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Customer Reviews for Pennzoil Pennzoil SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Qt.

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  • Helps prevent sludge and other damaging deposits in your engine
  • Protection for extremely high temperatures
  • Helps prevent sludge & other damaging deposits in your engine

Customer Reviews

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    out of 875 reviews
  • 99% recommend this product
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A brand to trust !
My husband only uses Pennzoil especially now with 110,000 miles on my car.
by Lee D
    • Recommended Product
    awesome oil
    we always use this and it has never let us down. so glad we bought it.
    by pumopysmom
      • Recommended Product
      Great product
      Use this for my car and wouldn't use anything else
      by Mrsmayor
        • Recommended Product
        Exclusive use
        I use Pennzoil exclusively in my vehicles. I've tried other oils long ago, but found Pennzoil performed better, with no to MAYBE a little sludge.
        by Crtri74
          • Recommended Product
          Dependable,long lasting,reliable
          I've used Pennzoil conventional in just about every mopar I've ever owned including my current cars, '08 Durango (86k miles) and '05 neon (84k miles). Despite negative hearsay seen on online forums as well as in person I've never had any issues with it. I will continue to use it and would recommend to anyone!
          by Ed13
            • Recommended Product
            Great oil
            I use this oil on all my cars I have been using it for around 25 year's now with out fail
            by Buggmann
              • Recommended Product
              Great Oil
              I have been buy Pennziol for my race cars for over 20 years. Never had a problem
              by race87
                • Recommended Product
                Work's as expected!
                Great oil for a great price. Keep up the great work!
                by Devin
                  • Recommended Product
                  The best oil available
                  I've been buying and using Pennzoil since I was 16 and am very pleased with this product.
                  by blaneym
                    • Recommended Product
                    You get a good quality product at a very reasonable price.
                    by Fordfreak79
                      • Recommended Product
                      Old favorite
                      My dad always recommended that I use this type of oil, he was usually right so I still use it today
                      by dizzie61
                        • Recommended Product
                        Great Product
                        We've been using Pennzoil for ages now. It keeps our Chevy Malibu it tip top shape. Keeping the engine performance at its best!
                        by BABEMCQUEEN
                          • Recommended Product
                          Nice and economically good product.
                          I used this for my Toyota minivan, and worked fine without any problems.
                          by YUTA
                            • Recommended Product
                            Great protection.
                            My truck is 16 yrs old with 158,000 miles. I have been using Pennzoil since my first oil change. The oil still looks clean in the engine today. The Mechanic who did my alignment said he wa impressed with the engine performance. Asked if I wanted to sell my truck to ask him first.
                            by Rickv68
                              • Recommended Product
                              always reliable
                              always reliable, year after year, oil change after oil change.
                              by gotee172
                                • Recommended Product
                                The greatest oil for MOPARS!
                                I have used nothing else in my life since I was 16 yrs old and got my first car. In 1984, I bought a gold and black vinyl top 1971 Dodge Charger SE with a 440 magnum slap stick with hideaway headlights. The manual said to use Pennzoil 5W/30 for cold weather. I have never ever used anything other brand of motor oil since then. Thank you Pennzoil for making my engines happy and healthy!
                                by karl
                                  • Recommended Product
                                  10w30 motor oil
                                  I love pennzoil! I use it in my honda engine and in the transmission aswell.
                                  by Skylar187
                                    • Recommended Product
                                    Great motor oil
                                    I've found that using Penzoil for my oil changes increases mileage and overall engine performance.
                                    by MrMark
                                      • Recommended Product
                                      Pennzoil Oil Review
                                      This oil works better than any oil I have tried before, It seems to make the vehicle perform better in cold weather.
                                      by Jenny
                                        • Recommended Product
                                        Has been my go to oil since 1987
                                        Use it on a variety of vehicles including a 1987 f250. Has never left me wondering about the type of protection oil offers. I know I can recommend this product, and others will love it too.
                                        by myrnag09
                                          • Recommended Product
                                          Best oil ever
                                          I've been using pennzoil since I had my first car a 1974 ford ltd in 1984 when I was in high school....
                                          by Bigcheez40
                                            • Recommended Product
                                            Great oil, simply works!
                                            Pennzoil is my favorite motor oil. It simply works.
                                            by Lex34
                                              • Recommended Product
                                              Quality product
                                              When I change the oil in my vehicles, I always choose Pennzoil first. The quality has top notch and have never had a problem with the oil.
                                              by JohnLClark
                                                • Recommended Product
                                                Great oil
                                                Since I can Remember we have been using pennzoil either 10-30 or 10-40 depending on vehicle and weather temperatures, My father and i did our own oil changes at home and still duing it. When we lived in colder weather in the midwest we used 10-30 and when moved to Texas we have been using 10-40 on hot summer weather, on all our vehicles we have owned
                                                by mayo
                                                  • Recommended Product
                                                  protects great
                                                  i always used pennzoil in all my cars never had a problem great oil
                                                  by frank
                                                    • Recommended Product
                                                    one of the all time classics
                                                    I have been using this oil since 1984, I blew up my engine on my 1983 monte carlo when i removed the block there was a thick layer of goo all inside, At the time I was using quaker state I switched oils and have never had a issue with my engines I have owned 5 cars since then all with well over 150000 miles put on them by me not one issue. I used it in 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines I dont believe i will ever use another type of oil. tried and tested by me!
                                                    by silverfox
                                                      • Recommended Product
                                                      Makes my van smell like turnips and peppermint .
                                                      Pennzoil for life, I use it in every thing.Good day!
                                                      by Hambone
                                                        • Recommended Product
                                                        Great Product!
                                                        This is the oil of choice in our household, consistently offering a trusted and true product! Never fails to live up to expectations. My Father brought me up using Pennzoil as I have my own Son.
                                                        by Richhabba
                                                          • Recommended Product
                                                          Can always count on Pennzoil
                                                          I've been using Pennzoil for years and it's never let me down!
                                                          by Mandasue0556
                                                            • Recommended Product
                                                            Use this since my first oil change, used it ever since. no oil related problems
                                                            by patterson_johnm
                                                              • Recommended Product
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