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Customer Reviews for SEVENTH GENERATION Natural Free and Clear Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets (80 per Box, 12 Box per Carton)

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  • Reduces static to enhance your comfort
  • Softens your fabrics and adds lasting freshness
  • Free from dyes and synthetic fragrances to ensure reliable use

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I use free and clear products for no scent These are scented with a bad perfume Will not use
by Jennycat
Response from Customer CareJan 7, 2021
I'm sorry to hear that these had a scent to them. It is very important to us that our Free & Clear products remain unscented. We would like to hear more about this and help get some fragrance free products to you. Please contact our Customer Care team, 800-211-4279 or info@seventhgeneration.com
Not fragrence free any more!!!!
Add us to the long list of dissatisfied customers that were shocked and disappointed to discover that these new sheets have a very strong perfume smell. We returned them to the store and will do without until you bring back the old sheets....in the meantime, it dryer balls for us. We do like your detergent and dish soap.
by Momo64
Response from Customer Care Dec 22, 2020
Hi there- Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I am sorry for the confusion- we do still make our Free & Clear fabric softener sheets, and we also make botanical essential oil-scented versions, like this Fresh Lavender version. Please contact the Customer Care team directly so that we can get the Free & Clear version out for you: 1 (800) 211-4279 | info@seventhgeneration.com.
Smells like mold!
I purchased these because I expected a light lavender scent and I loved that the formula is plant based. I noticed that my entire laundry room seemed to have a moldy smell and after checking behind and inside all my machines I realized it was these dryer sheets! They do not smell like lavender! Just mold.
by SadLav1776
Response from Customer CareNov 3, 2020
Sorry to hear about this experience. This does not sound normal for our Dryer Sheets. We would love to help with this and learn more about this situation. Please reach out to our Customer Care team.
Bring back orginal dryer sheets
About two years ago I tried this brand and loved them. The material was almost like a brown paper bag, but still worked great. Plus no fragrance or irritation to worry about. I actually took a break for awhile from using any dryer sheets, but recently decided to try this brand again. First off, the material is different. Secondly there was a strong odor eventhough I bought the fragrance free brand. I'm sorry I won't be purchasing these again.
by Christina22
Response from Customer CareAug 11, 2020
Very sorry to hear that there was a scent on these. It is very important to us that our Free & Clear products are truly unscented. We would love to hear more about this and help make this right for you. Please contact our Customer Care team, info@seventhgeneration.com or 800-211-4279
Where can i find the old sheets?
Fragrance Free? That's not true. I want the paper sheets back please. I will not be buying these ever again. I never understood why companies always have to change products. New and improved is always a bad sign. It would have been nice if you had put that on the box because people wouldn't have been duped into buying a product that you changed thinking it was the trust worthy item that they have bought for years. Very misleading packaging.
by Fragrance No Thanks
Response from Customer Care Jun 30, 2020
Hello- We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. We recently updated our fabric softener sheets, changing the sheet material from the brown paper to a plant-based rayon material, largely because of improved efficacy. While our new sheets are no longer compostable, our new soft white sheet itself is 100% plant-based. I am sorry to hear that this product is not working well for you. Your comments will be shared with our teams. Please reach out to us directly so that we can learn more about your experience and assist you with this. 1 (800) 211-4279 | info@seventhgeneration.com
Sheets changed - No longer fragrance free
I had been using Seventh Generation fragrance free dryer sheets for years and they were truly fragrance free. The last time I purchased the dryer sheets, I was appalled when I received them because of the overpowering scented odor coming from the boxes. I left the boxes in my garage for months hoping they would off gas but they did not. I had to throw both boxes away. Also, the sheets are no longer brown paper and appear to be made from the same sort of fabric that other dryer sheets are made. The change in the dryer sheets seem to have happened after Unilver acquired Seventh Generation. I will not buy again.
by JoZzz
Response from Customer CareApr 14, 2020
Hi there, thank you for reviewing our fabric softener sheets. We did make a change to the substrate for improved performance, and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the changes to this product. Please contact us at 1800-211-4279 or info@seventhgeneration.com
They have a very strong perfume smell
My husband carefully read the label and was so proud that he bought me free and clear sheets with no fragrance. He has lost his sense of smell, so he didn't realize that the dryer sheets are perfumed. The dryer sheets are not unscented, they have a strong perfume smell that I am sensitive to. I don't want to hurt my husband's feelings, so I'm trying to use these, even though they are causing problems. They smelled up my entire laundry room, so I finally put them in a plastic baggy, to get rid of the smell. If I pick up the plastic bag, I can smell the perfume right through the bag. I response to an earlier review, the company has replied that perhaps the dryer sheets could have picked up the scent from other scented items. It is obvious that this didn't happen because the smell is too overpowering. Maybe they were not packaged correctly. I will tell my husband not to buy these again because the store brand products are superior and also made from natural products.
by biology1teacher
Response from Customer CareMar 31, 2020
Hi there, we're sorry to hear about your experience with our fabric softener sheets! These should not have any scent to them at all. When you can, please contact us at 1800-211-4279 or info@seventhgeneration.com so we can learn more about your experience and offer assistance.
These smell and are oily.
I used the old version and was very pleased. These new ones are absolutely awful will never use these again.
by KF123
Response from Customer CareFeb 7, 2020
Sorry to hear that our Fabric Softener Sheets are not working well for you. We would love to hear more about your experience and help make this right. Please reach out to us, info@seventhgeneration.com or 800-211-4279
Static attack
I decided to try these because I heard they're made with natural ingredients. I won't be buying them again because my clothes came out of the dryer clinging together from static.
by Maggiemay224
Response from Customer CareNov 7, 2019
Sorry to hear about the static that you had with these. You might need to use more than one as we get into these dry winter months. We also offer a Liquid Fabric Softener, perhaps this can be a better option for you. We would be happy to you find the right product for your home, please reach out to us, info@seventhgeneration.com or 800-211-4279
preferred old design
I don'y like this new formula as well as last . Like the brown paper better than rayon these do smell like a fragrance the others did not.
by annf
Showing 1-10 of 209 reviews