Customer Reviews for Rheem EcoNet Home Comfort Wi-Fi Module for Performance Platinum Gas Smart Tank Water Heaters

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  • Receive alerts & notifications on your mobile device
  • WiFi control and ability to set Vacation Mode from anywhere
  • Works with most home automation network and network products

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I've had the unit in operation about 4 months. It's been working great. I bought a new Rheem w...
I've had the unit in operation about 4 months. It's been working great. I bought a new Rheem water heater too, the Performance Platinum 38 gal. Tall 12 Year 36,000 BTU Liquid Propane ENERGY STAR Tank Water Heater. The wifi module functions are very limited considering today's technology, but it does work nicely. I saw many horrible reviews I was very skeptical but I have a feeling that the people who like the unit don't leave good reviews, we only seem to hear the negative from people these days. That said, it works great, I'm able to lower the temp when I leave for any length of time and turn it up before I get home. I love it! The only feature I wish it had was the ability to review past performance to see how often the unit is actually running. I have the ECOBEE thermostat and LOVE the data it generates. If you're a green guy, buy this, I think you'll enjoy the energy savings and reduced wear and tear on your water heater if you travel often.
by ericcjack
wish I could do less then 1 Star
I’m truly amazed how bad this unit is, the water heater first had bad flame sensor thank you Rheem QC I’m not sure if its partly iPhone app or all the main unit. What a peace of crap. The EcoNet I have leak probe elevated and has never touched any moisture but it always reports lead. Second iPhone app is worthless, it lets you set temp remotely but didn’t work. It says a temp so increases it by over ten degrees then wait the water heater doesn’t respond. Only way to get temp you want it unplug the EcoNet unit completely and uses dial. Glad I wasted extra money on this crap. Shame on HomeDepot not making their main product provider live up to the quality they promote.
by Howard
Response from RheemJan 5, 2020
Hi Howard,

Thank you for purchasing a Rheem water heater for your home. If you have any questions or concerns about the EcoNet application please call our dedicated EcoNet Support Team at 800.255.2388 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM EST and one of our analyst will be happy to assist you.

Jennifer rheem
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Easy to install and connect to our wifi. The associated app offers limited capability (set tempe...
Easy to install and connect to our wifi. The associated app offers limited capability (set temperature and receive alerts), but the alerting functionality is important and worth the small cost of this item.
by BigDog
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Works nice! :) I installed it with no issues 6/14/2019
Works nice! :) I installed it with no issues 6/14/2019
by Snowboarder365
Arrived unuseable: socket for attachment of wire set is not...
Arrived unuseable: socket for attachment of wire set is not seated correctly inside of the wifi unit housing, making connection impossible. Wish I had time to chase these junk parts around--basically covering for manufacturer's incredibly poor quality control. I must return this device.
by AKP
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I this unit that I bought with the water heater. Two days after installation I got an Alarm Aler...
I this unit that I bought with the water heater. Two days after installation I got an Alarm Alert A102 that there was a water leak. It was a false alarm. There was no water and the leak sensor was completely dry. I sent a response email to the alert email then read "We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to email." There was no way to dismiss the alert and no mater what I pressed on the screen I kept getting a window telling me to email a plumbing contractor. I was unable to do anything with the Rheem app--I couldn't change the temperature or activate the vacation mode. The email was sent from "" So I went to the website and it just said "Coming Soon." I realized that the Unit might be bad (bad sensor, broken wire, etc) but I also realized that the support for this Unit really sucks. I returned the unit today, three days after installing it.
by DavidS
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Be prepared to be frustrated. Plus once you get it working it doesn't do much. OK, so in spite of...
Be prepared to be frustrated. Plus once you get it working it doesn't do much. OK, so in spite of all the justifiably bad reviews, i bought it anyway. I'm a geek and it was only around $50. After trying to set it up using the Android phone app and getting nowhere, I sent Rheem an email and got a response that said the Android app is messed up (ya think?) and try it with another device. So I tried with my Windows 10 laptop and it set up without difficulty. Once the WiFi Module was set up that way, the phone app seems to work OK. However, it just doesn't do much. Yes, you can set the water temperature, set vacation mode, and see current error codes, but there's no energy usage information, run history, or error history. Pretty useless unless you travel a lot like we do and want to take the water heater out of vacation mode when you're on your way home from a trip, so you can take a shower shortly after you walk in the door. I would only recommend this device to geeks like me or folks who travel a lot and want the ability to turn on and off vacation mode remotely. Rheem has a whole lot of software work to do to make this an attractive product. One final thought, these Modules must not be selling, the Module I received had a date code in 2014, 3 years ago.
by BillF
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Got the WIFI module have not tested the water leaking sensor .
Hard to set up with an Android phone but it was easy with an iPhone.
by UtahHandymenWestJordan
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Not a must have!
First off, make sure you buy the correct version. There's one for GAS water heaters and one for Electric Water heaters. They are NOT the same!!! They have completely different connections. Setup was a snap. Once you connect it, you need to set the Hot water temp to the B setting! The temp in the App shows 119 degree's. If you want to raise it up, it'll give you a warning at which time you can cancel or confirm. I don't need to raise it, so I just canceled. There's some basic settings to do. In the end, the App will tell you if you have any Alerts. I've had none, and unless there's some issue, you shouldn't have none. There is a Sensor to put in your heater water pan it should be sitting in, in case you have a leak, it'll warn you of that. There's also a button to put your heater in Vacation Mode. In the end is this device really needed? I never turned the heat up/down on my old heater. I also live in this house, and vacations are rare, so Vacation Mode?!?! It's not like I can't just go into my Garage and look and see a leak, or turn the dial if I needed to. At the $80 price point, it just seems pointless to buy. At this newer $50 price point, maybe. I did it, why not, being a geek. Is it needed? Not really. I can tell people how my Heater is connected to Wifi though!!!! Then I get the "Of course it is" response. The App works on iOS or Android, so others are out of luck. I'm using it on my iPhone 6. The App will work with more then 1 system at a time.
by JBDragon
Response from RheemAug 10, 2016
Hello JBDragon,
I appreciate your feedback concerning how easy this was to set up and how smoothly everything went for you. One of the most important benefits of our Wi-Fi device is that you'll receive important alerts and notifications about your water heater­­-including leak detection alerts-straight to your mobile device. Quick notification of component failures can assist in getting your contractor alerted quickly. More importantly, leak detection can aid in piece of mind should any water be detected in your drain pan --- allowing a quick response to prevent water damage. If you need any help with these alerts, please call us at 800-255-2388 and we would be happy to assist you. Best Regards, Tiffany rheem
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Schedule your gas water heater
When i orginal purchased the wifi module i was diappointed. The only function was a vacation mode really. With the new update, i can schedule the gas water heater for every day of the week. For now i just have it set to a low temprature at night, and then achedule hot water for the morning. I do a once a week above 140 too just to kill any bad germs that might get lodged in the tank. The App works fine on My Apple iphone. I just wish they would add homekit integration.
by Homekit94
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