Customer Reviews for Loctite GO20.34 oz. Repair Putty (2-Pack)

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  • All purpose repair adhesive made to rebuild & repair materials
  • Can be sanded, drilled, and painted; cures in 24 hours
  • Works for bonding wood, metal, concrete, brick, glass, and more

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Finally, an easy way to fix chipped tile.
Works as advertised. took 60 seconds to knead and then I had about 3 minutes to work it before it got hard. Try slicing off the amount you think you will need to prevent waste. I think it would would work well in the suggested uses. Just be sure the area is brushed clean of any debris that may prevent adhesion. Each piece is sealed so it is good to keep on hand. It dried to an off white. A bit whiter than builders beige. The first chip I repaired was a nickel size hole in the entryway tile. See attached photo. Unless you are looking for it it goes unnoticed. The base of the tile is dark brown so the chip was very noticeable. I used several markers and smeared them to blend to the approximate color and add a little speckling to match the tiles as best I could. Water color may have worked a little better to get the right color but not sure the color would last. I was very pleased with the results. the 2nd chip was in our shower and the base of the tile was white so it blended in just fine without needing to color it. Just push it in wait for it to dry and clean up the edges with a knife like you would with grout. I will definitely be buying this for future repairs.
by Joe
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Great product!
I tried this product to repair some damage to a ceramic tile that occurred after dropping a can on the floor. The damage was roughly one inch in diameter and I needed something that was very strong and durable, since the other option was cutting out that tile to replace it, so I decided to give this a try. The package has two pieces of putty, each approximately 3/4" long, 1/2" diameter. Since the damage to the tile was small, I decided to cut one of the pieces in half, which ended up being plenty for the small hole. The directions say to knead the putty for one minute and it would be workable (pliable) for about three minutes. I kneaded it for a minute and pressed it firmly in to the hole using a putty knife for added pressure and worked it in. (The putty actually began to cure and harden before three minutes so you'll need to work fast.) I let it cure overnight and sanded it the next day. The material seems pretty hard and although not the same as ceramic tile, it looks like it will work for the repair. One other note is that the instructions say the material dries white, but it was an off-white (which actually worked better for my project).
by Diyer88
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Strong and easy to apply
I've use other types of these 2 part putty's and at best its a guess if I have the mixture ratios correct. With this one there is no guessing just mix as the directions say and apply to a clean surface. I used it on plastic electrical conduit pipe connection that came apart, first I roughted up and cleaned the surfaces with a 300 grit sandpaper and then applied the putty. Worked great and I made a nice clean edge with an exacto knife before it dried completely.
by Midknight
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Great Product, But Work Fast
How many times do you get a tube of wood filler or putty, only to have it harden up in the tube before you use even half of it? This product comes in a blister pack with two single-use size capsules. You can use one without having to expose the other to the air. The product seals well, is relatively easy to work, and almost odor-free. It sets up quickly. But, work fast. From the time you open the package until you finish, you have roughly 4 minutes: 1 to knead the components together, and 3 to work the putty before it becomes too stiff.
by Yellowjacket
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Excellent Product
I applied this putty to a broken plastic part on a kids wagon by the wheel. I know on the package it said you could drill it,because of the strength after it hardened, but I can tell you I was VERY IMPRESSED WITH IT'S STRENGTH when it dried. It went on very smooth, and was also easy to paint after it hardened. I can see this product being VERY useful, and I will definitely try it on other projects!
by Psmdiyer
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Very useful repair putty
This is one of those amazing products that probably has a million uses. The epoxy putty comes in a small wad and is activated by kneading it in my hand. I used it to patch two holes in large garbage can, making it water tight. I'm sure this product would be useful for all sorts of repairs.
by vgvg1
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Handy to have around the house
I've used this repair putty to fix many different things. It is pliable when combined and then hardens over time. It is to thick to spread smoothly with a putty knife so I usually push the putty into what ever I'm trying to fix, smooth it out as best I can, leave a tiny bit extra, then sand it off with a sanding block. I've fixed holes in wooden table tops this way and repaired holes in our tile floor where there was a dimple that was about an inch deep and 3 inches in diameter to fill. I've also used it as a filler where the a wood screw is loose in wood. I normally drill out the wood a little bit. Push the filler into the hole and then screw the wood screw into the filler then leave it over night. The result is stronger than the original wood. I normally can break the screw free so it can be taken back out. This stuff is great where you need a durable hard repair.
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Good for a quick patch
Used the GO2 repair button to fix a loose baseboard. The product was easy to knead and do the repair. It didn't seem to have as much holding power as I expected compared to other Loctite products. I also used it to secure a transition strip between carpet and wood floors. I set a paint can on it to help promote adhesion and it seemed to adhere but the bond again didn't seem as strong as other adhesives I've used. The best use I found was using it to fix some broken pieces on Christmas ornaments that got broken between the store and the house.
by JerryY
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Good Coverage and Dries Quickly
I used this product to secure some very visible wood trim. The trim is at eye level and it was important not to see the nail holes. I could have used a hole filling product, then I would have had to sand and re-paint. This was perfect. The bond is secure and my trim looks perfect. I am going to use this from now on for projects where the "look" is very important! It does dry very quickly. Be careful about that.
by ClaireS
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Hardens hard, bonds well.
I had a small chip on our white marble counter top. It was out of the way and it wasn't unsightly or right in my face, but I knew it was there and I knew there was little or nothing I could do to 'fix' it. But when I saw this product from a company I trusted (Loctite), I figured I'd give it a go. The putty comes as both parts combined in one piece that activates when you start kneading them together. They recommend doing it for about one minute. That was about right for me. Once it's all one color (starts as sort of a grey and white... blends to white) you can work it into your repair. It's a lot like a clay and it works its way into your repair spot easily. Once it cures (it reminded me of something like an epoxy to requires mixing of the two agents for it to work) it bonds hard. Really hard. You can sand it. The label says you can drill it as well. I didn't have to do that, but from what I saw, I'd say it would hold right up to a drill. I let it cure overnight, but it was probably ready MUCH sooner than that. There was a slight odor, but barely noticeable. After I got the GO2 Repair Putty in place, I washed my hands thoroughly. Better to be safe than sorry. Bottom line, my chip is pretty much repaired. I can live with it now without it catching my eye all the time. And I'll always keep some of this GO2 Repair Adhesive Putty on hand because - as you well know - we always have little repair jobs that it would be great if we only had some putty type product that would work. This stuff is your ticket. It comes in a 'two-pack', so it's great to fix that first problem now, and keep the other part for future use (it won't activate until you knead it together, but I'd be careful opening the package to keep the second part of the two-pack isolated). Keep it around the house... you'll need it sooner or later!
by NEMajorDude
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