Customer Reviews for Lutron Skylark Contour LED Dimmer + 2 Philips BR30 LED Light Bulbs

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  • Bundle includes 2 LED lights and a dimmer switch
  • 730 Lumen brightness
  • 22.8 year bulb lifespan (based on 3 hours/day use)

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All purpose dimmer with LED bulbs
This is a combination kit of a Skylark Contour dimmer and Phillips BR30 LED flood light bulbs. The dimmer is designed to work with dimmable LEDs, Compact Florescent (CFLs), halogen, and standard incandescent lights. It can be wired as either a single pole (one switch controlling the light) or three way switch (two switches controlling the light, with one being a dimmer and the other a standard three way switch). Flexibility of the light source and single or three way operation makes this a good choice for any application. Dimmer is rated up to 600 watts for incandescents and 150 watts for LED or CFLs. It is a combination design where the bottom of the dimmer is a toggle on/off switch, and the mid and top portion a slider which selects the lighting level from full ( all the way up) to very dim. Dimmer requires a decorator style – rectangular opening wall plate. I tested it with both standard and LED bulbs and it worked flawlessly. No flicker or hum was detected from the bulbs and the range of the dimmer was good. Overall, it’s very stylish. Direction for installation are both in writing (several languages) and in pictures. If you have ever installed a three way switch, it’s basically the same, just follow the diagram. Light bulb is a dimmable LED flood. Rated at about 10 watts, it produces 65 equivalent watt light, and is a warm white color spectrum – 2700K. It will match almost perfectly with “standard” incandescent of CFL warm white bulbs. Dimmable without any hum or flicker, this is a long life – rated over 20 years at three hours a day, money saving bulb.
by ToolTimeTony
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Skylark Contour LED Dimmer + 2 Philips BR30 LED Light Bulbs
Instructions were OK, Adjustable low level dimming, came with 2 Phillips LED's, worked with existing installed LED''ll need to buy separate wall plate to complete install....does not buzz... Do not attempt if not familiar with working with electrical power.....fills up single gang box....
by HappyCamper
Great deal!
First LED bulbs I've purchased, it's always been CFL until now. I'm really happy with this purchase and the ability to dim them. Thanks Home Depot.
by Gary
Great deal when it's on sale!
I bought this package deal on sale, which essentially works as "buy the switch, get the bulbs free" When I was looking at the deal, I would have liked to know the part numbers for the parts of the deal, so here's what I received. 1 Lutron Skylark dimmer CTCL-153PDH-WH 2 Philips bulbs with Part Number 9290011117 and another number 452235 The switch works as a single pole or 3 way, which is good to know and not specified on the site. Home Depot lists the bulbs as discontinued on the site, except for in larger quantities. I'm using the 9290011555 now, which I think is the newer version of this bulb. They both work essentially the same, but the newer version glows along the entire face of the bulb, while this one has a ring around the outside that doesn't glow - so the newer version looks more like a traditional BR30 bulb.
by REDog
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Dimmer works great with LED's
Had LED bulbs on a pre existing dimmer and they didn't dim smoothly and flickered. Need to have an LED compatible dimmer and this cured the problem. Neighbors no longer think we've got a disco in our living room. Haven't used the bulbs yet, but they seem to be about the same as all the rest, never had an LED bulb die yet so not sure when they'll get used.
by Hayviator
Working as told
I use the lights in the basement , 7' ceiling. I had 9 dimmable flood lights down there. In the last 3 years I've had to replace every bulb twice . Old flood light's were hot and you could feel it , brightness was harsh. New lights were left on for about 90 minutes and I could put my hands on the bulbs with no problems. Lights on full are eye friendly. As yet to be seen, is there life expectancy as according to Philips they will last 20 years @ 3 hours per day. I can't promise I'll be here in 20 years to write a review to confirm that.
by nothingyet
Good deal - if you receive what they promise
Bought as deal of the day. The dimmer was fine/easy to install - the bulbs give off a pleasant bright light. The issue I have is delivery/logistics. I've ordered this item 3 times, and every time I've received 1 dimmer and 1 bulb. Called customer service to get the extra bulb, but every time comes back saying vendor doesnt supply missing parts. Um, it is a light bulb, not a part! It's sad/borderline comical that 3 tries and the "vendor" can't get the order right. I'd give 5 stars if it was delivered as promised, and it would be a great deal.
by backyardbob
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Recieved the product with 1 light
Great with easy installation. Had no trouble doing the connection on my own. But had a tough time with homedepot as they shipped it with 1 LED bulb instead of 2 as advertised. Pay attention when shipping
by raj
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Shipped without lights
Product (switch) installed and worked fine but was not shipped with lights. Notified HD of error and was told lights are out of stock and need to return the switch. Now see HD advertising set with lights. Beware switch may be shipped without lights.
by Watzup
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Dimmer is very good, bulb is great
Very easy instructions and installation of the dimmer. The big slider is easy to adjust and stays in place when I ham-hand the switch. The switch itself is a little small for my fat fingers, but works fine. Package would be just that much better if a wall plate was included. Plate was easy to find at Home Depot, though. The bulb is excellent. It dims nicely without noticeable flicker. The fact that it dims way down is nice, since I've tried other "dimmable" LEDs that down have much of a range.
by MaineYankee
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