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Customer Reviews for KOHLER Mazz Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Vibrant Stainless

Internet #205388002

Model #K-R72511-SD-VS

  • 1-, 2-,3- or 4-hole installation (escutcheon included)
  • Dual spray function that includes Sweep Spray technology
  • Optional soap dispenser included

Customer Reviews

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Faucet is very solid, well built and easy to install. My 12 year old did it with me verifying al...
Faucet is very solid, well built and easy to install. My 12 year old did it with me verifying along the way. The soap dispenser and one plastic clip that broke, but not really needed, was the only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars. I recommend having a large sink as the sprayer is quite powerful. Great though for rinsing dishes.
by Don
I had a Moen faucet for over 13 years before I decided to upgrade to this new faucet. There was ...
I had a Moen faucet for over 13 years before I decided to upgrade to this new faucet. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my existing Moen faucet and I loved every aspect of it but when I had the opportunity to replace it with a brand new one with a comparable name, I went for it. Well, BOY, WAS I WRONG AND SOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED. I've only read a few negative reviews so far about the handle falling off but honestly, given that it's only been a couple of weeks since it's been installed, I can't comment on the handle, however, I have A LOT to say about the handle operation of it. Come on Kohler, WHY WOULD YOU GO AND REVERSE HOW THE HANDLE OPERATES? I MEAN, I NOW HAVE TO PUSH "UP" TO TURN THE WATER ON AND PUSH "DOWN" TO TURN THE WATER OFF??? REALLY??? It's backwards! I am CONSTANTLY spraying my sink with more water every time I want to turn the faucet off because I end up turning the faucet on even more. It seems this is the only model that Kohler's designer has re-designed to reverse the handle on/off operation. That's a good thing because I think Kohler designs will have to look for new jobs! Even if I get "used to" operating my own kitchen faucet, I have to then get "reacquainted" again with a faucet at anyone else's house. My brain isn't going to be happy with constant back and forth remembering of how to operate a simple kitchen faucet. I purchased this faucet about 2 yrs ago but didn't have it installed until 2 weeks ago. I'm not even sure if Home Depot will let me return it without a receipt for that long ago but I sure am not going to wait another day for my brain to adjust to this on/off handle operation and then force my brain to readjust to "standard on/off operation" at any one else's house. I contacted Kohler to ask if the handle on/off operation could be reversed so it operates like any other normal faucet and I was told it was not. And guess what, this reversed on/off handle operation is ONLY on this model! I got stuck with THE ONE model that has the handle operation backwards! One positive? I will say I really liked the "sleek" look of the faucet, making cleaning and wiping much easier - no in/out grooves to have to clean. This design allows me to do a quick wipe down without catching any grooves to clean out but that lousy on/off handle operation has turned me off! I am going back to Moen or Delta. I am particularly interested in the Moen's "Sprayshield" feature...
by peachyjo
Response from Kohler Product ExpertOct 30, 2018
Hi Peachyjyun, this is Laura with Kohler Co. I am sorry to hear you found the kitchen faucet not to your liking. We design our products with customers like you in mind and regret this faucet was not the right choice for you. If there is any way we can provide you with assistance with your faucet, or you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team at KohlerCustServ@Kohler.com. We’re here to help! - M. Laura K., KOHLER Customer Service
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Delightfully straightforward to install. Looks beautiful and works perfectly. Spare parts are ava...
Delightfully straightforward to install. Looks beautiful and works perfectly. Spare parts are available also.
by Jules
We needed a faucet ASAP as our 12 year old Priceless Pfistful started leaking and was growing wor...
We needed a faucet ASAP as our 12 year old Priceless Pfistful started leaking and was growing worse. This Kohler model was one of few whose handle was high enough that it easily cleared the dispenser that we had installed on the right hole of a 3 hole sink. It is attractive and solidly constructed, although the nylon hoses "feel" less substantial. Its size and height and could overwhelm some sinks or kitchens disproportionately. Stylistically, its curves are nice but at the base there is a bulge (opposite the handle side) that is asymmetric and not equaled on the handle side. One thing that others note as disorienting is that the handle works by pushing inward to turn on. Although it leaves nice lines most of the time when the faucet is off, it is counter-intuitive and takes awhile to adapt to. A slim color strip at the handle base shows which direction is hot vs. cold. Installing was easy until trying to slide the fastening ring up the hoses under the sink. The instructions do not say that there is only one way to contort and cluster the hoses (tucking one into a small indentation) so that the ring will clear and slide up. Don't get frustrated; it will work, but now you know. In two weeks it has performed well. The sweep spray function is nice and effective, but I wish it didn't stay in that mode after turning off the faucet. The spray head needs to be oriented right for it to seat tightly into the arm. The handle operates smoothly with a good valve but needs to be straight up to turn completely off. The stainless is very nice, but it is not free of water spotting. Read care instructions carefully as to which cleaning products will not harm the finish. Overall, I would happily recommend, especially at this price point. Nice job, Kohler.
