Customer Reviews for Scotts Turf Builder 20 lbs. Heat-Tolerant Blue Mix Grass Seed

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  • Guaranteed to grow thicker, greener grass faster
  • Spreads to fill in high-traffic areas
  • Recovers quickly from tough summer conditions

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Best grass seed mix I've tried
Scotts Tall Fescue mix gave me the best results after trying several different types of grass seed. I seeded in the spring, overseeded and fed Scotts Weed & Feed fertilizer in the fall and following spring. The end result was a lush, deep green lawn where there used to be dirt and weeds. Hardy in both direct sun and shade.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Followed all instructions and still have bare spots
On September 29, 2020 we purchased two 20 pound bags of Scott's Turf-builder Tall Fescue seed. We prepped our lawn according to the instructions, laid the seed down according to the instructions and watered daily according to the instructions. Most of the seed never germinated and we still have bare spots all over our lawn. One of the reasons we purchased Scotts is because of the "no quibble" money back guarantee printed on the bag. We thought for sure the seed would work if we followed the instructions but it did not. Would not recommend this product to anyone!
by John
Response from ScottsCustomerCareOct 22, 2020
We are sorry to hear that Scotts Turf Builder Tall Fescue Mix did not germinate as expected. This seed will germinate best when temperatures are consistently between 65-85 15-29 degrees for about 3 weeks. We want you to be aware that we do back our product with a product guarantee. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak further about this. You can reach us at 877-220-3089. Scotts
This is the best seed I have found. Watered everyday...
This is the best seed I have found. Watered everyday was up in a week.?
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Lush and thick grass in 30 days
During quarantine I decided to give some TLC to the back yard to stay busy. This worked great, however there are a few steps I took that I think are crucial to having success with it. 1) You MUST buy the Scotts Top Soil to go with the seed. Everywhere I applied the soil the grass grew amazingly in 30 days. I’m talking areas that before were completely dirt to nothing but grass. Other areas honestly didn’t take the seed too well and I’ll have to reapply with the soil. 2) Don’t be afraid to load up areas with seed. As long as its properly soiled, it’ll take all of it for better results. 3) Give it time. You won’t see anything growing for about 2 weeks but it’s working, trust me. I gave my yard 30 days and am extremely happy with the results. 4) Water at least every other day. 5) Stay off the seed! I have dogs and completely closed off my area of the yard I had seeded from them for the full 30 days. The only time it should have anyone walking on it is to water. The only reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars is because my experience is you have to buy the soil for the seed to work properly. However I promise if you follow these steps you’ll be just as happy as I am!
by KAH
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Green and growing like you would not believe
Green and growing like you would not believe
by HomeDepotCustomer
This Scott's grass seed seemed to come up within 5...
This Scott's grass seed seemed to come up within 5 days and actually had great coverage.Very pleased with how well it did and in the minimum amount of time.
by Don
Weed seed mixed in with the Tall Fescue Mix. I used the Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fesc...
Weed seed mixed in with the Tall Fescue Mix. I used the Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fescus mix as the primary seed for my yard reseeding last month. The seed grows well, but now there is unwanted weeds in my yard that were not there before. This has occurred in my front and back yards. I believe there is a mix of weed seed in the tall fescue mix because the weeds that are now present are not a species of weed that was present in my yard prior to using the Tall Fescue Mix.
by Grine
Response from ScottsCustomerCareNov 5, 2019
We apologize that you were not thoroughly satisfied with Scotts Turf Builder Tall Fescue Mix Grass Seed. All of our Scotts seeds are thoroughly cleaned and is 98.9% to 99.9% weed seed free. Natural soil contains thousands of seeds and when soil is disturbed, such as by rototilling, seeds that were deep in the soil may be brought to top of soil where growing conditions are better allowing them to germinate. You can contact us if you would like to continue discussing this or if you want to know about our product guarantee. You can reach us at 877-220-3089. Scotts
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tall fescue
excellent product. very high germination rate. dark green in color. previously bought the Scott's northern mix with horrible results.
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My Lawn Renovation
Here are some before and after pics of the Scotts heat tolerant blue grass seed. My yard is very small I overseeded in August 26,2018. Started with bare spots and lots of weeds. It’s now summer 2019 and the grass is doing great in the 3 digit weather here in Southern California.
by ESandoval78
Great product if you take the time and do as directed
I had great success after spraying roundup and waiting a week and spraying again to make sure i got everything. I then added compost/topsoil a week later for leveling and adding a thin layer. I also used my scarifier before putting seed down and raking in before smoothing. The picture is thirteen days after putting down the first seed and about two days from germinating the second batch of seed i put down seven days after the first seeding. I highly recommend
Showing 1-10 of 1,233 reviews