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Customer Reviews for LG Electronics Styler Steam Closet Smart Clothing Care System with Asthma & Allergy Friendly Sanitizer in Mirror Finish

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  • Keep creases in pants looking crisp and sharp
  • Sanitize & reduce allergens w/ LG exclusive TrueSteam technology
  • Refresh between washes to remove odors from sweat, food, and more

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This is one of the best Inventions
LG styler makes my life much easier and convenient. This investment has saved me time, money, and energy from me going to dry cleaners. So happy that I could get my OOTD (outfit of the day) every morning fresh and stylish. This is a gift that keeps on giving. It basically pays for itself over time. My styler enhances my dress room with its sleek and modern design as you see in the picture attached. This is one of my best purchases of the year during the pandemic period even though I ordered the most things online. A MUST BUY ♡ You won't regret it.
The LG Styler is a beautiful, high quality appliance. It is a supplement to your clothing care ro...
The LG Styler is a beautiful, high quality appliance. It is a supplement to your clothing care routine, but not a substitute or replacement. You will still need your washer and dryer, or even your handheld steamer or iron at times. It does well with some synthetic blend or delicate fabrics, but wrinkles in cotton are harder to get rid of. It has a decent sized footprint of 72"H x 17.5"W x 24" D. Make sure that you have adequate space for it in your laundry room, or you can place this in your closet or study or other comparable space. Wherever you put it, it will need its own dedicated outlet (meaning, you can't use an extension cord for this heavy duty machine). The mirror finish front is beautiful and looks high class, and it can conveniently double as an actual mirror in the room. I love that I can steam clean and sanitize my son's toys and clothes, to help reduce allergens. This is important to me for his health, because of allergies and asthma. My husband likes to run his items through this between dry cleaning sessions. This helps extend the life of his shirts and reduces the dry cleaning costs as well. The touch screen is cool looking and simple to use. There are many features in this appliance, but I tend to stick to the simple, easy things and haven't explored all the features yet. Wifi is easy to set up, but again, I haven't used it much. The time it takes to run a cycle may be a drawback. It is a bit time consuming. Obviously, the dryer and an iron can be so much faster, but if you have the time and plan accordingly, it shouldn't be an issue. Overall, this is a nice appliance to have, not super necessary but definitely a splurge. The price point is a bit daunting and maybe a deterrent for some buyers. Item came well packaged and is very heavy! You will need two people to move this appliance!
by Andrea
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The LG Electronics Styler Steam Clothing Care System with Wi-Fi Connectivity in a Mirror Finish i...
The LG Electronics Styler Steam Clothing Care System with Wi-Fi Connectivity in a Mirror Finish is really quite an "appliance." It's obviously not a must-have like a refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer, etc. but it is a nice addition, especially if you see a lot of your money going to dry cleaners. Don't get me wrong - you'll still need to go to the cleaners but maybe not as often. Had wished it could go in my laundry room because it only makes sense but it was not to be without major remodeling. It is now situated in the unfinished part of my basement and looks just fine. And when speaking about looks, this mirror finish is really flashy and impressive - makes the Styler very sharp looking. Too bad it's in my basement because it makes it harder to show it off. The mirror finish also does a very nice job of hiding the controls (besides being a mirror). They're almost invisible! And in my photos, I apologize for the reflections and flash; I did the best that I could. Once the delivery men eased the "dewrinkler closet" (what they called it) down my steps and set it up, I thought we were ready to go but there was a bit more to it. Some sticky plastic was needed to be removed and unwrapped. A shelf was included for sweaters, kids/pets toys, pillows, etc. The Styler was already level but for the drip tray, I had to raise it up more with the enclosed wrench in order to fit the tray underneath. There were some little caps and covers which were a nice finishing touch but didn't affect its operation. Included were 2 coat/blouse/shirt hangers and 1 pants hanger - kinda thought more should have been included since the Styler can handle 5 hangers at 1 time but the manual says you can use your own. However, putting more items in the Styler in a cycle may not give you better results since the clothes need the space for the steam to circulate during its operation. The fact that it did not need a direct water hookup made getting the Styler a no-brainer. I filled up the fresh water container to the max line. A nice bright light inside the Styler makes it easy to see just what you are doing. What a great idea to have a filter which can take a regular dryer sheet or scented cotton pad to give your garments a refreshing smell when the cycle is done. I plugged it into an outlet which my dehumidifier also uses but per the owner's manual, I unplugged the dehumidifier from it. After turning the Styler on, it took a while to figure out how to get the Styler working, even with resorting to the owner's manual. But I finally did and left it alone to do its thing. I'll try the app feature another time. I went back downstairs to check on it and the Styler was rocking side to side, almost like bopping to music. I kinda thought it was funny but now I know why LG made sure you knew about the required clearance. The 48 minute refresh cycle for my pair of pants and shirt went by rather quickly since I kept myself busy during it. The shirt (98% cotton) came out really nice - all wrinkles out and had a feeling to it like I just bought it. Very impressed! Even nice and warm! My 99% cotton pants, however - not so much - but I was already aware of that from other reviews and based on the cycle/strength I chose. Still some wrinkles in the pants and will just use an iron for them. Will also try the door panel next time instead for my pants. Overall, no fuss or muss once water is filled up, check the filters, hang the clothes, and select the cycle. I don't have a lot of dry cleaning-type of clothes but I can see it coming in handy for rained-on or snow-ful clothes from the stables/barn, sporting events, snow removal, or even walking the dog. Speaking of dog, his toys and the cats' toys can go in there so that they don't get torn apart or thoroughly soaked in the washer. Decorative pillows from living room or bedrooms now have a place to go to get refreshed and definitely saving on dry cleaning bills there. Same thing for blankets and sweaters but I don't think my comforter can fit in there. I think the Night Care and Delay Start features are good ideas! Overall, the Styler is making me rethink what I'm taking to the dry cleaner along with how often I visit them. The Styler is not a must to own (especially because of its price) but it is still nice & handy and may save me on some trips to the cleaners.
