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  • This stuff works.
  • April 09, 2013

I have about 100 feet of teracotta pipe as a main sewer line running from my house to the city sewer line at the street. I've had to snake out this main line several times a year to keep it open. Because it's old, it's subject to roots entering at the terracotta joints and grease build up from the kitchen. I have an outside cleanout right where the mainline exits the house. I used this product exactly as night, following all the safety precautions. The next morning I ran hot water down the disposal for five minutes followed by pouring 2 gallons of boiling water in the cleanout where I put in the Main Liine Cleaner the night before. I have an additional cleanout halfway between the house and the street where i can look straight down and see the speed of the water flowing form the house to the street. I was delighted to see after one treatment the water was moving about three times as fast as I've ever seen it. I've lived with these lines for over 40 years so I know them pretty well. To say the least I'm happy with this product and will retreat as needed.

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Birmingham, AL, USA
65 or over, Male
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By: Lanny
  • Saved me a few thousand dollars!
  • December 21, 2012
  • Recommended Product

We had a complete blockage in our decades old sewer line. Spent hundreds on a plumber and with their 200 foot snake and a blow bag were only able to get the water flowing a tiny bit. We were advised to resolve the clog we would have to hire someone else to dig up our line. I was trying to figure out how I was going to come up with a few thousand dollars out of thin air when I found this product on the Home Depot website and saw so many reviews where people had a similar issue like mine. I decided to get a couple bottles and try as a last resort. We used the product that night and did the hot water flush the next morning. The draining was still very slow, but since it says two applications may be needed we tried it again the next night. There was a noticeable improvement by morning and by afternoon we were able to have the showers running again without anything backing up at all. In fact, things seem to be draining better then ever!


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By: Thankful
  • Worked for my very slow drain
  • November 20, 2015
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Our downstairs bathroom clogs up every 7-8 years. I knew it was not the line to the street since the rest of the house was working fine. (We have a huge maple in our front yard and old clay sewer we deal with roots once in a while). There was no backup in the utility/sink washer in the basement. This one line is for an addition so the bathroom is the only thing using it. I tried my 6 foot closet auger going through the toilet but no luck. There is a stand up shower in that bathroom so I tried snaking it from there (the water was backing up into there and draining out slowly over a few hours). That is what worked the last time. No luck. I bought a bottle of this and dumped it in at 5pm. 6am the next morning, I ran hot water for the shower and sink for 10 minutes. Also flushed the toilet 5x...all fixed. This stuff works and I am going to buy a bottle of this to have on-hand next time. $10 versus dealing with a disgusting mess trying to snake sewage backup or even worse, $200+ for a plumber. If you do not have safety google or rubber gloves, walk over to that aisle and pick some up. This stuff is hard core and you want to pour it in very slowly and not spash it. The only minor con is time for it to need to leave it in for 8 hours or longer. So if this happens a few hours before you are having people over, you need to snake.

Pros Easy to Install Cons Too Slow

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Rochester, NY
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By: Steve
  • WOW!
  • February 25, 2015
  • Recommended Product

I live in a house full of girls so at first I thought our toilet was clogged again. After an unsuccessful plunge attempt, I noticed during my plunging that water was coming up out of the shower drain. My wife quickly tried the other bathroom and the same thing occurred. So we had an obvious main sewer line problem. I ran to Home Depot to give this stuff a try. I poured it in the shower drain closest to the main right before bed. Make sure you allow the water to drain the best it can before putting it in. I got up the next morning and ran hot water through the drain for 5 minutes. And WOW! It really worked!


