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  • To complicated for the task
  • January 10, 2015

The phone works product line is a new concept that I feel is not ready for prime time. Each product has to be registered to your smartphone and locked in with a serial number, that if your not careful you may accidentally discard as it is a flimsy piece of paper attached to the cord. You have to give Ryobi all your personal information to register the App, then activate the device. You MUST complete these steps before you can even begin to use the product. In my use of the stud sensor I found it performed poorly at finding studs in comparison to my traditional stud finder Home Depot sells (that doesn't require all the hassle!)

Cons Difficult to Use, Complicated

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United States
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By: HappyCustomerHere
  • Wow
  • April 20, 2015

What a basic task for this to accomplish only to be turned into a very involved undertaking. I'll stick to my current method, tapping on the wall. IN SHORT, TOTAL GIMMICK

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  • Awesome idea, horrible execution.
  • April 16, 2015

The software is THE problem here. Obviously didn't spend much time developing the app for this product. Annoying registration requirements just to use product. Very disappointed that package promoted compatibility with android phones but didnt work with Galaxy S4, one of the most popular androids sold!


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By: ApprenticeBkB
  • Waste of money!
  • December 30, 2014

I love new technology! Why not use a stud finder that utilizes technology, my phone. Looking forward to a visual guide and an ease of finding studs to mount my flat screne TV it did not happen. I ran the calibration as instructed and began my search. Found some studs and marked them with the marking tool. Wanting to move up the mount I used it again about a foot up. Nothing?? How can there be nothing? Ok recalibrate....still nothing!! Now the studs that I maked at first seemed to disappear. My walls must be held up with glue. After not being able to locate the same stud and then other ones appearing I gave up. My 5 year old is better at finding studs than this! It did not work at all. If my receipt had not been thrown out with some scrap paper from my project I would return this terrible pice of equipment. Don't waste the money.

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  • Just awful
  • September 14, 2016

Please believe the other reviewers. This thing is just bad. I love the idea and want so badly for it to work but I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to convince my phone (on the compatible list) that this stud finder is not a set of earphones. Ryobi is going to have to take this line back to the R&D level to fix the plethora of issues each device faces.

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Montgomery, AL
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By: Jones
  • This couldn't find a stud in a pile of 2x4's
  • February 13, 2016

I bought mine, went through the whole set up process, which was a lot more invasive than I was expecting, and downloaded the app. I read the directions a couple times through and watched the tutorial on YouTube a couple of times. I still have not been able to have this "stud finder" produce consistent results. It will act as if I have found the edge of a stud. I sing to my self, "oh joy in Heaven, I am 1/2 way to finding my first stud!" And than, after moving several feet at a slow and steady pace, The other edge of the stud has yet to be found. It is sincerely doubtful that the cheap buggers that put my house together in 1971 framed my closets in with 2' wide framing lumber. It is then fair to assume that this stud finder is in error. I don't have time to second and triple guess whether it truly found the center of a stud , reporting so has proven to be a rare occurrence after several trial runs. I want it to go down the wall and identify studs, boom, boom,boom, so I can get on with my project and it is far too cumbersome to do so. Instead, I sit here wondering if I am truly an idiot and am being defeated by a $20 piece of plastic, or the more likely scenario, this thing doesn't work and was a waste of money, For the cost of this, I could just punch a hole in my closet wall, find the nearest two studs and fix the drywall for less hassle and $$ than I would have using this "tool". That is all I have time for, I have studs to find.


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By: DaveSLanc
  • Piece of junk
  • May 19, 2015

Sensor rarely finds stud center correctly. Even repeated re-calibration and re-search fails to find stud more often than not. It's also clumsy having to use two hands for both smart phone and sensor. I'm happy with a number of other Ryobi products I currently own, but this one is a total failure. If I hadn't already disposed of packaging, I would return it immediately. Instead, it'll go in the trash. I'll find it very hard to trust another Ryobi Phone Works product.

Cons Difficult to Use, product seldom finds stud


Kennesaw, GA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Grumpy1
  • Delivers every time.
  • October 13, 2014
  • Recommended Product

Amazing accuracy. Tried it on a wall with chair rail. I took reading moving to the left and right resting the sensor on the chair rail. It gave me the exact same dimple from both directions. I would give it five stars if the botton you push to mark the stud was located slightly higher to make it easier for one handed use.

Pros Easy to Use, Accurate, Good Size & Weight
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South Carolina
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By: Stubby
  • Great Idea! But, it does not work.
  • March 27, 2016

As far as the quality goes, it seems to be built fine. The price for the product and idea seems good. Unfortunately, it didn't work well at all. After multiple tries it never found a stud. I ended up grabbing my old stud finder and the old one did the job. It's a great idea but don't waste your money. I took it back to HD the next day.

Pros Light Weight Cons Difficult to Use
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Corpus Christi, TX
35 to 44, Male
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By: TXRebel2003
  • Cool concept, bad delivery
  • November 28, 2014

The Phone Works app needs work. After installing and registering the device, my phone wouldn't recognize the stud sensor multiple times (on an iPhone). It worked on my husband's Galaxy S5 though right away. The sensor works differently on different phones. Once I got my iPhone to recognize the sensor, it would not identify a stud on any wall in the house (I calibrated properly on each wall). However again on my husband's Galaxy S5 it was able to work, but it was still pretty finicky - it wouldn't work every time to identify even the SAME stud. The device itself is overly touchy, after testing it several times and finding that it didn't work, we read through instructions more to find that you cannot hold onto the side of the device, only touch it at the bottom corners. The location where you are supposed to hold it makes it very awkward to hold, especially compared to where it feels natural to hold. My honest opinion - this is a cool concept, but bad delivery, if you really need a stud sensor, buy one that doesn't rely on your phone to work properly...

Pros Good Size & Weight Cons Difficult to Use
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Madison, WI, USA
25 to 34, Female
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By: HomeRemodeler533