Customer Reviews for PRIVATE BRAND UNBRANDED PRO 2.5 in. Trylon Oval Angled Sash Paint Brush

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  • Use with all paints and stains, on all surfaces and paint sheens
  • Durable Trylon filament paints further and provides a clean edge
  • Trylon technology provides unmatched paint pick up and release

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Good Brush
This brush is pro quality for a fair price. Holds paint well and minimizes drips. Cuts in like a breeze and flows smooth with each stroke. Comfortable in the hand and well balanced for trim work and ceiling angles. Clean up was easy with warm water without a lot of left over residue.Used on both high and semi gloss with good results. Pro grade brush that cuts a fine line and holds a good amount of paint.
by Fredho
A cut above the rest sash brush
I had the opportunity to evaluate this sash brush. Balance and weight is great for all day work. The oval bristle shape allows perfect cut alignment with no effort at all. No need to mask and pros rarely do anyway. The brush hold paint well and flow is even. Only two stokes needed to cut in a sash. One stroke to cut in and the back stroke to level and fill. This brush takes the struggle out of fighting inferior and cheaper brushes. Painting tip.. Always moisten your brush prior to first dip to make cleaning easier when finished.
by OldJohn
Great cutting brush
This is the best cutting brush I've ever used. It seems to pick up just the right amount of paint without dripping and holds it until I put the brush to the surface. Then it dispenses the right amount of paint and allows me to recover the area I've painted without over applying and causing drips or runs. The tip of the brush is long and thin allowing precise placement of the paint even in tight areas and is responsive to the pressure applied if more paint application is desired. The brush was very easy to completely clean. The container it comes in serves as a case for the brush and it has a hook and eye fastener closure to allow the brush to be stored while keeping it clean and keeping its shape.
by Hamrdul
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Oval is great forcutting into inside corners
This is my first oval shaped angle brush. It is thicker in the middle and thins out at the toe and heel, and is also nicely tapered. I like this shape. It is easier to cut into inside corners with less bulk at the toe. It still seems to hold as much paint as a rectangular angle brush of the same size/material. The bristles are fine yet firm, and it provides a smooth finish for gloss paints. The white tips are not flagged, just softer and rounded. It has a raw wood long thin (rat-tail) handle with a hole to hang it. Raw wood has good grip. I’d prefer more of a hybrid handle that’s between a rat-tail and the short, thick beaver-tail because I spend most of my time cutting in with this type brush and for that, I hold the brush in the fold of my hand, up by the ferrule, and a beaver-tail feels better for that. Latex paint cleans up well, but the bristles want to separate into clumps after cleaning after the first short use. I put it in its folding cover with Velcro closure while still slightly damp to help push the taper back together and to keep it properly shaped during storage. Cutting into inside corners just got easier with this oval brush.
by LILass
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Oval shape improves brush
The 2.5 in. Trylon Oval Angle Sash Brush has a different shape. The brush is stuffed with bristles so that it ovals out in the center and gives a wider feel to it with tapered edges. It says it has solid round tapered filaments which is also new. I guess more bristles translates to holding more paint which is a good thing. The brush edges feather in nicely and create a precise clean straight line. I use angled brushes for cutting in around trim where they are ideal. I'm not a fan of long handles for this work and have been using lately the shorty handle brushes instead like Wooster's Shortcut brushes. For me long handles are not as easy with ceiling trim and into corners where I can usually hold it down around the ferrule. Having said that this is a great brush in spite of the long handle, it cleans up well, bristles are long and remain soft even after clean up. After using it I like it for baseboards, sashes and wood door trim. The brush needless to say performs better than the cheap ones and didn't throw bristles over the work. You can see the quality in that it comes with a stainless ferrule. While theses brushes are more expensive, if cleaned well they will last for years and give you a better paint job, too. Its big with a full head of bristles so you'd want to keep it around over the years.
by FXP1
Very nice brush, painted well, cleaned well
The oval sash on this brush is interesting. I'm not sure that it actually allows the brush to hold more paint - and I think that would be difficult to prove / verify - but it definitely made the brush comfortable to hold and easy to use. I painted some trim - prior to hanging and again after nailing - and the brush performed very well. I was happy with the way it painted, the way it cleaned and the overall quality of the brush. I would buy more.
by jswobe
Really great brush
Really great brush holds allot of paint easy to cut in around doors an trim. Easy cleanup of brush.
by bc95
Firm bristles, clean edges, comfortable handle
This Diamond Pro Trylon 2.5 inch angled paintbrush is fantastic. The bristles are firm and packed tightly, and they are varying lengths, from shorter in the orange section to longer in the white tip section. The bristle section - when looked at from the side - seems to oval out rather than just lay flat. Somehow that allows the paintbrush to hold a greater amount of paint, and yet the tip of the bristles still gives a very clean edge when painting. Overall the paintbrush is 12" long. The wooden handle is smooth, comfortable, and 7" long. The bristle section is 2.5" and angled, which I found made it easier for me to paint corners, wall to ceiling edges, and small spaces. The metal portion that attaches the bristles to the wooden handle is made of stainless steel. The packaging is held together with a small velcro square, so once I cleaned and let the paintbrush dry, I reused the package to store my paintbrush until the next project. Clean up was easy - I did as the package instructions indicated for Latex paint, which was to wash immediately in warm soapy water and then rinse in warm water (do not soak overnight and do not use hot water). The packaging for this paintbrush says it is guaranteed, but there is no explanation of the guarantee. When I went to the manufacturer website (Linzer Products Corporation), I was unable to find this particular paintbrush or any mention of a guarantee for any of their paintbrushes. However, Home Depot always stands by its products so if I encounter any issues in the future, I know Home Depot will take care of it.
by sweetpoki
Good for bigger jobs
I was excited to try out this new brush on window trim I was painting around my house. I had never heard of an oval brush, but I knew an angled sash brush was what I wanted. As it turns out, this brush has some distinct properties that may or may not make it ideal for your job. It's a very lightweight brush, at just 4oz, versus 4.6oz for a competing 2.5" sash brush I've used for years. But interestingly, it felt a bit heavy in my hand, and I went off the mark a few times where I don't think I would have with my other brush. I realized that the key difference here is the "oval" design. Marketed as holding more paint in the brush, it no doubt does, but it also makes the brush a bit heavy in the middle. I found that it was harder to control when doing small strokes or very fine detail work. On the other hand, it worked well when just going in a straight line and putting down a lot of paint, as the bristles are soft and conform very well to the painting surface. Simply put, I'd choose this brush for bigger jobs, but not for precision jobs. Another thing worth noting - a number of bristles on the sides of the brush got bent astray by hitting the side of the paint can. I was a bit surprised at that, as I hadn't seen this happen before with other brushes. I needed to cut these off before continuing with my painting project.
by Termie
I lime how the brush strokes stay smooth ..even when...
I lime how the brush strokes stay smooth ..even when using it on ruff surfaces.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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