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  • Creates a moisture-repellent barrier on almost any surface
  • Easy to use, two step system dries to a flat frosted finish
  • Covers up to 10 sq. ft. per kit to repel water, mud, ice and more

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If I could choose zero stars
Turned my boots blue. Never buy this product unless you want your valuables ruined. The pictures portray what used to be black, grey and brown leather boots.
by TimMartinMuralist
Response from THD-Customer ServiceSep 8, 2014
Dear Home Depot Valued Customer, We reached out to the MFG for more information and below is their response. "We are sorry to hear of your experience. NeverWet Multi-Surface is designed for use on many surfaces, but as mentioned on the packaging will have a slightly frosted appearance to the coating. We did recently launch a product called NeverWet Outdoor Fabric that was designed for fabrics and is completely compatible with use fabrics. It dries crystal clear and does not change the look or appearance of fabrics.
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Works great Limited applications
The product works as advertised. Make sure you follow the directions. I would also recommend waiting the FULL 12 hours or at least overnight if you want to actually use the product. If you want to make a cool youtube video wait the 30 minute. I also recommend that you think about what actual use you have for this product. It needs to be something that you don't touch often since oils on your skin can mess with the Nanotechnology of this product. It needs to be something that you don't walk on. I.E cant use it on your deck, dock or sidewalk. It seems to continue to work fine in direct/extended sunlight. Since it will dry into a frosty haze you cant use it on Windows, Windshield or Headlights. Here is my List of places to use NeverWet and it be able to work for a long and extended period of time without having to reapply it. Outdoor Sculptures, Lawn ornaments, Mail box's and posts. Fire hydrants Fountains Gutters Roofs Shoes/Boots but only if you don't care about the color. I have not tried it on any electronics OVERALL I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, but it has limited applications in it's present form of being Frosty and degrades with touching. Plan out what you will use it on and you will be VERY HAPPY
by Dk
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Weather Preventative
This stuff works great! We went on a cruise to Alaska. It was forecast to rain every day we were going to be there. I applied this to a pair of Levis and coat. The forecast changed to 50% chance of rain. A day later I applied it to some shoes and an umbrella. 20% forecast for rain. Then I applied it to my backpack and the forecast dropped to 5%; and it didn't rain the whole time we were there. Decided to go again. Heavy rains predicted in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway this coming week. I reapplied to same items and the forecast cleared right up. What a fantastic product!!!!
by piloto3524
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Very disappointed
Even before it became a Rustoleum product, I watched the NeverWet internet videos with all the anticipation of Ralphy on Christmas morning waiting for his Red Ryder BB gun! It is with regret that I must express my great disappointment with the product now that I have used it. As they say "A picture is worth a 1000 words." so if you'll look at the picture of the Bionic leather glove I treated with NeverWet next to an untreated glove you'll see why I'm so disappointed. EVERYTHING you treat with NeverWet winds up with this terrible frosted coating on it. I've gone back and looked at the videos again and you can see the frosting on the products in the videos, but you are so enthralled by the water, mud, and chocolate syrup repelling off them that you don't really focus in on the frostedness. Yes, they do mention in the directions that the frosting will be there, but you don't really realize how distracting it is until you treat a few items. Also, you'll notice that the NeverWet doesn't adhere to the fingertip material on the glove (I'm not really sure what it is), but it does adhere well to the leather. Yes, it does repel water mud, etc. as is claimed, that I don't dispute. I just will be hard pressed to find objects to treat with NeverWet that I don't mind ruining their appearance.
by Boziz
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They tell you on fabrics its going have a "flat milky haze," which I took to mean as opaque. Nope, its milky. I'm not sure why you would ever want to use it on a fabric unless the fabric is white. Luckily, we used it on a bottom unseen section of a patio furniture cushion because it would otherwise be ruined. Not only is it a terrible white color, its also extremely rough and certainly not something you would want to sit on or wear. In my opinion, they should classify fabrics as something this SHOULDN'T be used on.
by Heather3
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Does what it says!
