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Customer Reviews for Maxx Air 20 in. High-Velocity Floor Fan

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Model #HVFF 20UPS

  • 3-speed motor produces up to 2,250 CFM air movement on high
  • 90° tilt adjustment allows infinite air directionality
  • Equipped with four skid-resistant feet to keep it firmly situated

Customer Reviews

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    out of 330 reviews
  • 85% recommend this product
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The fan looked like it had been open and used and then put back in the box for shipping. One of t...
The fan looked like it had been open and used and then put back in the box for shipping. One of the screws was lock in the arm and I had to cut the head off to put the bottom on with different screws.
by Larry
I have ordered several fans roughly around 50 plus fans and 2 fans were dead on arrival. Other th...
I have ordered several fans roughly around 50 plus fans and 2 fans were dead on arrival. Other than that the fans have worked out well.
by 0091
I bought two of these fans and loved them until the fan blades bent. Now I hated them ! If you t...
I bought two of these fans and loved them until the fan blades bent. Now I hated them ! If you tilt the fan while it is running the blade can strike the cage and bend the blades. When I spoke to Ventamatic they acknowledge the the blade will warp and strike the cage if you tilt the fan while itis running. Damaging the blades. The blades are covered under warranty but I must pay for shipping to and from Ventamatic in Mineral Wells Tx. The cost of boxing up and shipping both ways is more than the cost of the fan. So now I have two vibrating noisy fans.
by Amaturewoodworker
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Blasted while it lasted
It would get more stars, even with its short life, but I also perceived an attitude problem. It lasted 17 months, and gave plenty of air while it lasted. The noise didn't matter to me, because I didn't use it in a situation where anyone cared about noise.
by SprayYou
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High velocity fan it cost too much.maxx air high velocity.
Makes,too much noise.nice air too loud .the fan cost a pretty penny for what I paid for.i thought it would be a great addition to the house to keep down our cost.its noisier than a home ventilation system.
by Fe
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Fast Fan and very convenient
Easy to assemble with a screwdriver. It moves way more air than you would expect from a fan this size. My picture looks like the fan is stopped, but that's because of how fast the camera is. The fan blades are actually going so fast you can't see individual blades when you look at the fan itself instead of a picture. The base is built just right to reliably keep the fan from falling over from the force of the airspeed. I only use the highest speed, partly because I don't see much point in buying a fast fan if I'm not going to use its fastest speed, and partly because there isn't all that much difference between the different speeds anyway. All three speeds are way faster than most other fans. The one you see in the picture is being used for circulating the air from a room that has a window air conditioner, through the hallway, to keep the whole house cool from that one air conditioner. It's a relatively small house, so it doesn't really need more than one window A/C, and this fan is what makes that window A/C work well for the whole house. The instructions seem to be wrong about which speed is which. But that's easily solved with a little experimenting. When I'm not using A/C, because of nice weather, I have one fan aimed out a screen door, and another fan aimed through the hallway towards the room that has that screen door. That moves air through the house so fast, I can arrive home in the evening then get rid of the heat of the day by running the fans for a few minutes. And on a warm night, I run them all night. I don't care about the noise, but some people might be bothered by it. We hardly ever have nights so hot that an A/C is badly needed. These fans are perfect for most of the warmest nights around here. This assumes you live in a relatively small town where you don't have to worry about burglars coming in through your screens. Fans are better than A/C because you get fresher air through the screens instead of recirculating your air through your A/C. One thing to always remember about using fast fans for comfort: The key to being comfortable with them is to aim them away from you, not towards you. If you feel extremely hot, aiming them towards you for a few minutes is nice, but you don't want to keep the air moving towards you constantly, because it's too fast, and will start to bother you. The best way is to aim them out some screen windows or screen doors, as that will cause a breeze to come in all the other windows of the house.
by Nick
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big enuf and powerful enuf to keep us cool in the deep south
powerful, compact, efficient, works well in all areas
by Neilz1
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I'm glad I bought this fan. I think I will have it a long time.
The MaxxAir 20-inch floor fan puts out a lot of air and is fairly quiet. We use it on our porch to help cool us and to keep the mosquitos and no-see-ums off of us. It is all metal, sturdy, stable, well-made, and takes up little area. Since it is a floor fan, it is not a visual obstruction. It has 3 speeds and we've only used the lowest fan speed so far. Directions say the fan will not need lubrication since it is sealed.
by Thomas
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This product is a workhorse. We have it on 24/7
The original reason for the purchase of this fan was to use it as a cooling device for our compressor on our walk-in freezer at our soup kitchen. It needs to run 24/7 and is critical for the smooth running of the freezer which contains thousands of pounds of meat. Most recently we have also used the fan for the installation of new flooring in our kitchen/dining area which serves a free meal to the poor of the community. So far, the fan has been working perfectly, the size is ideal for our purposes, we like the variable speeds, and overall we are very happy with the product.
by PMN3
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Powerful wind creating machine . :)
Very sturdy well built metal floor fan. The breeze from the floor fan is literally a wind creating machine delivering a gusty wide flow of cooling breeze. I actually plan on purchasing a 2nd one I like it that much for another room. Only thing missing is a remote control. :)
by Wendy
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Showing 1-10 of 330 reviews