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Customer Reviews for Rubbermaid 68 in. White Single Track Upright for Wood or Wire Shelving

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Model #FG4A7501WHT

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  • Supports Rubbermaid adjustable brackets and shelving
  • All metal construction is extremely durable
  • Compatible with Rubbermaid Single Track Brackets

Customer Reviews

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3 Star Review
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by Anonymous
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Solanji Group
Item was great and well priced compare to other Suppliers.. .
by Solanji
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    Product is good, but just too expensive for what it...
    Product is good, but just too expensive for what it really is.
    by Eric
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    just what was needed for the project ...
    just what was needed for the project
    by craig
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    This product was so easy to install and made a world of difference in the small spaces that we ut...
    This product was so easy to install and made a world of difference in the small spaces that we utilized. But yet was strong enough to hold a huge load to help organize all our much needed cluttered mess. Thank you
    by Rob
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      Walk in closet
      Worked perfect for my walk in closet. Used it for my shoe wall
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        great product and quality
        great product and quality
        by TL
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        This product does not come with screws for mounting, and the dimples for sinking screw heads are ...
        This product does not come with screws for mounting, and the dimples for sinking screw heads are so small that if you use a #8 screw, recommended for screwing into wall studs for sturdy mounting, the screw head protrudes ~1/8", making it impossible to position a bracket over the screw. This means that you lose 2" of flexibility in positioning shelves. Furthermore, slots are 3.5 mm wide and brackets for use with these tracks are 2 mm wide, so the flimsy, laughable stabilizing bumps on the bracket fall into the slot on one side. Brackets wobble badly from side-to-side making shelving unstable unless it's propped against an end wall. I have installed similar products on seven walls in the past with excellent results, and I've always trusted the Rubbermaid brand. This product is a huge disappointment!
        by DYIGranny
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          bought them before will do it again
          I have installed this item several places in my home on several different projects. they are easy to install, and give off a light. The cost is very reasonable also.
          by smoochie55
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          Perfectly Functional
          The uprights were purchased to install in my daughter's closet for shelving her shoes. These were very easy to install, and are holding up quite nicely.
          by 636mogal
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            Good product
            This worked well for me. I was happy with it. Thanks
            by Skipper
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            Worked for me
            I used this product for trimming my shower surround.
            by Craig
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              Assembly Was fairly easy with preparation. Wish there screws to go with the assembly.
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                wasnt what i needed
                i thought it would work for a shelf i already had but didnt work.ill keep it till i do find it useful
                by knowbodyknows
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                  Pass these buy...
                  The slots in the single track are too wide and the width of the single track bracket is too narrow so the shelves are VERY unstable and very wobbly... I had to shim the slots/brackets with cardboard in order to firm them up and even that had less than satisfying results.... Do NOT buy these!!
                  by John
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                    Love these shelves
                    I have these shelves in living room, bedrooms and laundry room. They look really nice for displaying and organizing. I don't have very heavy weight, so I used sheetrock mollys to mount on wall as opposed to mounting in studs. No problem with brackets or shelves fitting. The shelves fit snuggly, so put the shelf fore edge on the front of the bracket first and lower to the back. An inexpensive alternative to furniture that doesn't take valuable floor space.
                    by Val
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                      Sturdy functional
                      Great to use for hanging or suspending a piece of drywall or other material. Serves as a nice sturdy frame for this purpose.
                      by Dave1956
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                      works great, looks clean. sturdy
                      I love using these with the shelf brackets. Made the wife's pantry all new and adjustable!
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                        White Single Track
                        The track works very well. Holds everything up with no problem.
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                          Those Brackets...
                          The tracks are pretty easy to install, though the screw holes are a bit tight. Had to buy ones slightly smaller than expected. Offers great versatility and doesn't look too horrible in the house. Seems sturdy enough (main frame/tracks.) My major problem was with the shelving brackets. They do not slide into place and instead get stuck when they are 1/4 of the way down. Tried to bend one slightly to allow room for the shelving to slide into the socket, but no go. Hammered lightly on a board, still no go. Shelves themselves are wobbly because of the bracket.
                          by ajennell
                            No Screws
                            It's a great product with one huge exception: The screw holes in the uprights and their lack of countersinking, the lack of screw specifications and the lack of screws. I have installed thousands of dollars worth of this shelving for customers. I won't recommend or install it any more because of the pain of the install. The screw holes should be the right size, and properly beveled to accept a 2 inch (for hard surface mount) or 2 1/2 inch (for over drywall mount) color matching wood screw with a Robertson head. Rubbermaid should sell them with the product at a reasonable price. Without such screws I cannot easily or properly install the product. The screws need to be countersunk to permit a full range installation of shelving brackets into the uprights. Protruding screw heads not only prevent a bracket install above the heads, but prevent the use of adjacent slots as well. #8 screws have a head that is too big. I can make them work by custom countersinking, with a metal cutting countersink bit, each and every support hole. Thanks for the inconvenience, guys. #6 screws are a little better for countersink effort but are spindly, only available in max 2 inch length and so too weak for heavy loads on the shelves. I don't know if this is a Rubbermaid problem, or a Home Depot problem, but it's a problem.
                            by GPratt
                              I'm With Stan! How do you use these???
                              I too am looking at these nifty bow-tie anchors and I challenge anyone at Rubbermaid to figure out how they are supposed to be put thru a 1/4 inch diameter hole without destroying your wallboard. I am a veteran of wall shelf systems but this one has me stumped. Using the pin or scrunching with fingers or tools. I don't get it. Better make a video of this one when you figure it out.
                              by Jstars
                                Simple but effective...
                                I use these shelves all over my house. The only thing I'd like to have is some sort of recommended weight limit available. I can say from personal use, you can stack a lot of stuff on these, I have between 200 & 300 lbs on a 16" wide shelf with 3 tracks. So far, so good.
                                by WFND
                                Response from Rubbermaid Consumer ServicesJun 1, 2010
                                For the Single Track System, the uprights are intended to be installed into studs (typically at 16" intervals). In the instance that a stud cannot be hit, the #4C74 Single Track Universal Hardware kit is available. This kit includes plastic wall anchors (to be used in drywall), screws, and "stickers" that can be used to cover up the screws in the uprights. Weight capacity will vary by installation and brackets used. For such information, it is suggested to contact a Rubbermaid Consumer Service Representative by calling 1-888-895-2110 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET.
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                                  Sure would be handy to have some instructions on the 4C74 Single Track Universal Hardware. Nifty looking bow ties, neato screws and some really cool sticker dots. How am I supposed to use these properly?????
                                  by Stan
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