by MacHic
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The mirror door with light up display is very stylish. The Styler was easy to install and is pret...
The mirror door with light up display is very stylish. The Styler was easy to install and is pretty user friendly. However, it's a large appliance for the limited functions it serves with mediocre quality. Only 3 articles of clothing can be hung up to run through the Styler at once. We tried running our suit through on light refresh and it came out very damp, the shirt still wrinkled, and all still dusty. Overall, we're not impressed.
by Tim1
Response from LGAnswersNov 20, 2019
We appreciate your review and apologize you are having trouble with your Styler. If you're in need of some guidance with using your Styler, please head to our support page at @LGUSSupport on Twitter or shoot us a private message on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LGUSA/ so a specialist can help out. ^CP LG
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After using this product for the last few weeks I have become hooked. I will start by saying, thi...
After using this product for the last few weeks I have become hooked. I will start by saying, this is not a replacement for the dry cleaner nor ironing, but it makes my trips there and the iron board being pulled out few and far between. I started by doing button down shirts and they became clean and wrinkle free. I moved on to suits and dresses with similar and exceptional results. Pants on the door crease came out half way decent. The average run time for the standard cycles is between 35 and 45 minutes and the water filter needs to be filled about every two runs. One of the biggest benefits I was not originally expecting was how well the machine eliminated odors on not only clothes, but especially some of my sons stuffed animals. You can just drop them on the rack and run a cycle. The product has a great clean look with nice lines and the touch screen front is not only easy to use and see, but adds to the overall look of my laundry area. The mirror front took a bit to get used to because it is exactly how it sounds, complete reflection mirror, but does add a nice look.
by 1918Remodel
Beautiful addition to our set of LG washer and dryer, perfect size, black mirror is a finish that...
Beautiful addition to our set of LG washer and dryer, perfect size, black mirror is a finish that goes with most decors, reversible door, very quiet while running, more quiet than a dryer but not as quiet as my front loading washer. This is a very well built machine and has three sturdy hangers and accessories. The pants press in the door is a nice feature too. Awesome if you wear uniform/dress shirts or suits to freshen them up between washings. It is very good for winter coats, hats, scarfs, skullcaps, hoodies, dresses, and sweaters. The machine rocks the clothing on the hangers as it steams and dries them. Not magic when it comes to removing wrinkles, but gets many of them out. It is best to use when garments are a little damp after washing to get the most wrinkles out of clothing, if you’re looking to reduce ironing. Refreshes clothes well, they come out fresh smelling but does not clean soil. If you have a spot, spot clean it first between washings or dry cleaning e.g. for a suit coat or tie/slacks/dress when you spill a little coffee on them right after washing them! I wish the water reservoir was a little bigger and the insert to add a dryer sheet was the size of a dryer sheet. You have to fold or cut a dryer sheet to fit the holder. Would be nice if it had a well to add fabric softener and or pellets, to add a nice sent to the clothes or a solution to add to the water tank. Another minor issue, the buttons are hard to see and don't light up until you push the “on” button. Would be nice if they stayed lit after you loaded it; close the door, for like 30 seconds. No issues being plugged into a 15 amp. breaker. This is really best suited for dresses shirts/blouses and coats/jackets that are still clean, but not needing a full cleaning or ironing. Polo shirts come out fresh and remove any moderate BO smell from armpits; yes, I tried a worn one. Didn't do much on sanitary for my stinky slippers, but did help a lot. Really helped my sneakers too but I’m not sure if you are supposed to use it for that. Our take on this machine, fantastic if you work in an office or business and dress in business/casual attire where you don’t really get dirty, to freshen-up clothing and go a lot longer between dry cleaning and washing. We also freshened up a throw blanket for the couch and some window curtains and it worked well. Great job LG!
