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Customer Reviews for Husky 6-Piece Heavy Duty Welded Steel Garage Storage System in Black (128 in. W x 81 in. H x 24 in. D)

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Model #HTC621120

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for optimal load capacity
  • Innovative cabinet set is pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Rugged 20-Gauge steel cabinets include Lifetime Warranty

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Exactly What I Expected.
Remodeled my shop during COVID and settled on these after looking at all of them. I am an exhaustive researcher so the decision did not come lightly. Very well built, well packaged and easy to assemble. Main deciding factor, the peg board inside the doors and they left enough room between the door and the shelves that you can hang significant supplies inside. Really helps you keep the shop looking clean and organized.
by Ken
Awesome, durable, organized
Ordered the 16 piece HD set while still on sale back in February. They look great and provide an excellent workspace and storage solution. Highly recommend. Took about 6 hours to get it setup on my own. Definitely heavy and would recommend a helping hand for most
by weldini
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Worth every penny!
I bought the tall 81'' cabinet, the under counter with drawer, the under counter without, and two of these wall mounted units, all from this "Heavy Duty" line. I already had a great work bench, so I basically made my own kit so to speak. They come completely pre-assembled, and ready to install, which was wonderful. the fit and finish is excellent. The matte black is textured also, so zero reflection, which I prefer, and easy to keep clean. Unboxing was super simple, the directions were simple, and installing the feet and leveling was easy. So far so good. But the best part? All of them, except the tall unit, have soft-close doors and drawers! Had no idea this was a feature (not sure why it's not part of the product description. Should be.) and they work wonderfully, with no clanking or metal cabinet sounds when using them. I was amazed. Really cool feature. The drawer was even lined already! Wow. just blown away at how nice these are. Lastly, and you can see it it the photo if you enlarge it, the installation bracket mount for the wall-mount cabinets has a permanently attached bubble level! It was soooooo easy to install the brackets: just measure to get the height correct -- and centering too, as I spaced my two centered over my bench, as you don't have to connect them to side cabinets. they hang independently -- and just drive the supplied lag bolts into the studs using the level as a guide. Came out PERFECT. So as you can tell, I am thrilled with these cabinets. AND, great value for the money. Super sturdy, the shelves are strong, the shelve mounts are metal, not plastic. The drawer in the tall cabinet is easily repositionable... and also has soft-close! Can't say enough good things about these
by papamurphydog
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it is a great product, great quality. only thing i didnot like is that the drawers do not extend...
it is a great product, great quality. only thing i didnot like is that the drawers do not extend as far out of the cabinet as i would like. there is still 1/4 of the drawer still inside the cabinet when you fully extend cabinet drawers. i have to reach in the cabinet to get tools in a drawer that is fully extended. just annoying.
by vrguidry
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Very pleased
Purchased this drawer online and had it shipped to my local store. No damages on the box as well as the drawer itself. It came fully assembled which is great as i don't need the caster wheels. It's a heavy sucker. Took 2 guys at home depot to load it into my honda SUV and needed help taking it out.
by Luke
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Overall these are great! You’ve seen all the great reviews which I agree with but here are some t...
Overall these are great! You’ve seen all the great reviews which I agree with but here are some things I wish I knew: I did store pickup and the boys loaded the two pallets onto my truck nicely - they easily fit in any truck bed. Be warned, they are 7feet tall and 500lbs each so strap them well but not too tight. The cardboard packaging is adequate but there is only a single piece covering them, no corner enforcements. There are nifty tilt sensors on the side so you can see if the package was handled poorly. The hinges on the tall cabinets are NOT slow close, which was a let down as the wall cabinet hinges and drawer slides are very nice. I will look into aftermarket slow close damper. The tall cabinets, for me, need at least one more shelf. I see I can buy some but I might consider using another type of clip (might have to fabricate some) and a black piece of plywood. If you are storing all large items, the default setup might work for you. The locking rod in the tall cabinets rattles when the door is used, and kind of reduces the perceived quality. I will look into using a nylon washer or spacer to act as a guide to reduce lateral movement. The pegboard inside the cabinets is thin so if you try to hang anything with weight it could bend or warp. I hung a light, 20v leaf blower and an extension cord on a hook, and the bottom support dug into the metal like it was cardboard. Need clips/hooks with a wider base to distribute the weight-I might 3D print some. Again, overall great and I would definitely buy again!
by HomeDepotCustomer
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I could not be happier! I absolutely love my Husky Storage Cabinet! It is gorgeous, elegant, effi...
I could not be happier! I absolutely love my Husky Storage Cabinet! It is gorgeous, elegant, efficient, incredibly well made and just perfection! The packaging was Wow! I hired someone to unpackage and install which took one person the better part of 5 or so hours. Two people would have easily cut the time more than half. But overall it was an easy job. Just be meticulous. Recommendation: I am ordering 2 extra shelves since I don't need the hanging space as much as shelf space. Lastly, the lining on the drawers are dreamy!
by Ratings
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They cost a little more but get the 20-gauge, they...
They cost a little more but get the 20-gauge, they are very heavy duty!
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Great value for a great quality system
Product was well packaged and very easy to install. I purchased a well know national brand for twice the price, when they could not deliver I cancelled the order. I thought I would try Home Depot and the Husky wielded system. Could not be happier with the product, it holds twice the weight as the national brand and I would say it is better quality. I ordered an extra upper cabinet and the adjustable workbench. I just received the work bench, it did not ship with the system.
by Tony
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Really Impressed
Hard to beat the value here, these cabinets are plenty sturdy enough for a home garage, especially the 5 drawer lowers which are built like a tank (200 lbs each).
by FLGarage
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