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  • Massive!
  • December 08, 2015
  • Recommended Product

The Tall FastTrack cabinet from Rubbermaid is quite a sight to behold. First off, it is big. Really big. It's tall at 84 inches with feet, and very deep. It might actually be TOO deep, as the shelves are only able to support up to 30 lbs each. And with that much real-estate, they may be overburdened and bow quickly. ASSEMBLY The cabinet arrived on a pallet, giving you and indication of exactly how heavy this beast is. I knew it would be heavy, but i was honestly not prepared for how heavy. The pieces of the cabinet are made from compressed particle board (MDF), and laminated with a thin grey plastic veneer. Unfortunately, the boards are all packed sitting on top of each other, with no paper in between. This lead to quite a bit of piece-to-piece abrasion, and left a number of scuff marks on the boards. Most of them came off, but there were a few that refused to yield to vigorous cleaning, leaving visible scuff marks on the final assembled product. I found the manual a bit terse and difficult to read. Adding to the confusion was that the top and bottom panels are identical. All screw holes in the panels were pre-drilled with the exception of the foot screws. This led to some worry and uncertainty if in fact i had the correct board in the correct location. I would have felt better about the assembly if there were panel stickers along with orientation arrows. All the hardware for each individual assembly steps were in separate bags with separate screws. I am VERY thankful for that, as it made at least the screw selection effortless. The doors were a bit tricky to align, but the hinge adjustability is awesome. I found the back cardboard to be much too thin, and too flimsy for a cabinet of this stature. The top shelf is fixed, but two additional shelves are adjustable, giving you quite a range of storage space sizes. I would have liked for there to be at least one more shelf for added options and to prevent the need for stacking. Total assembly time was approximately 2 hours with limited outside help. USE The cabinet, as mentioned, is quite tall, fitting barely (<1') underneath the main crossbeam in my attached garage. I must say that after assembly, i was a bit underwhelmed at how wobbly this cabinet is. Standing in the middle of the garage, a slight push in the middle would cause it to sway back and forth. As advertised, however, this unit is really not designed for stand-alone use. It's meant to be incorporated in a shelving system. If not, it should be attached (screwed in) to a wall stud for support (hardware included). Aside from those issues, this cabinet is quite stunning. It's bold, strong, and very spacious. The doors open and close perfectly, and it just looks professional. Kudos on the design. SUMMARY The cabinet is very tall, deep, and with adjustable shelves, will provide lots of storage space. Only 3 shelves inside, and with such a deep cabinet, means this is primarily for larger, bulkier objects, such as storage bins. Cabinet is flimsy when standing alone; not something it was necessarily designed to do. Surfaces scratch easily, and will most likely have abrasions due to packing. However, it looks great and functions even better.

Pros Durable, Sturdy, Looks Great, Looks High End

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Los Angeles, California
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By: Steve
  • Good, but could be a lot better.
  • December 21, 2015
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I got this as well as the 30" wall cabinet. This cabinet sits at 7'1". The box is more than 7 feet. For a cabinet it's modern standard. Particle board, with a laminate finish. It does come with feet on the bottom (roughly 2" tall) to adjust it for uneven ground, as well as keep the particle board off of the ground in case of water or any kind of spills. We all know that particle board + any liquid=trashed. Something worth noting, though I am not factoring this into my rating, is that this cabinet arrived in a box with one end torn completely off, and they put tape around it, due to this it was chipped and damaged on that end, and the face of the doors had many scuffs on them. Being that I put this in my shop room just for more "organized storage" it's not a huge deal, but you want to get the product you pay for right? I have no idea if this happened on the manufacturers end, home depots, ups, or the freight company that delivered it to my door (3 weeks after the set time because they "lost my phone number"), so again I'm not factoring this in my product rating, but be cautious of ordering it online. Also note, being particle board, this thing is extremely heavy. Not to mention big and awkward to carry. I'd say this thing was roughly 100+ pounds. It took two of us to carry it. My girlfriend said the freight guy was alone when he brought it to our door, maybe that's where the damage came from? Like most modern cabinet sets this has the adjustable hinges for the doors. This is to position the height, depth, even tilt on each door. Also like most modern cabinet sets, this piece has that really thin dense cardboard-like sheet that you tack onto the back of it. The issue with this, is it doesn't add any structural support. Because of this the instructions say that each shelf's work load is only 30pounds or less.... not much for a garage cabinet. I mean you throw a hammer drill, drill, charging station, few batteries and maybe a saw and that can easily be over 30 pounds. You fill a shelf with Paint canisters, easily over 30 pounds. etc. To top it off, because it has no cross supports, it's even more weak from side force, then it is from down force. What I mean by this is if say you or someone falls against it from the side, that can be more than enough to make it fall apart like a stack of cards. Literally once built, just shifting this thing into position you can see all pieces shifting and twisting in ways that don't scream "sturdy". This is hands down the biggest "con" to this product. However you're not at a total loss. What I did (and strongly recommend) is instead of putting that thin cardboard like board on the back, cut a piece of plywood, or particle board or whatever to size, and then screw that on the back, into all of the frame pieces. Once you know where you want your shelves, put screws from the back piece into those as well to reinforce those too. Sure it adds another... what 30-50 pounds to the weight of this thing, but I know I have easily tripled the work load on each shelf, and now you could tackle this thing football player style from the side, and it should still hold. The only thing that would break is a shoulder, or maybe some pride. If you don't want that much weight, just add a plank at top, and the bottom to reinforce the corners. Add them under each shelf to increase work load. With the price point on this, you and the fact that it has minimal structural support, you might be asking yourself "Is it worth it". I would still say yes. Think about it, if you make it yourself sure it can be a lot more sturdy, but it takes time to build, which us working men have almost none of. Not to mention while I know for a fact I could make one much more sturdy, putting the vinyl finish on it is pricey, and isn't the easiest thing to do. Not to mention this much material would cost a good bit. When you think of effort+labor/time+materials pricing, this all equals a lot more than what this product costs. Even after all these cons, I would still recommend this product, but to a specific customers set up. If you want more than one cabinet or even several, I would recommend going with these to have a nice clean uniform workshop. However If you want just one and are a handyman/carpenter, I think a DIY cabinet with black paint and a protective finish might be more up your alley.

