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  • Great professional wrench
  • October 01, 2013

Use this to remove lug nuts from a truck when the owner loses the anti-theft adaptor. This and a 24" wrench backing it up is unstoppable as long as you have clearance to get a good bite. It also is indispensable for installing and removing faucets, opening and closing corporation cocks (water line main shutoff valves) and any valve that is in a pit that can be reached.

Pros Reliable
  • Pro


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By: Peter
  • Awesome tool
  • October 14, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

I am a plumber and use this tool every day I finally had to replace my old one after 15years of use . I only buy Rigid hand tools great products !!!

Pros Easy to Install
  • Pro


Ann Arbor Michigan
35 to 44, Male
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By: Smitty
  • Excellent product for the job
  • June 01, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

I was having trouble with installing a faucet on my kitchen sink. Access was nearly impossible. I have used these types of wrenches before but the quality of this tool made the project very easy.

Pros Reliable
  • DIY


Golden, CO, USA
65 or over, Male
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By: hawk
  • The BEST basin wrench for pedestal sinks and more
  • August 14, 2013

I was trying to install nuts to fasten the faucets in place on a pedestal sink and could not tighten them no matter what I did. To add to my frustration, the pedestal sink was siliconed and fastened to the wall so removal of the sink wasn't something I wanted to do. I had been using a generic basin wrench from Home Depot which I have had pretty good luck with - however, it did not work in this situation. I reluctantly purchased the RIGID wrench considering the much higher price but saw that the wrench part was different and I was really out of options. Wow! This wrench made the impossible possible. It gives so much more clearance than other wrenches and also grips nuts more tightly. The telescoping feature is also a nice touch. I did a couple more faucet installations and am thrilled with this purchase. Yes, it is much more expensive than generics; however, I gave this tool 5 stars for value since there is no other tool that can match its performance and save so much time and frustration. Highly recommended!

Pros much better gripping mechanism, telescoping handle is very helfpul, fits in tighter spots than generic wrenches, excellent build quality Cons much more expensive than generics
  • DIY


Twin Cities, MN, USA
45 to 54, Male
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By: Rockaholic
  • Fantastic Tool
  • August 06, 2013
  • Recommended Product

If you have to work in a tight area under a sink, this is the perfect tool. Very well made, does the job, and made in the US. Perfect all the way around.


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By: Matt
  • Gave it away.
  • April 22, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Seemed OK. I gave it to a plumber in exchange for free installation of my kitchen faucet.


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By: apprentice
  • Dont even think about another brand.
  • January 13, 2018
  • Recommended Product

When it comes to plumbers tools there is only one brand I want to work with. I feel a sense of pride working with my Rigid tools as generations before me did as well.


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By: kishko