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Customer Reviews for NINJA Foodi Deluxe 8-Qt. Black Electric Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer

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Works As Described and Seen
I dont understand the negative reviews here but to each their own I guess. I have to say you guys must not follow directions too well, I found after reading the included materials, instructions and the directions fullly before using the machine it became a breeze. The food really does come out as it looks in the recipe book you don't have to be a chef to make a nice delicious meal with it and have Everyone enjoying the fruits of your labor or its labor I should say, like I said its a breeze.
by Granny Sue
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    Time saver and Healthy!
    This thing does it all! I’m very impressed with the Foodi deluxe! Made my life so much easier!
    by Rach25
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      I would give this 10 stars if I could. Hands down best thing I’ve ever received. You don’t even need a stove or oven anymore. This thing does it all. We probably use it at least 6 times a week. Super simple clean up. And basically you put ingredients in, press a button and it does everything for you. It’s really elevated everything we make.
      by lady_sfraga
        My Foodi 8Qt
        This is a wonderful cooker. I have not done any cooking much in my lifetime. I amnow really getting into this thing. It make perfect beef jerky and chicken, wings, game hens, chili. Only downside is when in dehudrate mose it is very very noisy. I have to put it in garage when dehydrating fruit or making jerky. Othe than that , I love it.
        by Noodreamer
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          Great machine
          Talked all my sibling on buying one That’s six people and we all live it
          by Madge
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          Absolutely IN LOVE with my Foodi XLDeluxe
          I received as a gift for Mother’s Day! We are a family of 6 adults and the Foodi XL Deluxe is perfect for my family! I’m a chef by trade as well, and I couldn’t recommend this product more!!! Totally impressed with the pressure cooker and tender crisp (air fryer) functions. I’ve made so many things this week which totally made my family love it as well!
          by Royanna
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            My favorite appliance now.
            I have owned this for an hour now and I am obsessed. I prefer steaks on the grill, but wanted to give the foodi a try and it was perfect! I bought this to replace my pressure cooker and air fryer. So far, it’s very worth it!
            by Chela
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              I love it!
              I got this for christmas 2019. I use it ALOT! My fiance bought me the largest one because we have a family of four, it is giant! I find myself making more food than needed because especially with rice and potatoes it doesn't look like enough to feed everyone and I end up with leftovers. I wish it had a slow cooker option but that is its only downfall. I love the saute function has controls of low to high. I haven't used the yogurt function and probably won't. I can't wait to dehydrate some amazing apples this fall. The little cookbook has a quick guide in the back that has saved the day on numerous occasions too. Also, it does take up ALOT of counterspace, which is sad but I store mine elsewhere until needed.
              by cmlee12
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                Cooking with Ninja
                I have prepared sweet potatoe fries, chuck roast and air fired chicken wings they all turned out great. I am looking forward to preparing more delicious meals. The clean up of the air fry basket and cooking pot have been easy.
                by Jones3
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                I am a changed woman!
                My friends have been raving about their InstaPots and Ninja Foodi cookers for a while but I was hesitant to buy one. When I made the decision to buy one, I posed the question of which one to get on FaceBook. I got a lot of posts for both BUT 2 people said they HAD an InstaPot and switched to a Ninja Foodi and were so happy. So I went with the Foodi. I AM SO HAPPY!!! I have made so many amazing dishes already and in a fraction of the time. One of my favorite family recipes is for Panko-Parmesan Chicken. In the oven, it always was a bit soggy on the bottom. I tried it in the fryer basket and not only was it crispy all the way around, it took HALF the time to cook!!! I am a huge fan of my Ninja Foodi!
                by Mermandy
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                I use my Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer at least once a day if not more. The air fryer component is an amazing healthy alternative to frying and gives everything a great crisp. The pressure cooker lid let's you make all sorts of pressure cooking recipes. We've made everything from whole chicken with perfectly crisped skin to Dulce de Leche for pies. I love how versatile it is!
                by rkocken1
                  I’ve had this for about a week now and I have yet to use my stove. I LOVE LOVE THIS! Its totally worth every penny that I dropped on it and it is definitely not cheap. It cooks food faster which is perfect for my busy schedule. I love that it also doubles as an airfryer. I made shrimp scampi in this in about 10-12 minutes INCLUDING prep. It has been a true godsend to me. SO SO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE INSTAPOT.
                  by _iamcam_
                    Great investment. Got it for the air fryer but love the pressure cooker. It is a nice large size. I have roasted a whole chicken. Great for making full meals. Lentil soup in minutes. Affordable.
                    by trixxiezn
                      Great with all features
                      Worth every penny I can bake broil pressurized air frying is great bacon is the best
                      by Bennie
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                      I LOVE this machine excet the slow cooker
                      I LOVE this machine! I use it for everything from frozen mozzerella sticks to meatballs and sauce. My only issue is the slow cooker. It doesn't seem to regulate. I know now it has to be on Seal, but I will try one more time! Now I need all the acceressories!!
                      by LGagliano
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                        This is my first pressure cooker, slow cooker, or air fryer. Yes I’m old school pots, pans, stove, and oven style gal. Well until this! I love this! It is truly amazing! I love how juicy yet crispy skin I can get on meats using the different settings! This is one of my favorite purchases!!!
