, you then have to re-order online and wait, again, for a new box that may or may not be bent or missing pieces. If you can build your own clothesline, I think you will be happier than spending more than $100 and dealing with all of this ridiculous stuff.

Pros Easy to Assemble Cons bent poles, missing pieces, can't get replacement in store


45 to 54
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By: 90