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Customer Reviews for NINJA Foodi Deluxe 8-Qt. Black Electric Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer

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This is my favorite kitchen appliance, you can go from pressure cooker to air fryer in seconds. Quick and easy to use, quick clean up. It stays on my counter all the time for daily use, tossed our toaster and old pressure cooker.
by coffeeandtwins
    Because you can air crisp as well as everything else I find the Ninja better than the instant pot.
    by joycb06b
      Absolutely love this machine
      We've had this machine for over a year and a half it is the bomb!! ❤️
      by Liza K
        • Recommended Product
        I use my Foodi 3 or times a week! I absolutely love air frying pork chops, pork@loin and hamburgers in my Foodi! Love the “all in one” feature of being a pressure cooker as well.
        by mindyl10
          This does it all and you will NOT be disappointed! You can do so much with this system and it cooks PERFECT meals. I love making homemade potato chips and fries and I know it’s not as bad as fast food places. I would recommend this to ANYONE!
          by maggierawles3
            Best fryer out there!
            I’m so happy I bought this product. I never thought food would come out tasting amazing and it doesn’t take long to cook
            by Karen72
              • Recommended Product
              My husband and kids got me a Ninja Foodi for Christmas in 2019, and it is hands down the greatest kitchen appliance I own. The versatile functionality makes cooking dinner so easy. I cooked a whole chicken for the 1st time in my life, and it was delicious. We use the air fryer regularly to have buffalo chicken eggs rolls. Have you ever air fried a whole pork loin? If not, try it. Game changer. I love pressure cooking frozen chicken. The possibilities are endless.
              by mkcaspe
                Easy Clean Up
                I bought this appliance a few months ago and have enjoyed using it for quick, easy meals. Clean up is simple and quick. My only concern is my 8qt pot seems to be losing its non stick finish. No scratches, just takes a little more soaking. I still enjoy it and have purchased one for my granddaughter.
                by Nannysfive
                  • Recommended Product
                  Quick meals
                  Pressure cook almost daily. Easy cleanup! So fun to experiment!
                  by Sunshine
                    • Recommended Product
                    Versatile and easy to clean
                    Just bought.. used for steak and veggies. Bacon. Will cook more . The attached lid is for crisping. Other for pressure cooker. Love it. We'll made. Easy to dishwash. Great for veggies. Pulled pork and chicken. Nachos.
                    by Frenz
                      • Recommended Product
                      Ninja brand delivers again!
                      We have bought a few Ninja brand items over the years, and since I have had good experiences with their products I decided to purchase the Ninja Foodi to add to our cooking routine. This pressure cooker and air fryer is so easy to operate and cooks a lot faster than other similar appliances we have used. I love the health advantages to air frying as well. The clean up of this product is also easy and efficient. Overall, I am so happy I chose Ninja again. Definitely recommend!
                      by Dana1181
                        • Recommended Product
                        This client is so awesome. I just got it and I love it. I made some air fried sweet potato fries and they came out delicious. It has a double then. You can air fry or you can pressure cook meats. Either way it is the great addition to any household. And the best part is that the kitchen does not get extremely hot even though it goes up to 400° itself. It is awesome for a single person or a family. I definitely recommend this appliance.
                        by antonior5
                          It is like you have a restaurant in your home! The best thing that you don't know you needed but you do! This makes your cooking experience a pleasure and also quick! I know it is expensive but it's worthy
                          by labradorsabrinal
                            A great product
                            Just bought this Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer and love it! Instructions are easy to follow. The only thing is that I find the pressure valve is hard to move and stay in place when releasing the steam. Otherwise works great!
                            by Dolly1
                              • Recommended Product
                              Love my ninja foodi! Not sure what I did without it! I use it several times per week. I would highly recommend this product!
                              by karenw86
                                Best ever
                                Would give hubby up before I would my Ninja foodi. I love it makes cooking fast easy and good.
                                by Bdun
                                  • Recommended Product
                                  I recommend this product strongly.
                                  I bought this product 8 months ago. I really love it. I've been saving the cooking time and enjoying the meal. Thank Ninja Foodie!!
                                  by Hangk12
                                    • Recommended Product
                                    This is my favorite cooking gadget ever!!! The air crisp and pressure cook options are my most used methods. I do not know how Zi ever cooked without it. The seal valve is easy to seal and vent.
                                    by rnt19783
                                      LOVED it for 4 months, now it won’t turn on.
                                      I used this for lots of things for 4 months. Now it won’t turn on. So sad as would use it 3 times a week.
                                      by Mrs D
                                        • Recommended Product
                                        Where is my cookbook
                                        Everything looks good on it except I did not get my Chef-created cookbook and I’m having a hard time finding where to get one at.
                                        by Bubba
                                          Great cooker
                                          Very easy to cook for perfect, make no mistake, so far I’ve been tried all different kind meat potatoes, yams, all turn out great
                                          by Alice
                                            • Recommended Product
                                            I bought this for my mom, but love it so much I use it more than her. Don’t know why people are saying you can’t cook anything with it. I use it for almost every single meal! It’s amazing and the best thing ever!
                                            by Michelle111
                                              • Recommended Product
                                              Great Machine
                                              I love how this works still have lots to learn but already we got rid of oil fryer, crockpots and other things as this works great.
                                              by lightasafeather
                                                • Recommended Product
                                                Doesn’t work properly
                                                I’ve used mine sporadically for one year and it’s already stopped working reliably. The lid sensor doesn’t register the air fryer lid opening, so it won’t allow me to use the pressure, slow cook, or sauté options until I open the lid about 50 times.
                                                by Thispotdoesntwork
                                                  BEST EVER
                                                  I bought my Ninja foodi eight months ago. I have not used my stove since. I cook everything in my foodi and prepare absolutely wonderful meals. This is a must have. If you cannot cook with a Ninja Foodi then you just can’t cook. Very simple put the food in set and let the foodi do the work. Easy to clean, less energy to cook no worries of having a mess on the stove. Five stars all the way
                                                  by Bpatter919
                                                    • Recommended Product
                                                    5 Star if all settings worked 4 because they don’t
                                                    I use my XL Foodi almost every day. I bought it in quarantine and it’s been one of my best kitchen appliances. I don’t use the toaster or the oven anymore. Unfortunately, I got a faulty unit. pressure cook, air crisp/fry, and yogurt work. Steam, and sauté is not operational. I haven’t tried all features yet to know what all doesn’t work. I’m using it anyway for the features that do work. Just now finished pressure cooked chicken from frozen. Again. I do truly love ❤️ this unit. Just wish I could use all the features. I haven’t tried contacting customer service yet because I’m working 7 days a week for the last year and I’m tired.
                                                    by Emily
                                                      • Recommended Product
                                                      I've fed my dog better food than this makes.
                                                      I purchased this for my wife, who is an excellent cook. The first thing she tried was chicken wings. They were tough and tasteless. I just bought two Cornish Game hens and she cooked them, according to directions from Youtube. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Tough, and no flavor. What a piece of garbage, and that's where I threw it, in the trash. Don't waste your money.
                                                      by Firebrand
                                                        This is my favorite kitchen appliance i have ever purchased. it does it all. its a stove, oven and air fryer all in one. its pretty pricey it is most definitely worth the price!!
                                                        by amandafe04b
                                                          This is such a helpful product in the kitchen! It’s multifunctional and you can cook in so many different ways. I love using it as air fryer and slow cooker
                                                          by editap1
                                                            MY FAVORITE THING IN THE KITCHEN! Makes the crispiest food! Reheats things amazingly! Braises meat in 45 mins flat! Also makes the best rice!
                                                            by elliefink
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