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Customer Reviews for Samsung 4.0 cu. ft. Capacity White 24 Stackable Electric Ventless Heat Pump Dryer ENERGY STAR Certified

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  • Q-rator auto configures cycles for optimal performance
  • Sensor Dry optimizes time and temperature of drying cycles
  • Heat pump technology provides energy and cost efficency

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I wasn't sure what to expect but I have been very happy with my new dryer. I find that the loads ...
I wasn't sure what to expect but I have been very happy with my new dryer. I find that the loads are dried evenly and thoroughly. Even towels. Maybe it takes a bit longer, I'm not all that sure since I never timed my old machine but the little extra time is well worth the convenience. I had contractors who created a situation where my old dryer vent could no longer stay where it was located and they refused to move it. So, I found this ventless dryer and I couldn't be happier. I clean the lint filter and dump the water after every load because it's so easy and I believe in preventive steps. Since space is at a minimum the dryer is stacked right up against an upright freezer in the old laundry closet and there is no heat generated from the dryer. The sides stay room temp and the clothes are dried. That's all I ask. I couldn't be happier. Even the little tune it plays is a joy.
by achrisfox
Samsung Never Disappoints!
The space in my laundry area was very tight (depth is only 27”), which made my search for a new washer & dryer a challenge but......SAMSUNG came to my rescue with both the washer and dryer! I purchased this ventless dryer-even though I have a vent from my previous dryer and it fit perfectly in my space. The entire process was effortless from start to finish. I ordered online and scheduled the delivery for a date which was convenient for me. The delivery/installers were OUTSTANDING. They positioned the units where I wanted & installed the provided hose to remove the excess dryer water via my washer pipe-both fit perfectly. They even ran both machines through short cycles, to ensure everything was working properly-both are much quieter than my old ones. The unit has great features/options, which I will have to experiment with.
by LB
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This Samsung 4.0 CU. FT. CAPACITY WHITE 24 STACKABLE ELECTRIC VENTLESS HEAT PUMP DRYER ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED is a great unit. The unit is very energy efficient the use of a heat pump to dry cloths and being vent less is perfect as our replacement unit in our condominium. The 4.0 cubic foot capacity is just right for a 2 or 3 people. The 8 options is more then you will need along with 5 heat options we love this dryer.
by bc95
Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
Hello, bc95! We appreciate all the great things you highlighted about your new Samsung dryer. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. and your feedback is vital to that process. Your honest review is refreshing, and we thank you for it! ^Shifa Samsung
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We’re very happy with this new dryer. It replaces an old one that frequently broke down, overheated, and was temperamental. This new dryer took a little time to figure out, we’re very happy with it. It doesn’t use an outside vent; rather, it collects the water from the clothes and you dump the water. Really, a great concept. Pros: *Runs quietly. Honestly, you can hardly hear it, more of a purr sound than anything else. *Lights! If you can’t see well, this machine is for you. The interior lights and the display lights are super helpful. If you don’t like the interior light, you can turn it off. *Sounds! Not your typical buzzing sounds either. Pleasing sounds when you turn it on, and sounds when the clothes are dry. If you don’t like the sounds, you can turn them off. *Less of a fire hazard. Our old machine used to get super-hot, and I worried about a fire. This one does NOT make the clothes so hot the zippers burn your hands. The outside of the machine stays doesn’t overheat either. Very happy about that. *Lots of great settings including permanent press which is missing from some of the newer machines. *We haven’t needed to use it yet, but there is an App you can download that will diagnose problems with your machine, saving your time and money. *The lint trap collects SO much lint, far less of a fire hazard. *No need for an outside vent. Cons: *Takes longer to dry. Now, we have a large capacity washer, so if you have a smaller washer, this might not even be an issue for you. I don’t mind it really because I’m just happy not to worry about the dryer overheating. *It takes a little time to learn which setting works best for which wash items. Once you learn that, you’re good. *Emptying the water might be more difficult for people with less arm strength. It’s not super heavy or anything, just kind of awkward. I don’t mind it, but I can see how it might be an issue for others. *I wish the lint trap webbing was a little stronger. We haven’t had any issues with it at all, but it feels a little less solid than some others we’ve had in the past. However, it catches SO MUCH LINT, so I’m guessing that’s the reason for the tight webbing. I highly recommend this dryer. It’s a neat machine with lots of great features that I think folks will really enjoy.