by Unwittinghomeimprover
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I love it. I was wandering through Home Depot one day, I saw the facet on the clearance rack. I d...
I love it. I was wandering through Home Depot one day, I saw the facet on the clearance rack. I did not know if I could install it my self, but, bought it anyway. It was a great price. I got home. Had the old one out and the new one installed in a couple of hours. And have had no problems so far. I just wish I had bought the other one for my daughter.
by Penny1000
So far so good!
Recently I purchased a new single bowl composite sink and I needed to buy a new faucet for it so I went to Home Depot to see if they had anything I liked. Right off the bat this KOHLER stuck out so I picked it up and brought it home. Later that evening I decided to go to HomeDepot.com and see what the reviews on this Mazz faucet were like.....THEY WERE HORRIBLE! I called KOHLER the next day and the lady I spoke to assured me that I had the revised version of the Mazz and I had nothing to worry about. However she also said that if I would prefer she would also send me a new handle anyways. I wanted it just in case so she sent it to me. Meanwhile I installed my new 33x22 single bowl composite sink and the Vibrant Stainless Mazz and I have had this set up and running for several days now and the Mazz works perfectly! I will say that the Sweep Spray is nice but its taking some getting used to as I am very much used to using a regular more circular type of sprayer, but its not a big deal I know that it will grow on me. Anyhow so far I give this Mazz a solid 5 stars across the board! (oh, one other thing, after using the weight a few days and listening to it clunk its way up in the tight quarters below my sink every time I needed to pull out the sprayer I decided to take it off and now the sprayer stays pulled out when I let go, and this is what I need! ;-) :-)
by Jim
Aesthetically beautiful, but lacking in temperature control functionality
We love the design and it is a high quality product, except for the temperature control. It takes getting used to the side valve, and it is hard to dial in an in-between (warm) temperature at lower water pressure. Also, because of the height of the faucet opening, it tends to be a lot more splashy around the sink area.
by mdreed64
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Kohler Redesigned the Handle
I haven't had any issues with the handle since I've had it and it seems to be fixed on there pretty good. Many people in the past had major issues with the handle coming loose. Kohler has since redesigned the handle. Before installing you could always call Kohler customer service and make sure the serial number that you have includes the new redesigned handle. Its a shame that people might be hesitant to buy such a stylish faucet because of the handle issues. If you really like the faucet, I would call Kohler and talk to them. They have good customer service. I had an experienced plumber install the faucet. He stated that it was easy to install and was made up of good dependable materials and components. I chose the stainless steel color. I really like the color much better than the extremely shiny chrome. The stainless steel model does show finger prints somewhat, but it is not too bad. The handle does operate the opposite of what you are used to. I made a video showing what I am talking about. To turn the water on, you push in. To turn it off, you pull it out. The pull down spray also does a good job and is decently powerful for clean-up. Overall, I really like the unique look of this faucet. It compliments any kitchen design.
by KatieKat
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Great faucet
I just installed this faucet and it looks really good. I will have to get used to the handle being at the side and going backwards and forwards for hot and cold rather than left and right. Also it goes up to turn it on instead of down which is more common. I’m sure I’ll get used to it in a few days. I normally like the sprayer separate instead of built into the faucet but many of them are like this now so I’m sure I can get used to it. I haven’t had a soap dispenser before either but it will save having a soap dish and bar of soap by the sink. Overall I’m very happy with it. This faucet is expensive but good faucets are normally expensive, so it is probably good value. I saw that some people had a problem with the handle but I hope they have that fixed. If I have a problem later I’ll come back and review it again. It was fairly easy to install but I did have a couple of issues. On step 7 it says to “Flush the hot and cold water for one minute.” It doesn’t mention that you need to put a bucket under it because water will spray out but then I noticed it showed that in the illustration...after I had water spraying out under the sink! I couldn’t really get a bucket under it because of pipes in the way so I had to skip that step anyway. Also on step 9 where you connect the sprayer it is hard to do it when it is under the sink because you have to line it up and push it together with some force. I would suggest that you look at it closely to see how it goes together before you attach it to the sink when it is easier to see. It always pays to read all the instructions through before you start. I’ll try that next time.
by Baz
I absolutely love this faucet. I have an open layout between my kitchen and family room so having a nice looking faucet was very important to me. This faucet does the job and more. The install was not hard and the instructions were easy to follow. It really sparkles and matches well with the rest of my kitchen. The little soap dispenser was a great touch as well. No more ugly bottles of dish soap on my counter.
by Raymond
Showing 1-10 of 224 reviews