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Model #56028

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  • 235 lumen flashlight, 100 lumen worklight
  • Battery Life: flashlight 6 hours; worklight 12 hours
  • Flashlight with Worklight includes 3 x AAA batteries

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Got this to go along with my new Klein Backpack Tool Bag and it works great. The ring at the top ...
Got this to go along with my new Klein Backpack Tool Bag and it works great. The ring at the top of the light glows in the dark and there are two separate lights, one of which is on the side. The bag has a strap that holds the light and when the secondary light is on, it illuminates the contents of the bag. Great feature when trying to find something outside in the dark without having to take the bag inside. There is also a strong magnet on the back of the light which I've come to appreciate very much. This is an excellent light and I highly recommend it.
needs a Telescoping lens on it and then it gets 5 stars
very nice light just needs a telescoping lens. other than that great tool would buy another one
by mike
Really bright!!
Really bright!!
by Critter
Very nice light
This is a very solid flashlight. Made from aluminium but not flimsy at all. The light is bright and very white, not the yellow-ish color. The work light isn't quite as bright bit I can see how it would be very useful in certain situations. Runs on the AAA batteries. Neodymium magnet on the bottom of the light had already proven useful and is a very nice addition. The ring around the light glowed in the dark. Really helpful if you are in a dark ceiling and turn the light off, you can still find it.
by Maddasher
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The ultimate flashlight
I have some neat LED flashlights but this one takes the cake. Not only is it a good flashlight (230 lumens) but it also has a work light on the side that has a broader beam and the case is designed so the work light angle can be adjusted. The base has a strong magnet so you can hang the flashlight from metal objects or use it to help search for the screw you just dropped. The base is also flat so the flashlight will stand up which is handy for those under the sink projects (see photos). The tip has a glow ring that charges while you are using the flashlight which is useful when you are trying to find the flashlight in the dark. The case is made of rugged aluminum with a nice rubber handle. It also has a pocket clip but the unit is a little heavy for a shirt pocket in my opinion. Management must have turned the engineers loose and told them to design their dream flashlight. It might seem pricey at first glance but the flexibility and excellent quality really make this one of those 'must have' tools.
by Jimmy
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Great Light!
The Klein flashlight is extremely bright and, unlike some LED lights, very true to colors. Awesome isn’t a word I often use to describe a flashlight, but it applies here. The work light is not as bright as the flashlight but provides plenty of light for most situations. I would caution users to NOT look at the work light when pushing the switch. Since the work light is on the side of the barrel, there is a tendency glance at it when turning it on. There will be a moment of shock and awe. I can set this light on the kitchen counter pointed at the white ceiling really light up the place. The glow ring around the flashlight lasts for hours and recharges every time you turn on the flashlight. Very handy when it is very dark. Magnet is very strong and will attach security to any steel surface. It will also pick up anything around it that is steel. Hefty and solid aluminum construction feels very rugged, and is good looking. There is a good rubber grip on body. The device is IP67 rated meaning it is dust proof in all situations and waterproof to 1 meter. This is not a penlight that fits easily in shirt pocket, but it can be clipped outside a pencil holder in a shirt pocket. Perfect in a toolbox, glove box or tool pouch. I could use five on six of these around the shop, house and vehicles, but at $29 they are a bit pricey.
by handyguy
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Awesome light to work with in dark areas, especially with the side light option and the magnetic ...
Awesome light to work with in dark areas, especially with the side light option and the magnetic end is also a plus to free up hands while working.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Nice close quarters flashlight with great features
I really like this flashlight it's rated at 235 lumens with the work light on the side rated at 100 lumens and is a really nice feature to have. It has a sturdy aluminum body which is anodized in a nice orange finish and has a nice rubber grip around the handle which I always like in the event I don't have a hand free to hold it I can grip it in my mouth without discomfort. It is nice and compact making it easy to carry in your pocket or to clip onto your belt. The flashlight has a very wide beam which I like very well for working in close up quarters and confined spaces. The addition of the work light to the side of it is also a nice touch. The magnet base is very strong and I have found this very useful working under the hood of cars and also underneath them in particular among other things. The it has a cool glow in the dark ring around the tip and it gets charged up each time the light is on making it easier to find in the dark when the light is off and the ring is also made of rubber which is nice as it will protect the tip of the light if it is dropped helping it to be very impact resistant. It has an IP67 rating making it dustproof and waterproof. There is a nice removable belt clip on it and it gets good battery life. Overall I really do like this light and it has become one of my favorite flashlights I have. It lives up to the Klein name as it is a very solid feeling high quality light that I'm sure will last a good long time. As I said before it has a very broad beam which is excellent for working up close or tight quarters but not for seeing a great distance but seeing how most the work I do is in close quarters and up close to things I really like that about this flashlight and the side work light is also great for up close and tight quarters. If you are looking for a great flashlight to use at close range or in tight quarters I would definitely recommend this light and the addition of the side work light and magnetic base are great features to have.
by Chevy513
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Packed with Features
This light has a really well thought out design, and offers a ton of features without venturing into the gimmicky side of tools. The main light offers a bright 235 lumen output with a nice, even beam. The work light on the side is a slightly dimmer 100 lumen output, and still manages a fairly even lighting distribution. On the three included AAA batteries, it will last a respectable 6 hours on the main light or 12 hours on the worklight. I thought the glow ring bumper at the front was a great idea, which will let you find the light in the dark if you turn it off and accidentally drop it. The magnet on the back is really strong, and holds the weight of the light up easily if you want to mount it to the inside of a breaker box, or on a steel stud or other ferrous surface. Plus, it's IP67 waterproof down to a meter in depth. I also like how they designed the mode operation - click the button once and the main light comes on. If you tap it gently, it switches back and forth between the two modes without turning off. If you turn it off and immediately back on, it switches modes too. However, if you turn it off for 5+ seconds it always comes on using the main light - so if you don't want to use the side worklight, you don't have to deal with cycling past it. The biggest plus about this light is that Klein crammed all these features into it, but none of them get in the way with basic flashlight functionality. That's what separates this feature packed light from all those gimmick tools out there.
by Doresoom
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by HomeDepotCustomer
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