by GrowingDude
Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
Sounds like you made a perfect choice, GrowingDude! Thanks for your recommendation. It's a privilege to be part of your family! ^Shifa Samsung
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The small size and superior energy savings of this dryer are amazing benefits. This dryer is perf...
The small size and superior energy savings of this dryer are amazing benefits. This dryer is perfect for homes and apartments that have limited space and a definite benefit for spaces that do not have a dryer vent. The display and controls are nicely designed and feel premium, although I did miss not having specific heat controls. This unit does NOT need a vent. It creates water as the drying by-product and empties into a pan that is located on the upper left and can be emptied or can be set up to drain to a sink or standpipe where the clothes washer is likely draining into. I tested this with the removable pan and found I emptied it almost every load. My research tells me that these types of dryers in Europe are the norm and typically are focused on the dryer task, not specific controls. My research also shows that this type of drying benefits the clothes and does not overdry fibers, which deteriorates them faster. This dryer is stackable over the matching washer. Pros: Energy efficient, small, size, gentler on clothing fibers, no need for venting, stackable design, premium looks, easy controls. There were a few drawbacks on this model: Needed the folding doors open for lots of ventilation in order to dry effectively, where the old dryer worked "fine" with the doors closed. It made a deep low noise, I think louder than my old 7.0 dryer. 4.0 CU capacity was undersized for a family of 5 with our washing habits. The efficient ways this dryer works does result in longer drying times too. The user's manual also recommends regular cleaning of the heat exchanger, but I did not do this maintenance as part of the test. Cons: Smaller drying loads, longer dry times, louder or similar running noises, requires door open or increased room ventilation, no manual heat settings, maintenance for heat exchanger and possibly, draining water. I recommend this dryer for this model's simple features, energy efficiency, and premium design, but suggest consideration and research dryer needs against this technology before committing.
by alwaysathomedepot
Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
I want to thank you for such a very in-depth review that will be helpful to a lot of consumers. We appreciate all that you do. Thank you for being the best part of Samsung. ^SuSu Samsung
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Great little drier! This is a small, compact unit at 4 Cu.Ft. It dries clothes well and has a t...
Great little drier! This is a small, compact unit at 4 Cu.Ft. It dries clothes well and has a ton of different features/settings that I really like. I was worried that it would be too small but it handles a full load of laundry from our washer and has room to spare, so our washer is still the limiting factor in load size. Drying - the standard setting takes two hours, which is longer than our previous one, but it dries very well. The re-fresh cycle is really nice to remove wrinkles if you can't unload the machine right away and the clothes sit there, There are settings for many different material and fabric types. The manual is very helpful with selecting the correct setting for the fabric. Ventless - this is a really cool feature that I really like. You have two options. First one is to have a tubing line attached to the back and have it drain out where your washer drains (this line is provided with the drier). The second is using the reservoir tank to collect the water and empty it when its full. We have ours draining where the washer does and I capped the pre-existing drier vent line. I was getting tired of clearing the external side every two weeks because it would get clogged. Size - takes up a lot less room and allows me to use the spare space for storage. The guys that installed the unit said that they install a lot of these in motor homes because of the small size footprint. Power - the drier powers off after it completes the cycle. I really like this because it saves energy while the unit isn't being used. Noise - much quieter than our previous drier when running. The setting knob dings and it plays music when it turns on and when it is finished running. Kind of sounds like a little ice cream truck. Lint Catching - I like the lint trap, it catches a ton of material and it comes out of the machine easily. It is much cleaner than emptying our previous one. The trap is inside the door and it slides out, then opens up so you can take the lint out. Safety - there is a child safety lock feature that is activated by pushing several buttons (its in the manual) and the setting stays in effect when the unit is off and turned back on. Door - really solid and allows you to see inside. Kind of a strange thing but I really like the door and the way it closes. Inside Light - there's an interior light that allows you to better see the inside
by KandEWoodwork
Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
That's wonderful, Ed2554! We appreciate your detailed five-star review. Thank you for being the best part of Samsung! ^Shifa Samsung
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Superb energy efficiency, and very quiet! This dryer installed easily on top of a different brand...
