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Customer Reviews for PPG METALLIC TONES 1 gal. #MTL139 Copper Kiss Metallic Interior Specialty Finish Paint

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Model #MTL139-01

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  • Provides a chic metallic finish
  • Designed for use on interior surfaces
  • Boasts a hammered metal finish

Customer Reviews

  • 3.9
    out of 41 reviews
  • 58% recommend this product
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
  • Verified Purchase
Do Not Recommend
Very disappointed in this paint. We used it for our bedroom. The color is beautiful, however after 3 coats you can see the paint roller marks everywhere. It looks terrible. This is expensive paint to have to redo.
by Amanda
    This paint is terrible
    My painter painted the charmed life (blue) and mucho mint (green) on my bedroom walls and it looks terrible. This paint was very expensive and I paid a lot of money to have it done. They did four coats but the paint is not sticking and it is uneven. Do not buy this paint.
    by Upset21
      Should roll two coats then spray a third to erase...
      Should roll two coats then spray a third to erase any lines. Very shiny and beautiful
      by RENEE
      • Verified Purchase
      by Joey
      • Verified Purchase
      Beautiful color... very elegant and rich looking. I love...
      Beautiful color... very elegant and rich looking. I love it. Sorta hard to paint but well worth the effort and work!
      by BEVERLY
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      It dosent cover as much as i expected it to,...
      It dosent cover as much as i expected it to, or look as metallic as i hoped, but, its somewhat acceptable .
      by HomeDepotCustomer
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      Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
      Rating provided by a verified purchaser
      by HomeDepotCustomer
      • Verified Purchase
      NO Metallic in Metallic Tone Paint
      Purchased this week wanted copper and white kitchen; it's brown, it doesn't even have the luster of the polyurethane wood in the room.
      by Susana
        PPG Metallic Paint Aqua Essence
        Absolutely Awful!! Please do not waste your money or time! My uncle a professional painter for 28 years, has painted in/for some of the most historic buildings in Chicago, came by to assist me. Even with knowledge and talent, we could not get the application to appear anything like the “supposed sample” picture. The sample gives and illusion of a “teal-silver marble look”, in reality there is no silver tone in the paint that stands out separately from the teal. We followed each instruction, recommendation, and list of materials needed to “achieve the best outcome” and were left with an absolute mess of a wall. It’s so upsetting, I was so excited for this and did LITERALLY EVERYTHING PPG exclaimed even down to having a professional’s assistance. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE, do not waste the energy, money, time, or hope that I did.
        by ThisPaintIsAScam
          the color is warm and beautiful thank you...
          the color is warm and beautiful thank you
          by CARM
          • Verified Purchase
          This paint is beyond amazing! You MUST prime first to get the results you want. You will be disappointed if you try to put this over existing paint. The key is to PRIME first. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
          by Holly
            • Recommended Product
            Metallic tones = LOVE
            This is my absolute favorite paint ever! I can’t believe it has such poor reviews. I have five rooms in my house painted with this paint in several different color variations. I think anyone who has given it a bad review did not follow the instructions correctly and apply the final coat with the specialty sponge. If you are looking for something different, fabulous and gorgeous, I highly recommend this paint. Yeah, it’s more expensive than other paint, it’s because it’s 20x more beautiful. The gold is my absolute favorite and you can see how luxurious it looks on my dining room walls. I do suggest on the light creamy colors to use a white base coat, as it helps it shine and pop. Everyone who sees my metallic walls always comments and loves them. If this is what you want, look no further! This paint technique does take longer, as do all good things. I always use the recommended sponge roller on the 2nd and 3rd coat. I also have a small cut section of the sponge to do the trim edges, since you can’t roll all the way to the corner. Take your time, do it right and you’ll be so glad you did. Again, there is no reason this should not have 5 stars, if the user followed the correct steps.
            by LadyFord
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              Beyond Dissappointed!
              This was the worst purchase ever! All I have on my wall is a very pretty color with streaks that I can't get to go away no metallic tone at all. Do not purchase. I need my money back!
              by Tina51
                We bought a baby pink metallic paint from ppg + a primer that was recommended. We watched the tutorial videos and followed the steps and we still went through 3 gallons of paint and have streaky walls. This paint isn’t cheap. And I will most likely have to just start all over with a new color because my walls look horrible.
                by Paris
                  After priming MDF countertops with two coats of primer and one coat of black paint, sanded between coats, I overcoated with three coats of copper metallic. After everything was dried and cured, I poured clear 2-part, self-leveling countertop epoxy (Total Boat) over the paint. The pictures don't do it justice. I did notice that I needed to regularly stir the paint to ensure good pigment mixture. I also used a small thin foam roller and went over the coats with the roller with gradually less pressure to ensure roller marks were eliminated. When I wiped down the last coat of paint before coating with epoxy, some of the tinting powder in the paint did come off, but not a significant amount - not a big deal.
                  by Pawpaw
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                    SO DISAPPOINTED
                    I was excited to paint my bedroom accent wall metallic color to make it pop. However, after 3 coats on the wall, it still showed streak marks! I was so disappointed and wasted a whole chunk of my time to paint just 1 wall hoping it will turn out great.
                    by meep
                      Very streaky
                      I just bought a new house and I had all the bedrooms painted with these metallic colors. The end result is awful. I’m so upset. The colors look so streaky even after 4 coats. I am now considering repainting the bedrooms over.
                      by Shah
                        Beautiful finish!
