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Customer Reviews for Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Deep Cut Band Saw and Grease Gun 2-Speed with Two 6.0 Ah Batteries

Internet #313805893

Model #2729-20-2646-20-48-11-1862

  • Versatility to cut up to 5 in. by 5 in. material in one pass
  • Includes (2) Tools and (2) Batteries
  • Fully compatible with the M18 system, featuring over 200+ tools

Customer Reviews

  • 4.8
    out of 321 reviews
  • 97% recommend this product
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Love it, as strong if not stronger than a cable Sawzall
Love it, as strong if not stronger than a cable Sawzall
by Rudy
excellent buy
excellent buy
by al
The Best Demo Saw I’ve had this saw for a few years now and I can say enough good things about it...
The Best Demo Saw I’ve had this saw for a few years now and I can say enough good things about it. I’m a remodeling contractor, and I have used this saw to cut through a wide variety of materials and I’ve never had any issues. This is a must have tool when you are loading construction dumpsters, so that you can cut and stack material neatly and save space. I use my saw with a 9.0Ah battery and its a beast. I’ve demolished 12x16 pressure treated wood decks with this saw. As long as you have the right blade, this saw will cut through most reasonable materials. One of my favorite uses for this saw is landscaping. When I cut down old hedges that leave a stump thats too hard to dig out this saw and a long blade will get the job done. I used this to make cuts in locations where I would never remotely consider sticking my chainsaw. If you have ever worked with a reciprocating saw, then you know that your biggest ongoing concern while operating one is trying to keep from cutting through the cord or the extension cord. A cordless saw eliminates this problem and allows you to work so much more efficiently. It also means that you can use this saw anywhere you want because you don't have to plug it in. You could literally take this thing on a camping trip if you wanted to. I know that they recently came out with the 12.0Ah batteries, which i have not had a chance to try yet. But I have several 9.0Ah and I have used some of the other less powerful Milwaukee batteries. I would suggest that if you are going to be doing more intense jobs with lots of cuts, that you forego buying the smaller batteries and go with the 9.0 or the 12.0Ah. If you already have the smaller batteries, then try them out with this saw, but don't expect the saw to run for an extended period of time because this saw does require a good deal of power. In the picture that I included I used my saw to cut a really old and heavy wet rope rug that had been sitting on the floor of a tool shed that had a hole in the roof. I dragged the rug to the dumpster 50 yards from the shed, but I could not pick up the rug. It weighed over 300lbs and it was soaking wet with nasty water. The dumpster was too full to drag it inside. And I refused to try to bearhug it. So I cut the rug up into big stringy clumps. This was a gross one. The blade was vibrating the rope rug as it cut through each woven section, which was throwing that nasty water everywhere! I got through it and I’m still here. No sure how I would have dealt with this had i not had my saw on the truck.
by Renos
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Works great Installed a 4 link back end on my S10 truck all cuts wear made with this saw
Works great Installed a 4 link back end on my S10 truck all cuts wear made with this saw
by Scott
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This is the most powerfull sawzall in its class of cordless. Probably the best even in the cordle...
This is the most powerfull sawzall in its class of cordless. Probably the best even in the cordless class. It has a great feature where a metal claw folds out and hangs from house framing etc. when not in use. has a led light that shines in your work area and has great cutting power. best choice when wanting to cut the cord and go cordless.
by Mike
This is a great tool. Kept right up with my fathers corded super sawzall during a demo. I am usin...
This is a great tool. Kept right up with my fathers corded super sawzall during a demo. I am using the 5 amp battery, would imagine the 9 am would be even better. My wife was mad I bought it then had more fun using it demoing our kitchen and would not give it up. Only concern is I had to replace my first unit because the chuck kept getting stuck. I may have been from the sheet rock dust but this is designed cut this stuff down
by Cory
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I own a company that builds decks and pergolas if tools don’t work I can’t work , I changed over...
I own a company that builds decks and pergolas if tools don’t work I can’t work , I changed over from ridgid to Milwaukee about 15 months ago and since then this is the second sawzall second impact I’ve bought due to the complete failure of the original ones but I will say the battery life is excellent And I love the rafter hook don’t know how I ever got by without one of those ! But at the end of the day what really matters is are your tools still working because tomorrow you’ll be needing them !
by Hillbilly
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Great tool
Great tool. But has a flaw when doing continued nonstop work 8+ hours. blade change gets hot and wears on inner sleeve. Hopefully next gen has this flaw fixed.
by JRo
Powerful. Versatile saw loaded with features. Features and Innovative brushless motor.