I have an unfinished wooden picnic table that seems to get excessive dirty. It absorbs water like a sponge, and i have been looking for a scotch-guard-esque product that would seal the table from the elements, yet leave a natural finished look. Rustoleum's NeverWet Spray did the trick just fine. APPLICATION Instructions were easy to follow. Sprat coat #1, wait 30 minutes. Spray coat #2, wait 30 minutes. Fully sealed in 24 hours. Just point and shoot. Try not to do this in the wind! RESULTS I was shocked at the effectiveness of this spray. After application, water immediately beads on the surface and simply rolls off. It's truly amazing. The product does EXACTLY what it says it will do: prevent water absorption. See attached video. COVERAGE Despite the box saying it can cover a very large area, i was just BARELY able to coat the picnic table top and benches. The cans were bone dry when i finished with just these two surfaces. The problem i had with this is that it dries almost instantly, and makes it very difficult to see where you have already sprayed. The instructions clearly state to spray each area twice, once vertically, and once horizontally to ensure coverage. However, the challenge is not to overspray the Top coat. As can be seen in the pictures, this caused white cloudy blemishes to appear in places throughout the table surface. Since it is splotchy, it means it's my fault it happened, and i over sprayed certain areas. None the less, is is definitely visible. The top coat should be clear, and never give a "white" appearance. SUMMARY Application is tricky due to white spots forming if not extremely careful. Coverage area is lacking. However, this is a good product that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
by Steve
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works great
this product works great. The only downside is it leaves a flat white powder look. very noticeable on black or dark colors.
by turboz450
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Poor Rating- Not Satisfied with Results
I gave a poor rating based on the outcome of this product. I applied the product to many items: Satellite Dish, Work Boots, Outdoor Seat Cushion and 4 Adirondack Chairs- previous painted with an exterior paint with primer. The Sat Dish has not been though it's major test as I am hoping it will keep the heavy snow from accumulating on it. It did not affect my receiver's performance. The work boots were previously treated with a liquid silicone and that worked well for years. This product did turn it purpleish. See picture- more purple in person. Be careful! The Seat Cushion did take on a strange tackiness/grittiness and is repelling water in some areas, but the cushion itself was still full of water if you applied pressure. All parts of the cushion were treated and applied coverage seems to have already broken down where the cushion sees the sun. I thought the Adairondak Chairs were going to be great with this. The angles allow for water to bead and run off quickly. What I got was an uneven white haze on some parts of the chairs and the water is beading but not moving away from the sloped surface. I think the exterior paint was doing a better job in this application. To sum up, the product is not meeting my expectations and it negatively affected the look and feel of everything I tested it on. I like Rust Oleum- But this product is not ready for prime-time.
by alwaysathomedepot
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Be wary of the frosted film!
The product works great as a water repellant and is easy to use...spray the base coat, wait 30 minutes and spray the finishing coat and you have a protective layer that repels water like magic. However, the coat left behind is "frosted" as advertised, which is unfortunate. I used the spray on two items - a wooden Adirondack chair, and an old pair of hiking shoes. The results were the same for both items - effective water repellant but in both cases I am a bit turned off from the frosted film left behind. In fairness to Rust Oleum it is labelled as such, but based on the image of the boots on the package I didn't think it would be as noticeable as it is. I can't imagine anyone using this on boots unless they are completely okay with a funky film on their shoes. Similar complaint with the chair - because I did not get a uniform coat, the frost is blotchy...and even if I had achieved a nice, even application I would not be happy with the frost on the oak chair. But, that said, if you are okay with the frosty film, then you'll be happy with the results.
by razor
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Leaves strange silver film
Very simple and easy to use, if you have ever used spray paint it goes on exactly the same. Instructions are easy to follow. I thought this product would be good to use on my husbands work boots. He always gets them wet and they start to deteriorate, and I thought this treatment would help keep them in good shape longer. The spray went on very easy, and dried quickly between coats. It seemed to come out pretty evenly. After waiting the recommended amount of time (30min) I tested them with water and they completely shed the water with zero retention in the leather. However the second coat left a very strange and distinct silver coating on the boots. While it isn't that big a deal for work boots, I would be very disappointed with this film on a nice surface such as a fancy black mailbox. I noticed in the sidewalk where I sprayed the boots, that the water from the sprinkler was completely repelled for a few days. But we walk there constantly and it wore off. Overal an interesting product and concept that definitely has its uses on some materials, but would be a better product if they could eliminate the strange tint left by the second coat.
by Anroyals
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