                        by beingpenny
                          Super Easy to use and great results
                          I am a terrible cook and I have cooked 3 great meals with this unit since I bought it yesterday! Probably the best chicken wings I have ever had.
                          by dmd387
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                            I love it!
                            Thus far, I have loved this machine. I have made several meals using different settings and they have all turned out great allowing me to get meals done faster and easier. Being able to start a recipe on Slow cook, switch to sauté and finish on air crisp is a mind blow! This is just an example, slow cooked a Corned Beef Roast over night, air crisped it to finish. Took roast out to cut up and switched to sauté for diced onions, potatoes and corned beef and finished up on air crisp...family said it was the best corned beef hash they have ever had! It was the easiest clean up for a meal ever!
                            by Dervin
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                            This is my new favorite kitchen tool! I use it daily and often more than once. It’s easy to use, a dream to clean and it’s extremely versatile! I promise you will not regret adding this to your kitchen arsenal.
                            by monesau
                              Easy to use.
                              We've had it for more than two weeks. It's too easy. I should get a more comprehensive cook book on pressure cooking, air grilling, and broiling. I can do it and I'm not a cook but I don't have to be when can just throw in the meat, turn it on. Veg are so tender.
                              by Mary78
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                              This thing is truly amazing!  I got this for Christmas and I have to say it is a life changer! I wanted something that could have multiple functions like a pressure cooker but had the bonus of air fryer. This thing is amazing not only does it cook one pot meals I can quickly crisp up some snacks for the family or even hard boil eggs with ease. The possibilities are endless! My only question is why didn’t I get this sooner. 
                              by laurenmalea
                                My husband bought me this for Christmas and I haven’t touched my oven since! I am so in love with this foodi! I bragged about it so much my mom bought one a few weeks after
                                by angelicar47
                                  This is absolutely everything I hoped it would be! You can cook just about anything you need to in this thing! Rice takes absolutely no time! Frozen chicken breast? No problem, cooked perfectly in ten minutes! Want to cook a whole roast?! Literally, only around 60 minutes, from frozen! Saute, steam, air fry, it does it all! So well worth the money!
                                  by brittanyeeeae
                                    I got my ninja foodi a week before Valentine's day since then I haven't used my stove but maybe 5 times. I love this machine even for my mother in law one. I'm actually excited to cook dinner everyday and my husband loves to use it too!!!
                                    by kathydalessio
                                      Very noisy! Missing features that Instant Pot has
                                      The Sauté feature is awful - doesn’t work near as well as the Instant Pot. The machine is very noisy! Is it just mine or everyone’s? It’s hard to use it when you’re trying to have conversation with guests while dinner is cooking
                                      by Catgirl
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                                        Ninja Foodi 6.5 qt
                                        I bought one for each of my 6 boys for Christmas. They and I love it. I have tried numerous recipes from the included cheat sheet but I need to expand my cooking skills. We loved the moist taste of the whole chicken we tried. What are some of the cookbooks for this Ninja Foodie that I might try?
                                        by Jeannie
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                                          I’m so in love with this Ninja Foodi I got this for my birthday back in December and I use it almost every day. French Fry’s and sirloin steak is my favorite to make. If you don’t have one I’m recommending everyone to go out and buy one ASAP.
                                          by kayla81
                                            I got mine for Christmas and wasn't sure if I would like it but it's great I make Hamburgers, shrimp and frys, also many other things. I found out that you need to check your food often and make the call when it's done. I haven't had a bad meal yet.
                                            by Terry
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                                              Great product
                                              We love it and I also have the Airfryer the Grill the hot and cold Blender and the Cooking System. We love them all and use them every day. Truly Great Ninja Products
                                              by Reahadna
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                                              It's True! Good as Advertised
                                              I didn't believe all of what the manufacturer said. But they didn't lie. The first dish we made was the whole chicken. It turned out better than Costco chicken. Moist and juicy inside, crispy outside. Even my grandson loved it. Since then we have tried a variety of recipes and all of them great. Pressure cooking with the ability to brown/crip is a game changer. We love it and use it 5 times a week now.
                                              by Hiram
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