Superb energy efficiency, and very quiet! This dryer installed easily on top of a different brand washer. I have installed inside our bedroom closet, which was plumbed and wired for a compact washer/dryer combo. I could have installed a vented dryer, but those aren’t as efficient as this heat-pump technology. This machine does a great job, thoroughly drying my laundry. I have connected the drain to the same drain-line my washer uses, so that we don’t have to empty the fill-container: Since this is ventless, water accumulates in a reservoir and offers the option to be routed to a drain or collected for you to empty every 3-4 times you run it. If you need it, the dryer pumps the water up 6 feet of tubing. It’s not a big tube, just a little larger than a pencil in diameter. The controls on this Samsung unit are intuitive and easy to use. There’s even a button to turn on a light inside the dryer, letting you see if your clothes look fluffy and dry. Of course, you don’t need to check it- the dryer automatically senses how dry the clothes are by constantly monitoring the moisture content of the hot air it recirculates. The reservoir container is easy to empty- looking at the dryer’s front face, it’s in the top left with an easy-pull handle. I measured the container volume: it holds right at 1 gallon of water. That can be several loads of wash, depending on how vigorously your washing machine does its final spin. I recorded the dryer running for a few seconds (video below). It’s very quiet, just playing a tune at the end of its cycle (there’s a silence option). The heat-pump, ventless design means that this dryer recirculates the air instead of dumping hot air outside. Air passes through the heat pump which condenses out the moisture, then is reheated and circulated over the wet clothes. Note that this is a 4.0 cubic foot dryer - it’s smaller than your typical 6.8 to 7.5 cubic foot traditional dryer. That makes it ideal for tight spaces, vacation homes, or retired living. For mounting it in a stacked configuration, I screwed a metal strap on both the rear right and rear left washer top/dryer bottom. Home Depot has a variety of steel brackets in the electrical section used for mounting conduit. The only downside to a ventless dryer is that it can take longer to dry clothes. It uses much less electricity, but it takes longer, compared to a vented electric or gas dryer. But it’s quiet enough to run overnight, or while you’re doing something else, then come back to dry clothes. The default dry-time is just under two hours, but my loads often finish in an hour, in part because of the high-speed final spin my washer does, and because I don’t overload the dryer.
by CustomWebProgrammer
Response from SamsungFeb 3, 2021
Hey CustomWebProgrammer, thank you for your loyalty and for leaving such a wonderfully detailed review! Samsung is honored to be part of your home. ^Shifa Samsung
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If you’ve never bought a new dryer like me, you...
If you’ve never bought a new dryer like me, you may not know that it is a requirement to buy a power cord separately. That is my only complaint however. The dryer is efficient in terms of the space it consumes in my laundry room and performs well. Maybe it takes a little longer to dry things, but who sits around watching the clock waiting for the laundry to finish? Happy to see how it positively affects Electric bills as well.
It's a little slow to dry, but tolerable. Purchased...
It's a little slow to dry, but tolerable. Purchased in winter. Guessing summer time operation will need to be planned so as not to over-warm the house. The 2-stage lint trap is probably an engineers marvel, but from a human interface perspective, it is an incredibly poor design. I recommend you visit the store to examine it. It is a bit annoying to work with and if you put a kid in charge of laundry, they will fail.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser
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