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  • Many problems. We ordered this product for a stair and kitchen. Therefore it required stair nose...
  • August 08, 2019

Many problems. We ordered this product for a stair and kitchen. Therefore it required stair nose in both locations. We ordered both products and each order was cancelled several times by the Mohawk. Each time we got a different answer via Home Depot. We eventually found out the stair nose was the problem and would be fixed on the HD website in a couple of days. So we just ordered the flooring. A week later we found out that Mohawk was no longer selling stair nose. So we had a flooring that would no longer work on the stairs and decided to use it only in the kitchen. Overall just really bad communication between mostly Mohawk and HD. Problem two. We received the order and opened two of the six boxes of flooring. I should note that flooring description is for variable flooring of up to 7 feet long. I didn't pay enough attention of the words "variable" and "up to". In box one was one long 75" piece within a group of 4 pieces averaging 5 feet. There was also a mid-sized group of 3 averaging 3 feet and the small group of six pieces averaging 2 feet or less with an average piece length 2 1/2 feet. That was the good box! The 2nd box had one long piece of only a little over 3 feet. Average for the box under 2 feet in length. Now this is a 7 inch wide flooring with a beveled edge, so short flooring really stands out like a sore thumb and just looks terrible. Obviously Mohawk is taking money saving shortcuts by mostly sending customers short pieces. They also do not guarantee what percentage of each box will be 7 feet long pieces. We found out that later that a few other flooring mfg. do make this guarantee, if you look for them. Result: A returned order. to HD. Overall a waste of money on the measurement fees delay after delay on the measurement and order process, getting the run around on the order cancellations and an inferior product disguised as premium flooring. Caveat emptor. Look elsewhere. There are better options than Mohawk as we discovered since then. So maybe it worked out better in the end.


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By: NoMohawk