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Customer Reviews for Saint-Gobain ADFORS 36 in. x 84 in. Clear Advantage Charcoal Fiberglass Window Screen

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Model #FCS10396-M

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  • Allows up to 50% more natural light and improved airflow
  • Practically invisible from exterior to enhance curb appeal
  • Finer mesh and weave provides greater insect protection

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Worked as expected.
Worked as expected.
by Chris
Super Hero Tear resistant
After spending 12 arduous hours rehabilitating an ancient wooden screen door, I was just trimming the excess screen fabric from the wooden molding. I dropped my Exacto knife point first onto my newly installed screen. Aaaah! But it bounced right off, the screen wasn’t breached! What heroic screen fabric!
by Clueless
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I use this product to build mountains, etc. for my model railroad. It works GREAT as the foundati...
I use this product to build mountains, etc. for my model railroad. It works GREAT as the foundation to lay the plaster on.
by JDS3
I was happy with this screen. I had a couple of windows that needed new screens, and these worked...
I was happy with this screen. I had a couple of windows that needed new screens, and these worked well for that. The mesh is close but not that noticeable from a couple of feet away from the window. Cutting and installing it was relatively easy. I did learn though that the screen needs to be looser than I would have thought, otherwise the frame can bow if it gets pulled too tight.
by Roadrunner
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It is great! It is almost invisible. Easy to install. Inexpensive.
It is great! It is almost invisible. Easy to install. Inexpensive.
by Charlie
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An excellent choice for replacement screens
I used this fiberglass screen material to replace a torn screen in a sliding frame on a sliding glass door. It unrolled with very little curl and layed flat on the door frame quite easily. It was a simple matter to press in the locking bead with a tool and the excess material was easy to trim off with a single edge razor blade. The dark charcoal (basicly black) disappears from view when there is anything brighter outside. When the sun hits the screen it doesn't "glow" like the old aluminum screens, it doesn't reflect enough light to be noticed. It seems fairly sturdy and I'd expect it to last many years.
by JayJay
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Great product; Amazingly Easy to Use
Some of the screens on my 22-year old windows were in tatters. I did not want to spend $$$ for replacement screens. I saw that HD carried several types of screen material and after researching and viewing the manufacturer's installation videos I chose clear advantage because of the ease in using a fiberglass screen and the promise of clearer viewing. This product delivered on both accounts! I used new spline, but to my surprise the old material came out easily and could have been used again. I bought the less expensive tool because, really how often am I going to do this? The 36x84 was enough material to do three of my 27"x32" Windows. I used latex gloves because I am sensitive to fiberglass. But this was a great DIY job, easy, I saved a ton of $$, and my screens look great. No more holes, or bugs and dirt getting into my windows. I am so pleased that I went back to HD and bought the 36"X25' to fix all my screens. If I can do this, anyone can do it too.
by Geniebeanie
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No more bugs
This Clear Advantage fiberglass insect screen, really works well. My kitchen window screen was beyond repair. Replacement was a little tedious, as I had to take the frame apart to replace the screen, but the results are great, great look, easy to cut with household scissors. Clear view out the window, and no bugs coming in through the gaping holes in the old screen. Very satisfied. I still have my back door screen to replace, it will be and easier job.
by Dale
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Crystal clear and strong
I am extremely happy with the CLEAR ADVANTAGE 36 IN. X 84 IN. CHARCOAL FIBERGLASS INSECT SCREEN FCS8480-M. I used the screen to re-screen a standard single sliding screen door. The screen material is easy to work with, extremely strong, and provides a considerably clear view once installed. I am still somewhat amazed at the strength of the screen material given the amount of light the screen allows through. I would recommend this product.
by schlafe
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Looks nice, no bugs
This screen came with a nice pamphlet of information describing its various qualities. Evidently this screen (versus regular screens) allows more light through, is harder to see, & has a finer mesh pattern for greater insect protection, all while meeting industry standards for tensile & bursting strength. Sound good? It sounded good to me. All the technical stuff aside, this screen was very easy to work with & looks as good as a screen can look. I did not have any problems with it tearing and there were no pinched parts when I unrolled it. The product is made in Mexico.
by Anthony
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Showing 1-10 of 311 reviews