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  • I'll never buy Jeld Wen products again...even if they're free. Did a special order for 2 of these...
  • April 17, 2017

I'll never buy Jeld Wen products again...even if they're free. Did a special order for 2 of these size, two sized for egress requirements, and two bigger windows, all 2500's. Spent a lot of time with the Millwork guy who showed me all of the options on the computer, printed them out for me, and I spent a few more days taking more measurements to make sure everything was right. Placed the order, and waited 2 months (which was fine). I asked that they be delivered to the store first, so I could inspect them before home delivery. They were all wrapped and boxed on a pallet, so the most I could check was that no glass seemed broken. They delivered home the next day, and in the garage they went. I peeled some of the protective cardboard back to check the rough opening measurements, which were fine. So I figure, I got lucky on the rough opening sizes thank god, so I pulled out the old windows and started the install. When I unbox one of the medium sized windows, gosh dang it! Whomever built the window over-torqued the screws on the sash locks...and split the wood. No way I'm installing that in a very-hot-very-cold climate! Back to the store it went, but I figure, 1 defect out of 5 wasn't that bad, and I just put plywood over the rough opening. The store was very apologetic and said the replacement was 2 weeks out. In 2 weeks, they call me, and I go to inspect the window. Not messing around now, I unboxed the whole thing right there in the store. What Jeld-Wen had done, was knock apart the window, replace the (wood? frame? sash?) then I kid you not, hot-glued it all back together thinking I wouldn't notice. Even with the strapping still on, the window parts wouldn't hold together, the plastic next to the (jamb liner) was split and cracked, when it opened it made a horrible screeching noise. Back it went. On the third re-order, the nailing fin was bent to heck, but at this point, that wasn't stopping me from getting it into the RO and pounding the nailing fin flat. On top of all this, two of the windows had some sort of sharp piece of metal at the bottom of the (sash? frame?) that protruded about .01 inch to far out, and ripped the weather stripping to shreds at the first window opening. 5 seconds with a dremel solved that, but I'm now wondering what other shortcuts occurred in the factory that will show up during the first freeze. Overall, you can tell these windows are pretty poorly made, with (sealant? glue?) oozed up past the sash frame, gouges here and there in the wood. What's worse is Jeld-Wen's handling of the returned defective window, and the even worse one they sent back. All of this is "pre-installation" observations, so no "improper installation issues" to blame. To Home Depot's credit, I was told the "Window Guy" raised heck with Jeld-Wen after the second defective window, and assured me that the 3rd one would be guaranteed correct. They even compensated me for my troubles and threw in a free screen. I'll remain a HD customer, but will never buy Jeld-Wen, where ever its sold.


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By: AngryWindowInstaller
  • Nice window
  • May 28, 2020
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Had this and several other Jeld Wen winfows instslled snd they look great and work well.


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By: quinn