Pros Looks Great, Easy to Assemble, Looks High End Cons Heavy, not very sturdy, pricey

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By: HandyManMike
  • I don’t know why they include this with “fast track”...
  • December 24, 2019

I don’t know why they include this with “fast track” other than it looks like the other fast track cabinets. It is well built and easy to put together, but it is meant to be free standing. I did not want the legs and wanted it higher off the ground, so I had to be creative with the fast track system


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By: Tom
  • Best purchase
  • October 20, 2015
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

This cabinet was easy put togeather and serves just what I needed, it fits in my garage and looks very nice, I put another shelf in it as I need more than what came with the cabinet....Nice productand would recommend to anyone!

Pros Durable, Easy to Assemble, Functional, Vibrant Color, Well Made, Excellent Quality, High Quality of Material, Great Instructions, Lots of Features, Sturdy, Looks Great, Looks High End, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons no cons
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Lehigh Acres,Fla
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By: Dave
  • Very Nice Cabinet
  • September 01, 2015
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The cabinet was larger than I expected and assembly was easy. I use it for storage of paints, antifreeze, car wax etc. It helped get things off of my bench and organized, clearing up a lot of space in my garage.

Pros Durable, Easy to Assemble, Functional, Excellent Quality, Great Instructions, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design


Union Grove, Wi
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By: Thomkat1966
  • The fixed shelf was not cut to the proper size...
  • August 15, 2017

The fixed shelf was not cut to the proper size on both cabinets and had to be cut down before the cabinets could be assembled.


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By: Richard
  • No replacement parts :(
  • August 08, 2017
  • Recommended Product

Can't buy replacement parts and some of the plastic laminate pieces arrive chipped. The box is extremely heavy, and it gets damaged in shipping. I like the unit, but it's a little frustrating that you can't purchase another shelf to match the unit.


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By: KingKamea
  • Ideal for storing large items
  • January 18, 2016
  • Recommended Product

I got this cabinet as an integral part of my garage reorganization. It's role was to hold the larger items and keep them out of sight. Even though there are only three shelves, that was adequate for the bigger items assigned to it. To maneuver the heavy, oblong package it came in, I had to use a dolly - otherwise, it wouldn't budge. In assembling, I wished the various panels would have had peel off identifying stickers to make it easier to distinguish them apart. The instructions were crammed onto just two pages using small images and tiny print - all hard to see - yet they were adequate to get the job done. Though the holes for all the screws were pre drilled, two sets were in the wrong position and required me to drill the correct ones myself. Everything came to fit nicely and the doors have excellent adjustability. The finished product looks very professional and solid. Do not skip the final step of anchoring the cabinet to a wall stud, a very simple thing, as this is the key to making this tall, heavy cabinet stable as a boulder.

Pros Looks Great, Nice Design, Easy to Assemble, Good Size & Weight, Sturdy, Well Made

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Fort Worth, TX, USA
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By: Pappy
  • October 10, 2017

PRODUCT CAME DAMAGED, WILL ALWAYS LOOK LIKE AN OLD BEAT UP CABINET...for 350.00 it should be in good shape....


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By: FormerRubbermaidcustomR
  • Cabinet was good for what we needed. Wish the quality...
  • July 01, 2020

Cabinet was good for what we needed. Wish the quality was a little better, feels a bit flimsy. Also need to replace the board in back, it’s literally a piece of cardboard that someone can just cut open


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By: Cabinet