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Customer Reviews for MSI Boca de Yuma 7.13 in. W x 48.03 in. L Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (23.77 sq. ft./case)

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  • Waterproof vinyl planks with scratch, stain, and slip resistance
  • Attached underlayment completes an easy DIY click lock install
  • Handscraped texture offers the look and feel of real hardwood

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Looks great in my room. Easy to clean . Love it
Looks great in my room. Easy to clean . Love it
by 13
Love this I must have brought home at least 20 samples I’m not a grey person but this has just enough of a brownish color in it I also didn’t want anything to dark or light and I wanted a matte finish I also purchased the throw rug from Home Depot
by Me1
So my husband and I have never completed a project like this before. We’ve done small things out of wood like shelves or a table but never a floor. So in our house the first floor was all carpet except for the kitchen. We decided to change it out for a new floor and did all sorts of research. We preferred vinyl planking over laminate as we were more concerned about the water proof capabilities. We don’t have children and our dog is small where I wasn’t concerned about scratches and honestly it pretty hard to scratch. After about 4 weekends (we took our time) we finally finished. The part that took longest was the prepping. You have to take the carpet off, take off the quarter rounds and remove the tile and thinset. Do yourself a favor and buy a rotary tool or rent it as it will save you SO MUCH TIME. You want to make sure everything is clean and even (the ground) for the most part. We learned that not every room is “square” meaning that one room could be a little angled where the planking starts shifting in terms of how it looks. I would recommend starting where you’re going to have the widest/biggest view, so for example the living room or walkway entrance. Ensure your wood planks look straight from the entrance or where it would be really noticeable if it was crooked and then start laying them down. Read the instructions. There is a direction they go in which makes it WAY easier to install as opposed to the “wrong” way. You have to toggle it a little to install the planks but you’ll know once it’s in correctly when you hear a little pop or if it lays down flat. If there is tension when you push down on it, it could be the inner corner or one of the ends not linking in correctly. I read reviews where people say they chipped it or it doesn’t link and it’s because you need patience and trust in the system. You may have to set down a plank like 2 times before it sits right. If it doesn’t easily sit right then it’s not in right. Plain and simple. We left about 1/4 inch space along the walls so it would have room to shift if the house shifts. This will prevent the planks coming up or warping. Once that was done we placed silicone and quarter rounds back and voila! Plank hardwood flooring look and we’re in love. It’s been about 3 weeks that they’ve been installed writing this review and photos.
by Wonderzone
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my nephew laid the hallway floor in a day, love...
my nephew laid the hallway floor in a day, love it, it seemed to be easy for him....plan on having all bedrooms and frontroom done..
by dan
Nice Flooring!
I’m using the MSI Provance Gray flooring to give our home a refresh. I’m laying it right over the exsiting boring beige travertine flooring. This particular floor is one step up from MSI’s least costly product and it’s worth it. These boards are heftier and bigger in length and width. They are less likely to chip from handling. So far out of 35 boxes only one had damaged boards and it looks like someone may have dropped it on its corner. Installation is literally a snap. When you hear them click in place you’re good to go. A gentle tap with a tapping block will make sure they lock in place and lay flat. The color of this particular flooring reads between a brown and gray- maybe a greige? It goes well with a modern look. I’m very happy with how it’s turning out and recommend this to anyone looking for a solid performing vinyl plank at a reasonable price.
by Queenbun
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There was a 8” scratch before the floor was finished being laid. It is not staying locked and c...
There was a 8” scratch before the floor was finished being laid. It is not staying locked and coming apart. That may be because of a bad instal( at the narrow end, not wide side) I do love the color. But I got it to handle traffic and I am nervous.
by Justme
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Ohh simple very nice finish!!!!...
Ohh simple very nice finish!!!!
by Milly
Love my new floors
It was a little tricky to get the pieces together but once we got started and played around with it a little, it was smooth sailing. So far it is holding up well with two big dogs and kids. I found it easier to attach the short side first, hold it at a little angle and tap the long side in.
by Ashley
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Like the feel and the look. Recently installed look so nice brings out the color of the walls. An...
Like the feel and the look. Recently installed look so nice brings out the color of the walls. And getting more to finish the rest of the house.
by middleburgfl
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Amazing flooring!
The actual color is more like driftwood gray. It only looks tan like the picture if you have a warm white light shining on it. Super easy to install. All click edges are highly precision with no gaps when clicked and flat. Prep work is key here. ridges or dips in plywood need to be corrected first (belt sand flat or fill in the dips). You will thank yourself later. No need for extra padding. Very comfortable with no sound transfer from existing pre-installed underlayment. I installed this in a master bedroom, and adjoining bath with walk in closet.
by Chu
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Showing 1-10 of 226 reviews