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Customer Reviews for LG Electronics 2.3 cu. ft. White Compact All-in-One Front Load Washer and Electric Ventless Dryer Combo

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Model #WM3488HW

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  • SenseClean sets water level & wash cycle for optimal cleaning
  • 10 washing machine cycles handle a wide range of fabric types
  • Space saving washer & dryer combo does not require external vent

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LOVE LOVE LOVE! My boyfriend and I recently purchased a small condo in the city and needed a laun...
LOVE LOVE LOVE! My boyfriend and I recently purchased a small condo in the city and needed a laundry unit. After researching I decided to purchase a 2 in 1 ventless unit. The price is great, delivery was smooth, and install is easy. You can select multiple different wash cycles, run a wash & dry cycle which time will vary depending on how much you load the tub, and dry only option. The clothes are slightly damp when the dry cycle is complete if it is packed over too much, but if you pack 2/3 full they'll come out very dry & hot! We also got the 5 year warranty which I would recommend to anyone on any appliance!
by Denver2017
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Time gobbler but works great
I bought this thinking I would eventually buy a tiny house and use it in kitchen. It’s been in my 1 bedroom apartment for 4 years and worked great until about two weeks ago when the fe error code popped up and flooded my kitchen.. I was shocked at all the water. Needless to say was an easy fix and everything is working like new again. I use to put in a load and forget it and now after flood am a little paranoid... it is a really nice machine. My only regret was not getting the bigger size capacity. I do wash thin duvet covers alone and it works great. For a single person this is amazing and simple. For a couple could still work. I wash a lot of my dogs blankets in here with no issues. I was my bed linens every week in it. My towels also. No issues and everything always comes out nice and dry and wrinkle free
by Dcrow1970
I’ve only had this product for 58hrs, my first load worked amazingly within the first 24hrs of it being installed. The HD team who delivered and installed my W/D did a wonderful job, they removed the shipping bolts and made it clear I needed to hold onto them, also explained the appliance in detail for me. All was great until tonight, 54hrs after installation. The shaking/vibrations is out of control. I even took my level out to see if the shaking/vibrating was due to my stackable not being leveled, that’s not the issue. I paused the washer to rearrange my clothes, still not the issue. I also checked my floor, it’s leveled. I’m running out of ideas! I hope the manufacturer will have options for me, suggestions when I call back tomorrow. I REALLY want this to work out, have an answer and solution to the vibration/shaking.
by DesKnw
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W/D Combo
I am so old waded with this washer and dryer combo! Yes it may take a bit more time to dry but the manual explains that you have to take half of the wash load to dry. This is exactly what I needed. I live in an apartment. It is just my daughter and I so we manage with this combo machine. I literally set it and forget it! I adjust the dry time so my load can dry afterwards. I would leave it unattended though b/c the steam from the wash will need to escape the machine. All in all, this is the greatest thing for a single mother
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this machine a 2weeks ago. I'm very happy.
by Dogdash
Great product
I purchased this washer/dryer 4 years ago and can't say enough good things about it. I LOVE my machine!! It is exactly right for my needs. Small space, washing AND drying capability. Perfect during the pandemic when we are legislated to "stay home". I am extremely disappointed to see a DISCONTINUED note on this product.
by Larysa
Worst product ever made 0 stars we own 100 units
I am a maintenance supervisor for a property management company and we have over 100 of these machines, in order to remove lint from inside the machine the unit needs to be taken completely apart 2 to 3 times a year, also the drying compacity is half of the wash compacity so residents need to remove half their laundry to dry their clothing. Also the drain pumps will break when lint or object get caught in it. In 3 years we have replaced 20 drain pumps out of the 100 units. we usually have to make 3 to 4 trips a year to an apartment for this unit not drying or issues with the units. There is a filter on the front of the machine that can be pulled out but most of the time it doesn't collect very much but the machine blower and other compartments and completely filled. Honestly this machine is giving LG a bad name, and I have a hard time believing the 5 star reviews when I could give hundreds of reviews from our residents that would be all 1 star reviews, we have had people leave our apartments and attempt to sue us for not providing adequate washing machines to break their leases. I work on a lot of appliances ranging from all brands and types and this machine never should have been developed.
by James Dean
Response from LGE Social MediaFeb 24, 2021
We hate to hear that you experienced a problem with your unit. Your feedback is especially important to us and your concerns will be shared with our marketing and product teams. We work continuously to improve the quality of our products and anticipate market demands that drive customer satisfaction. If you have questions or further concerns, please reach out to our support team on Twitter via @LGUSSupport or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LGUSA/. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration caused. ^Daphane
I love this machine. It actually holds a good amount of laundry. Some reviews say it makes your c...
I love this machine. It actually holds a good amount of laundry. Some reviews say it makes your clothes wrinkled. There are some materials that this happens to, but if you take the clothes out after they are done it takes care of the issue. I love being able to put in a load and leave. I also can wash and hang a load on the line if I don’t want to use the dry cycle. It also saves room in our bathroom. We were able to save energy in our cabin using this machine so that we could hook up a full size kitchen stove. Love, love, love it!
by HomeDepotCustomer
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We have only used the washer function a few times. Put it in our RV closet where it was a bit to...
We have only used the washer function a few times. Put it in our RV closet where it was a bit too deep, so had to fur out the closet door a couple inches. Clothing is almost dry after just washing, the thing spins out so much water. Just hang up and they are dry in minutes! Used dryer once for a sheet and it worked fine. Much faster than we thought after hearing horrible stories about other all in one machines.! Have not yet used all its features. Can't wait. It does shake the unit a bit when first getting started on a spin, but we expected that. What's nice is when it's spinning faster, the shaking goes away. Wish it was a bit less deep.
by Cutter
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I've only had this unit for a few weeks but...
I've only had this unit for a few weeks but I love it already. I moved into a small condo that did not have a washer/dryer, let alone room for one. However when updating the kitchen I installed the all in one LG unit in the location of the old dishwasher. It has a ton of wash\dry features, but I only have used the Wash\Dry setting. This way the unit will wash and dry during the same cycle. However, I've notice with an hour still on the timing, I pause the unit and the clothes are actually already dry. That said I would not set the machine and leave the house. I'd feel comfortable doing that if I was only using a wash cycle but not both. It's quiet with a 10 year warranty what's not to like.
by vwbugone
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