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Customer Reviews for RIDGID 10 in. Pro Jobsite Table Saw with Stand and 18-Volt Torch Light

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Model #R4514-R8694B

  • Includes: 10 in. Pro Jobsite Table Saw with Stand
  • Includes: 18-Volt Torch Light (Tool-Only)
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Nice home hack DIY saw
Not sure how this saw would fare under constant use in a production setting but for home owner DIY use it appears adequate. Used it for a fence build with some gates. Kind of finicky rip fence and the miter doesn't fit snugly in the slot. The miter wiggles a bit. Hard to justify a $100.00 after market miter. I think if I keep the saw I'll build a better miter and cross cut sled. I built a router table insert that fits in the extension wing which is a good use of the space. I don't think I will buy another saw like this without the cart. Honestly the cart is the best thing even if it comes with two right feet. There is no Dado throat plate available so you have to make your own. Fortunately the plate is exactly a half inch thick so its easy to make your own out of plywood, MDF, or other dimensioned stock.
by Rick
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Wintering in Texas, couldn’t live without a table saw, very impressed with this one.
Wintering in Texas, couldn’t live without a table saw, very impressed with this one.
by Fred
Quality product.
Flashlight is model R8694. I will cover specs, quality, other models and some additional uses i have not seen mentioned here. I will also cover suggestions for next iterations BOTToM LINE Bottom line upfront: excellent simple, reliable tool. Optimal price 20 usd. OK price 30 usd. PERFORMANC The flashlight outputs 300 lumens, which can not be altered or refocused. This means that the tool has minimal settings. None really. This is a double edged sword, as you can not focus or dissipate the beam as needed. As its set right for the middle (17inch diameter daylight circle at 15 feet, with about a 13 feet diameter circle where the light decipates and makes things somewhat visible.) SPECS this model is R8694, 300 lumens. Its predecessor is R8693B, 100 lumens (outside looks the same but less light is outputted, resulting in longer battery life. Specifically it was 48 continuous hours of being on on a 4AH battery if i recall. This is absolutely insane performance without any issues with overheating. It can still be bought as part of a 5Gen 5 tool combo kit (500usd online, 400 in many New England Home depot stores as of Spring 2021) Next model will be smaller, have a rafter hook, and likely have light stream modifications. (Not available as of Spring 2021) OTHER USES Besides jobsite uses are well covered here, it is a useful tool in off hours. Putting a battery on it and your whole family can safely use it if power go out, or if you need to change a tire in the rain. I took it on expeditions with me. Just a battery, no charger. It worked great and i could shine light at basecamp for hours as well as have a droppable light exploring world war 2 fortifications, which i could set down if need be and get closer to object im exploring. People were impressed when i could have it on for what seemed like all night, and still have plenty of charge left as we were packing up to go home. FOR HOME DEPOT I am interested in joining the seed program, as well as get a chance to review products not yet out. SUGGESTION Place a usb port, so it can double up as a phone charger. Add a joint to swivel the head down and up 45 degrees so i could use it as a more effective desklamp in field conditions. CONCLUSIONS FOR FUTURE MODELS Now i bought this tool separate, paid either 20-30 dollars and feel i got a quality product. In retrospect not super competitive price but because i see its strong points, and use them, the importance of a higher price is not a thorn.
by DavidDeveloper
I just got tried of lifting table saws, That's why...
I just got tried of lifting table saws, That's why I spent a little extra to buy this RIDGID 10 in. Pro Jobsite Table Saw with rolling stand !! All in one, extendable, smooth cuts, easy to operate, tool storage and all the safety features, this one is well made for all your projects !! Assembly will take a little longer, an hour or so, but will be worth it in the end, no more lifting that saw !!
by Garfield
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No paperwork
Well i just bought the 4514 saw i just opened it and there is absolutly no paper work so i've either gotta put in guesswork or time to find instructions online. So this sucks but will rereview after i get it figured out and i get to use it. Fingers crossed lol.
by Perplexed
ridgid 10” table saw
This is my 3 rd table saw and this is most dissapointing saw i have ever bought from Ridgid . Motor hessitates under load , stand tends to move when ripping , fence is locking up and not aligning . Fence does not glide even after recommended adjustments .Needs work or more engineering , taking it back tomorrow
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Wanted to like it but cant recommend
I purchases my saw in November of 2019. I was torn between this and a Dewalt and ultimately thought the LSA was worth the risk. At this point, after having to use the LSA after minimal use, I can say I was wrong. Im a weekend woodworker if is even be classified as that. I have maybe conpleted 5 projefts with the saw. It stays folded in a closet out of the way. I feel ive maintained it well. I religoously clean it off after every use. Its never gotten wet, never been knocked over/dropped, etc. Yet it has been nothing but problematic. Yeah the fence wasnt square out of the box hut that was easily fixed. The problem with the fence is it flexes and sloghtly moves. I have to check the alignment after every cut. The handle is plastic. I knew this goong in dont get me wrong but it cracked and couldnt raise/lower my blade anymore. I had to ise locking pliers. I thought inconvienant but not a big deal. Called Ridgid they wiuldnt send me a handle id have to send it kn to be repaired. Inquired about just getting one shipped and they were OOS. A few months later and my blade woildnt go above an inch anove the table and wouldnt retract all the way either. All of the shops they say coild repair it locally, none of them can. I called 10 of them. I had to go to HD to drop it off. I just got my saw back and its as if a can of paint exploded on it. On top of that the top has deep scratches. I get it had to be shipped to Atlanta and it may have got some bumps/bruises but this is ridiculous. When picking it up HD was confused as well but said there was nothing they can do. Moral of the story: just buy the Dewalt
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Worked great for me
I am an amateur that can perform random home improvements. This is my first table saw and have to say it worked as designed. It folds nicely into the corner of my garage when I am not using it. It has a lot of safety features on it, which I like. It had more than enough power for me, but in all fairness I have not cut wood greater than 1 inch at this point. I can't comment if it is "contractor grade" but seems like a pretty sturdy platform, saw and motor. I've had a number of random home improvement projects where this would have made things much easier and glad I finally have this in my collection. Here are the shelves I built for my last project using the saw. Good stuff.
by GoBills1
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This saw ROCKS!
When i say it Rocks, i don’t mean pyshically. I may not be the right person to leave a review, as this is my first table saw. So far it has not let me down in the capabilities it performs. With this saw and my recent purchase of a 12” Ridgid sliding Mitre Saw, I’m on my way to enjoying a little retirement R
by Time4Tini
The Table saw unit is good, my main issue is...
The Table saw unit is good, my main issue is with the base stand. Quality control is terrible, there's 2 left handles and the base is so crooked it won't close when folded and wobbles. Terrible frame QC
by BadQC
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