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By: Gibby027
  • Sewer back up with slow draining
  • September 25, 2012
  • Recommended Product

We tried this product because of the reviews it received and the fact it was the cheaper way to go. We had sewer back up with slow draining. Six months earlier we had the some problem. We rented a snake for the main line but found nothing blocking it. We used a sink snake in the floor drain and heard a pop and it was draining again. When it happened this time, I looked online and found this product. Since it promised it would work or your money back, we decided to try this first. I bought 2 gallons used one as directed and waited the 8 hours. Starting running water and some came up again but it did drain faster. So we thought we would use the last gallon and wait another 8 hours. We are so glad we did. The drain is running like it is suppose to. We have come to the conclusion that our problem is soap scrum build up. We are planning to use this product every couple of months to keep the drains running clear. I am so glad we decided to try this way first. Less money, less work just needs some time to remove what it took months to build up. With the money back promise if it does not work, you have nothing to lose but some time trying it.

Pros Easy to Use, High Quality, Easy to Install
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United States
55 to 64, Female
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By: HappyEnding
  • Follow Up
  • February 11, 2014
  • Recommended Product

Follow up to my January 21, 2014 post that it did not work for me. I applied for my refund online, very simple and already got my refund (less than 3 weeks). and got it for both bottles. so it's certainly worth trying.

Pros 100% guarantee
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45 to 54, Female
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By: clogged
  • Cleared my Drain Lines
  • January 26, 2013
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My problem has been a slow draining line that was evident when the washer was draining. It would back up & overflow onto the garage floor. Several years ago, we rented a power drain auger from Home Depot which bored thru the build-up (which looks & feels like soft rubber) & alleviated the problem. This time we used this product overnight. Our drain line is linear thru the house. One half gallon was put in the shower drain at one end of the line. The other half was put in the washer drain at the other end of the line. The next morning we flushed from both ends with hot water for 15 minutes. The problem no longer exists. We saved the extra gallon for maintenance cleaning as needed.

Pros Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, High Quality
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Gibsonton Fl
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By: Bones252100
  • Worked like a charm
  • April 27, 2016
  • Recommended Product

Had toilet that would not drain properly & adding extra water just caused sewage to backup into one of the baths. In the past we've been able to get past this issue by snaking the drain, but with our (cheap) tools this is a laborious & dirty process, so this time decided to spend ~$20 to see if we could avoid the trouble. Poured 1 & 1/2 bottles down the bath drain - just until it was starting to back up into bath itself & left overnight. Next morning poured a kettle of boiling water down the drain followed by running hot water into the bath. A few minutes later the water started to not drain from the bath & one of the toilets started bubbling. Dang, I thought & shut off the hot water again. Toilet kept bubbling for a few minutes & then suddenly the blockage cleared & the water drained from the bath (& toilets "flushed"). Success!


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By: mb
  • I bought this after having a main line clog that was backing up my kitchen sink, shower, toilet a...
  • January 06, 2017
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I bought this after having a main line clog that was backing up my kitchen sink, shower, toilet and bathroom sink. I was skeptical as a plumber AT Home Depot told me that the only thing that will work is a big professional drain snake. I poured the first bottle down the shower drain and waiting 8.5 hours. This did not clear the clog. I poured boiling water down the drain, then ran hot water for a few minutes and it filled back up. I then poured a SECOND bottle down the left side Kitchen Sink drain. I let this sit for around 11 hours. Worked perfectly. The clog was gone, all drains worked normally. 100% worked on a tough clog using 2 full bottles.


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By: Maaaack
  • This product is terrific!!! We had a kitchen sink that was clogged. We used Drano, an Auger, th...
  • December 09, 2017
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This product is terrific!!! We had a kitchen sink that was clogged. We used Drano, an Auger, then a plunger (nothing)!!! My wife went on the internet and found this item. We figured we would give it one last try before calling a plumber. Bought (2) gallons, ended up using only (1) gallon, but will save it just in case for future use if necessary. Last night I poured entire bottle down drain through a funnel at about 9:30 p.m. This morning at 8:00 a.m. ran hot water into the drain (nothing at first), then about 15 minutes later we heard a noise from the drain and the clog was gone. Finally, something that really works.


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By: breezes