                        It takes some patience, but the look is worth it! it goes on thin - i don't think it's meant to cover up like "regular" paint. I used a base coat similar to the color i picked and after 2 coats, it looks great. i did a third and it looks even better!
                        by ALBE
                          Not feeling this paint
                          I am not quite finished with my project but so far I am very disappointed. I have a large wall that I divided into thirds and wanted the third section to stand out from the other two which are done in satin finish. The sheen looks about the same. I probably would have gotten the effect I wanted with everyday much cheaper semigloss. If a miracle happens with the next can of paint and the sponge roller I will leave a positive review but at this point I doubt it. My final option will be to buy that semigloss and forget the money I wasted on the metallic. Thank God I only got two quarts.
                          by Deevirgo
                            Looks really nice but consistency is poor
                            I really like the metallic look but I am finding that I cannot get the roller marks to disappear. I have gone to thicker naps and that hasn't worked either. I even have 5 generous coats in some areas. I am not sure what the problem is. It is as if the direction of the roller stroke determines how light reflects off the paint when it is dry. Maybe there is some magic in applying this paint that escapes me but I have never had this problem with regular paints.
                            by Sawdust
                              Follow the directions and you will LOVE it!
                              My 12 year old daughter outgrew her pink bedroom and wanted something that matched her love of rock and electric guitars. We were not familiar with metallic paint, but she was sure that she HAD to have PPG's Metallic "Rejoice" paint on her walls. We did some research before we purchased. The MOST IMPORTANT step we took was purchasing a satin paint that was a similar shade. We prepped and painted her room in gray satin first. Then we put 2 coats of the PPG Metallic "Rejoice." We put a final coat of the PPG Metallic "Rejoice" on with the texturing sponge roller. It looks AMAZING. We used less than 2 gallons for her entire bedroom. I can understand the negative/frustrated posts from other people that reference needing a lot of coats. If we had tried to cover her pink walls with PPG's Metallic paint WITHOUT painting it a similar shade first, we probably would've thrown the can out the window. You have to have a similar base color.
                              by Mom of the Year
                                • Recommended Product
                                Pleasantly Surprised
                                I decided to repaint my dining room from a medium blue to PPG's Metallic Tones Astute. I applied two coats of primer to cover the blue & three coats of Astute. I used the faux roller brush for the third coat which I think was key to the project coming out beautifully. It took quite a bit of work to get the final result but it was worth it. The Metallic Tones paint really makes the room look elegant.
                                by LBen
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                                  Make your walls beautiful
                                  I am doing the entire interior of my house in this paint. My walls have a texture and with the paint, it is absolutely stunning. This paint should not be applied like standard paint. There is a technique to making it beautiful. Give PPG a call, to learn how to do it right. You wont be disappointed with the outcome if you follow their specific technique. Its simple, but a different way to paint. The results are beautiful.
                                  by Crystal
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                                    It works for me
                                    It works for me
                                    by max
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                                    This paint creates a beautiful finish. The metallic copper added the right touch to the look we w...
                                    This paint creates a beautiful finish. The metallic copper added the right touch to the look we wanted to achieve. It went on easily and only two coats were required to cover the white wall.
                                    by Phephe
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                                    having trouble not seeing the roller marks
                                    Love the color but marks are showing. The wall was primed and we waited for 2 hours to paint the wall . This is after 2 coats
                                    by Jill
                                      Conditionally I would recommend this paint. However you need to first paint the surface with the...
                                      Conditionally I would recommend this paint. However you need to first paint the surface with the matching copper color using regular latex paint, typically with a flat finish. The metallic paint doesn't cover other background colors well or consistently.
                                      by Paul
                                      Response from PPG PaintsApr 8, 2019
                                      Hi there, we're sorry to hear your project didn't get completed as smoothly as you expected. Please give us a call at 1-800-441-9695 between 8 am - 5 pm ET for assistance. ppgtimeless
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                                      5 Star Review
                                      Rating provided by a verified purchaser
                                      by Kevin
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                                      I love this paint! I don’t really enjoy painting much as a usual rule, but this metallic paint is...
                                      I love this paint! I don’t really enjoy painting much as a usual rule, but this metallic paint is so pretty and so versatile I’m making up things to do with it. The color is a nice shade of light copper, maybe a little more on the gold side than you’d expect, but the shine is just right and it goes on well. Just be sure to read the instructions because your last coat needs to be done with a wool pad or sea sponge to get it to look just right. You could leave that step out if you don’t care as much about the shine, but are more interested in the color. The final coat makes it appear more reflective. So far I’ve used it as a “frame” around a piece of artwork on a wall in my spare bedroom and also as a backsplash in my kitchen. I’m toying with painting the ceiling squares between the wood beams in the dining room.
                                      by LAURA
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