by JB
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Used Almost Daily
So many uses for the LG Styler Im addicted. Sanitize bed pillows and throw pillows In the LG Styler opposed to throwing them in washer then dryer where they not only loos their shape but take forever to dry. Have pets, sanitize their toys, excellent for pressing slacks, de-wrinkle and sanitize Multiple outfits at one time. Styler includes 3 hangers, 2 can be used for both slacks, skirts, shorts with a top, pant hanger used on the door. You are able to use your own plastic metal hangers for the remaining 3 slots if the hook fits nice & snug in the 3 remaining slots. The tall glass front can be used as a full length mirror, crystal clear. Dryer sheets can be used in the bottom compartment leaving the room smell clean and fresh Does not need to be hooked up to water line, use tap water not bottled water
by Unique07
Upgrade your laundry room with the LG Styler. Refresh clothes between cleanings and reduce odors ...
Upgrade your laundry room with the LG Styler. Refresh clothes between cleanings and reduce odors with the gentle power of steam. It even helps sanitize and removes allergens. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for its superior performance in reducing bacteria and fungi by at least 99%. The LG Styler is the perfect laundry companion, ready to refresh when you are, with just the touch of a button. The elegant and efficient design makes it a perfect fit for any area in your home. Control key LG Styler features from anywhere, at any time, with SmartThinQ technology. It also works with popular voice-activated devices. The Styler from LG gives a whole new meaning to getting ready. Color: Mirror Finish.Haven't used it yet but the features that come with it will be great
by Slamdunk
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Used almost daily for Sanitizing, Freshening clothes that have been worn for a few hours, Pressin...
Used almost daily for Sanitizing, Freshening clothes that have been worn for a few hours, Pressing slacks, Removing wrinkles. Also has the room smelling fabulous when cycle is complete. The clear long glass panel can be used as a full length mirror. Once installing confirm LG Styler is level, provided accessories ables this to be done on carpeting or floors. Place a fabric softener sheet in back bottom compartment for a nice clean scent, fill water tank with tap water not distilled. I use filtered water from the refrigerator which has passed through 3 filters and a water softener due to having well water. If tank empties a chime will play, this happened only the first time used. Percentage of water that needs to be emptied from drain water tank is much less than the amount poured into water supply tank. Sounds are quiet and vary depending the part of the cycle the Styler has reached a subtle shaking at times is why it is important your hangers are a snug fit Wrinkles diminish better in some garments better then others, depending on fabric and the amount of deep wrinkles. 3 hangers are provided, 2 which able you to clean and sanitize 2 complete outfits and another to press slacks. You are able to use metal plastic hangers if the hanger fits snug to the top moving hanger. Using your own hangers will able you to hang 3 more garments Extra care functions may provide more steam however I am having a difficult time with this feature, hooking up to Wifi using the App I have attempted from my tablet and phone. Cellular data has to be turned off and must be connected to 2G, both have been done with a great wifi connection however cannot connect. I will have to reach out for support to able the LG SmartThinQ which offers Smart Diagnosis, Energy Monitoring as well as controlling delayed running from my smart phone. Once the cycle is complete again another chime will be heard. Clean filter, change dryer sheet, empty both tanks. I leave the tanks open and upside down as well as leave the door open for a few hours. I wish the cord was a little longer, do not connect to extension cord and use an outlet that is not being used by any other device. The LG Styler needs its own outlet, unplug when not in use. Naturally the steamer warms up the room but nothing in comparison to running the dryer not to mention the amount of electricity used is much less. I love that I am able to sanitize my throw pillows and bed pillows on a regular basis. Sanitizing pet toys also a great feature. A few minutes running them through LG Styler I walked into the room and the aroma was stinky, once the cycle was complete the odor vanished assuring my pups things were cleaner and healthier.
by Unique07
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The Styler steam clothing care system is the newest gadget in my house and I love it. Yes it does...
The Styler steam clothing care system is the newest gadget in my house and I love it. Yes it does not replace the dry cleaner visit here and there but keeps clothes fairly fresh. You should be able to cut down at least 60 % of the dry cleaner visits. I use the styler mainly for my dress pants. The pants take a little over an hour to clean which seems like alot but saves one trip / one item cost to the cleaners. The Styler also has Wi-Fi capabilities to notify you when you have the Styler or complete. The Mirror finish gives the Styler the professional look for your Laundry room. I would get it if you tend to use it for more than pants.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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