As a homeowner, and avid DIYer, I have a need to use power tools often, especially saws. I made my first purchase of a Milwaukee power tool several years ago, just after closing on my first home. I had no prior experience with Milwaukee brand tools, but after using them, I became so impressed by the quality and power, especially of the cordless tools, that I started replacing all of my yellow and green power tools with Milwaukee tools. Regardless of its age, and the amount of abuse I’ve put my Milwaukee tools through, including the occasional accidental drop onto pavement, they continue to function perfectly. I opted for the M18 FUEL Brushless Cordless Sawzall Reciprocating Saw - tool only - because other Milwaukee cordless tools that I already own utilize the same M18 battery as the Cordless Sawzall, and I didn’t need another plastic blow mold case taking up valuable shelf or floor space in my workshop. I was anxious to test this Sawzall, so I didn’t allow the battery (not included with the tool only) to fully charge. Even still, with only 2 leds showing on the battery’s integrated power indicator, I was able to cut a variety of material without the saw bogging down or quitting on me. I’m working on a deck building project so, knowing that I had a lot of cuts to make, I allowed the battery to charge fully overnight, so I could give the saw a good testing. I used the saw to demo portions of old deck framing, posts and boards, cut down six shipping pallets that had been sitting beside my garage for several months so I could dispose of them, and prune a tree and a shrub on my property. Not being tethered to a power cord allows me to quickly tackle a number of projects and take this saw anywhere I happen to need it. Using a good quality saw blade designed for demolition, I was able to make short work of the old deck and pallets, cutting through metal brackets, nails and even 3/8 –inch lag bolts with relative ease. The saw cuts extremely well, with power rivaling that of a heavy-duty corded saw, and produces surprisingly little vibration as compared to other reciprocating saws I’ve used, giving me the ability to be more precise with my cuts without shaking loose the fillings in my teeth or making my hands go numb. Like all Milwaukee tools, this Sawzall is thoughtfully manufactured with features such as a comfortable, ergonomic non-slip rubber grip that encompasses the entire forward portion of the tool, giving you a variety of hand-hold options, a handy LED light that operates by the trigger to illuminate your workspace and a large swing out metal hook for hanging storage. This saw also features an adjustable shoe allowing you to adjust the depth of the blade, which is handy when plunging into walls where the depth may be more shall than the length of blade, and a tool less twist and lock mechanism for quick insertion and removal of the blade. One thing to note is that, while the trigger has a thumb lock to prevent accidental starts, this button doesn’t serve to lock the trigger when depressed, requiring you to hold your finger on the trigger to keep the saw engaged. Not a huge deal, but having a lot of experience with saws of this type, and others, I personally like having a lock on the trigger, which frees my hand so I can get a different hold on the saw, if I need to. The motor of this saw is brushless, meaning there’s fewer moving parts to wear out, so the saw should last longer and also run quieter than one with brushes, although noise is not so much a factor as I typically wear hearing protection when using power tools. Overall, I’m impressed with this Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Cordless Sawzall Reciprocating Saw. I especially like the available ‘tool only’ option, so you aren’t paying for a battery, case and charger station you don’t want or need.
by JamesC
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Mixed Feelings On This Tool, I Like It But Have Had Issues And Did Return One For Replacement Due To Damaged Drive Wheel
I use this tool infrequently but when I use it, I am making hundreds of cuts per day over a 3-4 day period. The cuts are in 2" standing galvanized pipe and other pipe up to 3" dia. The bandsaw blade started to jump off the drive wheel, so I would stop and put it back on. Then the blade would jump off and take off the boot (or that rubber gasket the bandsaw blade runs on). It took a couple of try's to figure out the best way to make sure the boot gets put back on correctly. Then it seemed like I was spending as much time putting the boot back on as I spent cutting pipe. Closer inspection of the drive wheel revealed that the teeth on the drive wheel were being damaged by the bandsaw blade after the blade had jumped off and taking the boot with it. The teeth were so bad the boot would not lay flat and the blade kept jumping off. It was within the 90 warranty time so I took it back the Home Depot and they refunded my payment and I bought a replacement bandsaw. I have had similar issues with the new tool but knowing the problems in advance, I use care to reduce damage. My experience has been when cutting pipe/metal in ideal conditions it works wonderfully. In the field, I am rarely cutting in ideal conditions. I am trying to cut as close to the ground as possible and in fact I lay the tool flat on the ground, keeping it parallel to the ground and then cut. If the bandsaw does not cut parallel to the ground the tool cannot follow the angle of the blade if the blade angles down. And I think that the tension on the blade or the lack of tension makes this issue a bigger issue. I have used the corded deep cut bandsaw (exactly the same size/weight etc) and had few issues with it in similar conditions. If you could increase the tension for these types of cuts before closing the tensioning lever when installing a new blade, maybe the blade would flex less and then be less prone to change angle and stop jumping off.
by pinscar
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